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Ray Palmer is a principal character from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom, introduced on Arrow. Ray is a billionaire inventor who puts in a competing bid on taking over Queen Consolidated and wins over the board, ousting Oliver Queen. Palmer turns the company into Palmer Technologies and promises to put his wealth and ideas into rebuilding Starling, which he rebrands Star City. In spite of worrying about his safety, Felicity quickly finds herself drawn to Ray's charm, intelligence and ambition, and the two become romantically involved. When he is hospitalised after being injured in the field, Ray tells Felicity he loves her, she doesn't respond and he realises that she loves Oliver. After the death of Carter, Kendra began a relationship with Ray. Near the start of their relationship, they accidentally get left behind in 's.

Ray made a fake fake call to get Oliver and Roy Harper to come over to a warehouse where he attacked them in his Atom suit. Ray defeated Roy and was prepared to capture Oliver, until Oliver noticed a weak spot in his suit and damaged it. Oliver proved Ray wrong by not killing him. Ray tried to prove that the Arrow was framed before watching Celia get killed and saving Felicity from an Arrow impersonator.

Harrison Wells, Dr. Ray became good friends with Cisco Ramon since they loved designing stuff, had senses of humor, and loved naming super criminals. R Labs van just before his suit runs out of power. Ray ended his relationship with Felicity so she can be with Oliver once he saw how Felicity had the hots for him and because Ray was a selfless person.

In the season 3 finale of Arrow, ray is able to shrink down his suit after tampering it with nanotechnology which caused a large explosion in the Palmer Technologies building at Starling City. He's socially awkward, confident in himself, selfless, and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal such as working day and night on his suit with little food and sleep.

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Behind Ray's positive attitude is a sad side since he lost his fiance Anna when she got killed by terrorists which is why he is devoted to helping people. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. I believe in choices. And we can choose. We choose to fight, even if that fight may be futile. While attending a science convention with Carter Hall, Ray and Carter were attacked by a man resembling Carter. This got them embroiled in a battle against the Shiva, Hindu goddess of destruction, who with her army of Nether-Men was attempting to win back worship of humanity. Through the efforts of the Atom, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl, the plot was thwarted. The Atom joined his fellow Justice League colleagues in traveling to Mars and aiding their comrade Martian Manhunter against the evil Commander Blanxa battle that ended with J'onn J'onzz's resignation from the team.

Ray next went into action as the Atom to foil a plot by rival university professor Horace McByrd to discredit Ray among his peers. Ray joined the JLA and Hawkgirl in saving Hawkman who had been turned into salt by a group of demons, fighting off their minions - a biker gang known as the Gruesome Ghouls - in the process. When Professor Heinrich Von Rilk was almost assaulted by Ivy University students for destroying an electron-microscope, Ray learns that Von Rilk did it to prevent an invasion from a microscopic world.

Investigating the claims as the Atom, Ray confirms Heinrich's story, and stops the invasion by defeating its vanguard, a creature known as Ag.

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Atom was among the members of the Justice League and Justice Society who banded together to save both universes from the threat of Aquariusa living star creature bent on revenge for being exiled by his superiors. When Jean Loring was kidnapped by the people of Jimberen, a microscopic world who believed that she is the descendant of their ruler, Atom and Hawkman teamed-up to rescue her.

However, due to the radiation the people of Jimberen exposed Jean to, she was driven insane from the ordeal. The technology on Hawkman and Hawkgirl's homeworld, Thanagarwas advanced enough that it was possible to cure Jean, so Atom entrusted her to the care of Hawkgirl.

Focusing on Justice League business, Atom was one of the members who accidentally created an evil duplicate of himself with his ego, which battled the new Justice League member Black Canary. When an influential man named John Dough attempted to turn the United States government and American people against the JLA, manipulating Snapper Carr into betraying the group, the Atom got involved in the conflict, which revealed Dough to be none other than the Joker.

Atom and the Justice League soon set up shop in a new base, an orbital satellite above the Earth. During this time, Atom and the other members of the JLA teamed up with the Vigilante against the Doomsters, aliens who threatened to pollute the Earth.

Ray ultimately learned that Hawkgirl's quest to restore Jean's sanity on Thanagar was met with trouble when both women's souls were stolen by Norch Lora scientist from Thanagar, whose misguided plan to save the universe from the coming "end of all things" was attempting to collect the souls of all living beings in a Ghenna Box.

Atom and Hawkman traveled together en route to Thanagar to try and get Jean the help she needs, and along the way ran into the threat that Norch Lor was attempting to protect them from: The insane Jest-Masterwho left all those in his path completely mad. In the aftermath of the battle, Jean's constant exposure to Jest-Master's insanity rays restored her sanity.

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Returning to Earth, the Atom again joined the Justice League and the Justice Society in preventing another threat to both Earth-One and Earth-Two, this time coming from a being called Creator2, whom by utilizing Red Tornado's connection to both realities, attempted to merge the two universes together, threatening to destroy both. Atom and his colleagues foiled this plot.

However, the Spectre seemingly perished in the process. Forced into gladiator battles, Ray learned the Katarthans' language, befriended Taren, and learned that he hoped to overthrow their leader Caellich and marry princess Laethwen.

The two men unknowingly became the pawns of Deraegis who seeked to cause the people to revolt against Caellich so that he could rule. To this end, he blinded Taren, causing the people to protest.

Legends of Tomorrow 5x07 Ray \u0026 Nora Are Going To Leave The Waverider Scene [HD]

Taren, Atom, and Laethwen escaped the arena and fled into the jungles where they reunited with the rebels. Knowing his end is near, Taren turned over leadership of the rebels to Atom, and perished while the group fled an army of carnivorous ants.

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Atom and Laethwen soon fell in love with each other. Atom led the warriors on to Moralaidh to launch a revolution.

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In the final battle, both Caellich and Deraegis were slain, but not before Deraegis activated an old star drive powered by a white dwarf star fragment. Attempting to save his newly adopted people, Ray dived into the plant to try and stop the reactor from exploding. However the white star radiation caused him to grow as it irradiated him and smashed his way through.

Growing to near human height, Ray frightened the people away before the reactor exploded. Restored to his normal height and in a delirium caused by radiation exposure, Ray passed out and was found by rescuers.

Waking up in the hospital, Ray came to realize that he no longer had an interest in returning to his old life and had moved on from Jean. Having learned that Jean had come to South America looking for him, he decided to finalize their divorce and try to find Laethwen again.

Returning to Ivy Town to settle his affairs, Ray realized that there was no way to rekindle his romance with Jean.

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In repairing his size change belt, Ray found that the process of shrinking caused him great pain due to his absorption of massive amounts of white dwarf radiation and feared that constantly changing his size would eventually kill him.

Finalizing his divorce with Jean, Ray put his money in an expedition back to South America, taking along with him writer Norman Brawler to chronicle the experience.

The two men ran afoul of drug dealers and Ray shrunk down to Atom, giving up his normal height seemingly for the last time to help destroy the drug operation. Finding the Moralaidh tribe and being reunited with Laethwen, Ray left Norman to find his own way back. Norman later published the tale in a book called The Atom's Farewellwhich became a best seller. Ray led Laethwen's people in building a new New Moralaidh and rebuilding the alien societies' lost technology.

He and Laethwen would become wed as well.

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However, his past life could not stay away, as after Jean married Paul Hoben, the newly weds cleared out Ray's lab and she accidentally shrunk herself. However, along the way, Jean was captured by minions the of rebel leader Torgul who had captured many of the Moralaidhian women including Laethwen. Ray led a mission to rescue the captured women, which ended in Torgul's death, and the freedom of his people. With Jean restored to her normal height, Ray and Laethwen wished them farewell, Ray leaving Paul with his old size changing belt.

Ray remained New Moralaidh's champion, but sometimes returned to aid his old allies in the Justice League of America. When the evil Anti-Monitor attempted to destroy the entire multiverse, his opposing force the Monitor sacrificed his life to shunt the five surviving realities into limbo.

However they were slowly merging together causing chaos on all worlds and threatening their destruction in the process. Alexander Luthor, Jr. Atom was among their numbers and agreed to aid in the effort. Ray was called in to examine the Red Tornado, who was recaptured by the heroes following a lengthy captivity under the Anti-Monitor who converted the android into an engine of destruction. However, despite the best efforts of the Atom and T.

Later on in the Crisis, when a united group of super-villains from each surviving reality attempted to conquer each earth, Atom was among a group of super-heroes dispatched to Earth-S to attempt to quell the uprising in that reality.

Although the heroes there were made prisoner, the Atom was part of a counter attack of heroes that weren't captured, and succeeded in freeing Billy Batsonallowing the boy to change into Captain Marvel and turn the tides of the battle. Following the defeat of the Anti-Monitor, the surviving parallel worlds were combined to create a new universe. While much of the Atom's Pre-Crisis history remains the same, many of his past adventures may have been altered or erased from existence entirely.

In particular, Atom's encounters with Hawkman may be different if they still exist given the extensive changes of Hawkman's origins. In addition, due to the massive changes in the histories of his fellow JLA colleagues SupermanBatman and Wonder Womanthe Atom's history may have been altered by proxy and many of his adventures alongside these heroes are no longer part of history.

In addition, many of the adventures that the Atom had with the Justice League of America that involved traveling to other universes, particularly their encounters with the Justice Society of America on Earth-Two, likely no longer exist, or if they do, in a vastly different manner such that the multiversal threat was simply a threat to a single unified universe. Lastly, the Atom's encounters with his Earth-Two counterpart may no longer be part of history, or if they are, they have been altered in such a way to accommodate the notion that these adventures only happened in a single universe as opposed to having occurred on Earth-One and Earth-Two.

See Secret Origins Volume 2 The Katarthans and their village were soon wiped out by a horrible fire and the Atom returned to Ivy Town, only to find that one of his friends had written a book exposing Ray's secret identity in his absence. The shrunken agents, now calling themselves the Micro Squad, vowed revenge on Ray. Ginsburg, one of their number, made an attempt on Ray's life, but died in the attempt. Ray approached Amanda Wallerwho convinced him to fake his own death and secretly join the espionage unit known as the Suicide Squad.

Adam was killed by Blacksnake and Ray resumed the role of the Atom. In time, Ray and Jean were able to be friends again. In the divorce she had received half of his patents.

As a gesture of friendship, Jean decided to sign them back to him. Little did he know that this was but one of many facets to Jean's deadly scheme to win Ray back. Since their divorce, Jean had somehow become seriously deranged and believed that the only way to be reunited with Ray was to force the issue.

Jean was privy to the fact that every year on her birthday, Ralph would be absent solving a custom-tailored mystery devised by Sue. She bypassed the Dibnys' security by shrinking down and traveling via the phone lines into their home.

She then entered Sue's body and obstructed the blood flow to her brain. To cover up this evidence, Jean scorched Sue's body. Jean knew that this event would send all the heroes scrambling to protect their loved ones and-hopefully-drive Ray back into her arms. Jean employed two other schemes to cover her tracks. First, she faked an attempt on her life ; then she hired Captain Boomerang to kill Robin 's father Jack Drake. She supplied Drake with a gun to defend himself, hoping that Boomerang would be killed and that everyone would believe he was Sue's killer as well.

Eventually, Dr. Mid-Nite 's autopsy of Sue's body revealed the truth, and the Atom himself elicited a confession from Jean after she inadvertently spilled the beans when asking about a letter sent to Jack along with the gun.

Ray managed to put two and two together, because Batman had taken the letter away from the crime scene even before the police arrived, so only he and the Leaguers were supposed to know of its existence. She was promptly admitted to Arkham Asylum.

With Jean's incarceration, Ray was overwhelmed with despair, and shrank continuously until he vanished completely into a microscopic or subatomic world. Ray's legacy would continue on with Ryan Choi utilizing a version of his costume and shrinking device to become the current Atom for a short time. During the missing year following the events known as the second CrisisPalmer's technology was employed by Supernova to shrink and grow in size in order to enter and exit the bottle city of Kandor.

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Ray took refuge the Nanoverseand met a young mystic who told him about the new reformed existence of the Multiverse. He traveled through different realities and found himself in Earthwhere the heroes had eradicated supercrime and created a utopian Earth. There he witnessed his Earth counterpart's death and took his role in this reality, including marrying this world's Jean Loring.

While there he studied much about his Earth counterpart and discovered that he never became the Atom, though he acted as a scientist consultant to the Earth Justice League.

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Also, this Ray was gifted with the ability to be immune to all kinds of diseases and viruses. Furthermore, the Earth Palmer had worked on preventing the deadly Morticoccus Virusand knowing that in every reality of the Multiverse, there is deadly chance that the virus would appear, he decided to travel the Multiverse and inoculate the inhabitants of each universe with his immune system.

Realizing the importance of his counterpart's work, Ray carried on Earth Ray's work and traveled to different worlds, inoculating each denizen of every Earth with a resistance to the Morticoccus Virus. Eventually the Challengers discovered him and learned about his history on Earth Shortly afterwards, Bob reveals his intention to kill Ray. With the Challengers' help, Ray escaped but witnessed the death of his Earth friends and his alternate wife.

Despite what the Challengers were told by the Monitors, Ray revealed to them that it was the Ray Palmer of Earth who was meant to stop the Great Disaster. Following the damages to the planet by the Pied Piper and Brother EyeRay secretly eavesdropped on Monitor Solomon and Darksei learning that Darkseid wanted to remake reality and Solomon wanted the Great Disaster to happen.

Alerted by this, Ray returned to the others and was pressured into curing Karate Kid. Ray and the others were then teleported back to the reconstructed Earth, to seek advanced medical attention from Project Cadmus ; however, by the time they got to Cadmus, Karate Kid was already dead.

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Ray helped the scientists at Cadmus to find a cure to the Morticoccus Virus after the virus was released to the world. After returning to their world, Jimmy Olsen was kidnapped by Mary Marvel, who had been corrupted by Darkseid. When Darkseid took control of Jimmy's powers, Ray located and shut down the control sphere inside Jimmy's brain, but was then swarmed by Apokoliptan antibodies. While escaping this onslaught, Ray discovered the "battery" containing the New God spirit energies.

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Ray later after much cajoling joined Donna, Kyle, and Forager in their new mission as border guards to the Multiverse, realizing that there is nothing left for him on New Earth anymore. After helping his successor to once again save Ivy Town, he returns to the Multiverse with a new sense of fulfillment, leaving his town in the hands of a new, capable hero. During the events of the Blackest NightRay asks Hawkman to visit his wife Jean Loring's grave, to honor her as a fallen member of the community, but Hawkman refuses due to her murdering Sue Dibny.

Atom was then invited to visit Carter in order to discuss his heartache over his wife, when the deceased Carter actually planned on killing him. Arriving at Carter's house, he was attacked by the Black Lantern Hawkman and Hawkgirland only escaped by miniaturizing himself and hiding in Carter's Black Lantern Ring. Ray did a thorough exploration of the ring, discovering that it was nothing like Hal Jordan's power ringinstead made of dark matter with micro-wormholes sending energy to an unknown source.

Dec 19,   Ray Rice and his now-wife Janay Palmer Rice are speaking out about domestic violence more than for years after he attacked her in an incident caught on camera. Dec 18,   Rice, 31, and his wife, formerly Janay Palmer, sat down with Gayle King in their Connecticut home to discuss how the couple persevered after . On August 23, , Brandon became engaged to his girlfriend of three years, actress Courtney Ford; the couple married on November 24, , at the El Capitan Ranch in Santa Barbara. In , the couple had a son, Leo James. Routh's sister, Sara, has a musical track entitled "You're Never Gone" on Sound of Superman, the companion soundtrack of the Superman Returns.

Ralph mocked Ray for still being love with Jean after she killed Sue, but the two Dibny Lanterns were destroyed by the Indigo Tribethe wielders of the indigo light of compassion, then teleporting the three living Leaguers to the Hall of Justicewhere they met up with Firestorm Jason Rusch and Mera.

After Indigo-1leader of the Indigo Tribe, explained that the Black Lanterns were expressions of darkness which considered the living to be invaders, Barry and Hal pointed out that Ralph and Sue had no reaction to each others' attack, leading Ray to conclude that the Black rings were some sort of organic computer that rebooted the body without restoring their essences.

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Before they could plan a proper counter-attack, the Black Lantern League arrived and attacked, and the Indigo Tribe teleported Hal away, leaving Ray, Barry, and Mera without a means to effectively fight the Black Lanterns. Ganthet inducts him into the Indigo Tribe as a deputy for his strong compassion. Ray Palmer as a member of the Indigo Tribe.

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Indigo-1 claimed that she can teleport the armies of each Lantern Corps onto Earth, if given time to meditate, so the responsibility falls to Ray to protect her while she does so. Before she enters her trance, she revealed to Ray that the indigo staff and his overwhelming compassion allows him to mimic the other powers of the Lantern Corps; she demonstrates this by temporarily becoming a Red Lantern and vomiting corrosive blood all over an attacking company of Black Lanterns.

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She then enters her trance, while Ray fights off Black Lanterns Hawkman and Hawkgirl by temporarily becoming an Orange Lantern, loudly proclaiming "I want my friends back! He is briefly successful, but then Jean shows up to torment him, and leaped into Indigo-1's ring. Ray followed her, and ended up reliving Sue Dibny's death, and was then attacked by various Black Lantern Morlaidhans, the miniscule race he befriended during his time in the Amazon jungle years before.

He fought them off and-summoning the powers of a Green Lantern-destroys Jean. Indigo-1 managed to summon the various armies and thanks Ray for his help. He told her to keep his involvement in the deployment of the troops a secret, and asked that she help him find a way to legitimately resurrect Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

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