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Parents send their children to school, often paying large sums of money for tuition, school uniforms, and just for the privilege to attend a school with some prestige. However, what would you do if your child was getting a lot more than just an education from their teachers? While stories about teachers having affairs with their students usually cause a lot of controversy, resulting in criminal trials, as well as plenty of new coverage - not all relationships between students and their teachers are discovered. The popular website can be like a twisted online encyclopedia of the hilarious, strange, terrifying, and sometimes mind-boggling things that people do and have discovered all over the world. People share their stories, no matter how strange or boring, and it allows other users to comment and ask questions. A 24 year-old teacher by the name of Alexandria Vera crossed a number of lines, to say the least, when she engaged in a romantic and sexual relationship with one of her students.

It was the worst shit I ever read. One group that wrote a paper wrote this "During WW2 which started in I had a girl in my class from Bermuda who became pregnant during the summer before university. So when she came to live in res she had a baby and kept it a secret from her family. So one day she comes to my class with the baby, which I didn't notice at first.

The baby was insanely young, like less than two months. Then she proceeded to feed her baby during the middle of a test. I was so stunned I had no clue what to do. Caught a girl cheating during an exam once. She printed off uber small crub notes and shoved them in her puffy hair. She forgot that it looks weird to be taking paper out of your head during an exam. If you go to the library before an exam they're all printing tons of super small notes off. On a test a question read "What is a total market failure?

I've also heard some Chinese students say that to copy someone else's work is a compliment but I don't know if that is true or not. My wife's in college right now and she says cheating is quite prevalent. Foreign students from China cheat like there's no tomorrow, and they're quite matter-of-fact about it too.

There are three students from China who always sit together in my classes. During a quiz one time they were exchanging papers very matter-of-factly. The professor chewed them out like nobody's business, but lucky for them he didn't tear their papers up like he probably should've. I always thought it was a collectivist vs.

He failed. But all the tests were multiple choice so English skills were minimal. Our school admits based in the easiest English test possible. All the international students attend a English intensive study on campus all summer before university starts. Then they take the English test and begin classes. But the program barely works. Most students hang out with all Chinese friends and never have to speak a word of English except sometimes in class.

They're supposed to but there is so much cheating nothing but failing the course is given as a punishment.

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Plagirizing a paper is supposed to carry expulsion but professors only fail the paper. Simon Fraser University has this great system where cheating of plagiarism is given a mark P on the student's transcript so it could affect potential jobs or further study. That's why my school used a Q. Nobody runs across a Q on a transcript without glancing over at the legend. A first instance earned you an immediate Q for the course. And a seat in a course on academic integrity, which I believe met during the slots in which classes normally weren't scheduled, so everyone could be guaranteed to have the same free hours for campus events, concerts, and so on.

The Q course was two semesters long, gave zero credits, and missing a certain number of classes, I believe two in the full year, was grounds for expulsion. A second instance of cheating went straight to expulsion. I saw a girl break down once when she got an email from a professor saying he wanted to discuss her paper-in writing.

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She was not welcome in his office, and he would not acknowledge her anywhere else. You know you're screwed when the other party wants a paper trail for all contact. I don't know how rigorously the system was applied in the multiple choice disciplines, but in the humanities the attitude was prevalent that if we're going to sit down, read, and try to understand your paper, you'd damned well better have written it.

I did hear of slack being cut every now and then, but not nearly as often as I heard of the axe actually falling. An odd phenomenon. There was a girl in my Freshman writing class who was Chinese, but had been in the US for several years.

She spoke good, clear, fluent English with just a bit of an accent. The two of us were paired up for a writing exercise where you exchange essays and grade each other. Her spelling was fine, but the poor girl could not compose a single grammatically correct sentence of more than one clause. When the teacher came around to look at our essays, he said something along the lines of "you have a fundamental problem with English, I don't think you should be in this class".

I have no idea how it's possible to speak fluent English, write without spelling errors, but not write a single fluent sentence. You are being cruel distributing the native students like that. If work from all-international groups are so bad, and groups with a non-international student so much better, who do you think is picking up the slack?

There's really no choice. We're advised to do so. You can't have a group full of English speakers, that would be unfair. International or Canadian. How about when there's only 1 English speaker per group, they become team leader, and the other group members submit work so terribly bad that the leader has to rewrite their entire contribution? This point is negated if you require proof of each students work, but nobody ever does. It happens and has happened to me in my own groups.

But the professor built in this peer evaluation system where each student distributes points among the group. So if someone did nothing all members could give them zeros or low marks and the person could fail the paper. So there's solace in that. Personally I hate group papers and think it's a stupid way of marking anyone. But in the degree about 6 or 7 courses require team work papers and projects. They rationalize this by saying that you'll have to work in groups in future jobs.

But if someone cheated or did nothing on a real work project shit would hit the fan. I once had to produce a report with three other people. Supposed to be all of our highest priority. The marketing guy was supposed to do the research for the business stuff. He 'worked' for two weeks and came up with one excel document with a bunch of numbers he had gotten with a 5-minute conversation with a competitor. It was all utterly false. He did no work otherwise. The head of IT was supposed to contribute but he made it clear that he was too important.

And the tech writer was already working 50 hour weeks, and was not given any time budget for this product. I did the whole thing myself. The IT director read it and apparently liked it because he submitted it with only his name on it. Oh, and I yelled at the marketing guy so I ended up getting chewed out. In I was teaching a summer physics class at a small liberal-arts college. One of my students was not doing well, and not appearing to care, until it became clear a few weeks before the final that she was well on her way to getting an F.

She pleaded with me to allow her to do extra credit in order to pass the class because Unfortunately it was too little too late, so when I began to grade her final exam, I noticed that, instead of trying to solve the problems, she had written all over it messages like "I'm going to die before I'm 21" "I'm so screwed" etc. Boo fucking hoo. Protip: don't sign up for the military if you don't want to get called to active service.

Had a student sitting in the back corner of the classroom behind his laptop. Since he never talks I asked him a question on the fly. Instead of giving the answer "Presbyterians" he said "Lesbians" - I asked him to close his laptop My roommate also a TA runs into students at bars sometimes. Dude is plastered, but you can't turn down a free beer, so my roommate takes him up on it. Turns out the student has a gluten allergy, somehow forgot he can't drink beer, and spends all night vomiting.

Student: I was driving back with some friends to large city when we were pulled over by the police. One of my friends had some drugs in his possession when they searched the car. There were so many questions I had in my head at the point I just stammered a little and walked away. Dude, this is pretty fucking tragic. I would've lent him the book and referred him to guidance. I had a woman who was an education major tell me she didn't believe in physics. She was very serious, she thought it was something you could pick to choose or not choose, and everyone had a right to their own opinion.

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Another student that had extra time on an exam in a special room came up to me after the exam and told me that she couldn't concentrate on the exam because of the smell of the guy next to her, and the sound of the guy's pencil.

The smell could have been a legitimate excuse! On one of my exams I ate an awful awful breakfast and felt like vomiting. The guy sitting next to me smelled really bad and just made it worse.

Applying to some STEM PhD programs and thinking about dating in grad school and I was wondering if being a PhD student is enough clout to get on RAYA? I know RAYA is mainly a like influencer/entertainment based application but surely being in a good PhD program is equivalent to 50k followers and moderate DJ skill's?! votes and 1, comments so far on . Graduate school is a great place to meet like-minded people, and if it's a big enough city, you can also date outside of the university. Yes, a PhD is busy, but with proper time management, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to enjoy dating/a relationship.

I could not concentrate on that exam and ended up doing pretty terrible I ran into the guy a few minutes later, and I have to say I didn't think so. I really felt bad for her, actually. I didn't find it funny, just out of the ordinary. I do a lot of feeling bad for students actually. We have one regular customer we've called a professor to deal with, he is so self depreciating. I don't think he's really depressed, just not able to deal with his limitations.

Actually the last exam we had a kid come up and tell the professor he wasn't going to take the exam. No reason at all. Just wasn't going to take it, insisted on taking it later. No dice. A girl broke out crying the same exam. Actually I've seen a lot of crying, a fellow TA made a girl cry once, I wasn't listening to what they were discussing, but he was probably the least asshole-ish TA I know, so I can't imagine what was wrong. Not a grad student, but I am a TA.

We just had a girl miss the last test in our class because she was too busy rushing a sorority to study. She asked to take a make-up test. She was completely serious. I was helping a guy to a calculation in my physics Lab. So this guy picks up the calculator. He gave me WTF look. I'm a Chemistry grad student at a Private University in the Northeast. I TA the freshman chemistry class, both workshop and Laboratory.

Anyways, I've got numerous stories. As TA's we're not allowed to really answer any questions that the students ask, as per the professors instructions. Halfway into the 2 hour exam, a student raises his hand and when I get to his seat, he asks me:. I reply "ya know, If you think about it real hard, I think you can figure it out" An hour later, I look for his exam He totally didn't.

I think he just assumed they were equal. One girl actually came crying to me after lab because her iPhone didn't work anymore.

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Nothing too ridiculous, I once had a kid turn in a project 17 weeks late, literally the last day he could have turned it in. The professor told me to take off points and grade down from there. I was conducting two make-up midterms and had to take the students up to our department's conference room.

In the elevator student A turns to me and says, "so with all the budget cuts you must be broke. How about I give you two hundred dollars and you give me an A. This is my housemate's story and he would love to tell it but I will steal his thunda since he's away.

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Students must present a video as part of their term-long 4th year mechatronics project. This student, who clearly isn't that great a student, has a weak presentation and recorded his video on his phone to present. The class, the TAs, and the profs crowd around this kids phone. When goes to show the video, its hardcore pornography.

With no dignity left and I applaud his effort here he has no choice but to declare to the world I paraphrase "It's no big deal. Everyone has it on their phones". If it was hardcore pornography with one of this actors being his mechatronics creation, promote him professor! I used to TA astronomy lab, which was basically just computer demonstrations.

One day a couple of girls asked me if I knew how to work the email, so they could email their professor and tell him he was hot. Not technically a TA, but I work in the school's woodshop, helping people out with their projects and making sure nobody is putting themselves or the equipment in any undue danger.

The tablesaws have various blades for cutting various materials, and this young lady asked if she could change an acrylic blade to a wood blade, and she assured me she knew what she was doing, so I let her have at it. Several minutes later I see her struggling to hold a sheet of plywood in place as she runs it over the blade. She had a horrified look in her face and the wood was bouncing up and down like a wild mule. Turns out she had installed the blade backwards, and the blade was trying to, and eventually did, shoot her plywood several feet in the air.

So, I'm not a TA or anything but I'm still a graduate student and am pretty sure that this will still count. Me: Yes, we operate as a safe ride service from pm to am. Do you need a ride right now?

Me: I am sorry miss, I think you have been misinformed.

The post was me sharing how my crush in my grad school cohort of only 27 students asked me out! I was so happy and things have been going really well. We have gone on several dates, and she's stayed over a few times in the past week. Jul 17,   A post from a former high school student details an affair between two of her teachers that took a turn for the worst really fast. The poster said that "there was two teacher who I always noticed they were always together I just assumed that the two were dating at the time. Aug 31,   When you're dating a PhD student, your partner spends all day every day obsessing about a single, tiny, specific subject. doursim.com But you know it .

Our safe ride and escort program only runs around the vicinity of the campus. There is a bus that can take you to the mall. If you would like I could look up the schedule for you?

Me: Unfortunately the mall does not fall within our range. I could also provide you with numbers for a cab service, if you would like? Me: Unfortunately we only operate as the safe ride program from pm to am. Is this urgent? Nothing too crazy, just excessively lazy students and the overachieving snotty pre-meds.

During exams I would walk around with a burrito and sit next to suspected cheaters for a few minutes and stare at their test. Seemed to be a pretty effective deterrent. One of my students did flirt with me something fierce during a semester and asked me out after turning in her final.

Never followed through with it as I was sort of seeing somebody at the time but she was hot and relatively normal. God, I hate it when people stand over my shoulder or sit by me specifically to look at the test I'm taking. It's awkward taking a test when someone is watching you take it. One of my professors did this. She wasn't really looking for cheating.

It was more like she was reading your answers to see how you were doing. You could almost hear her going "um hmm, correct" or "wtf where did he come up with that shit? It was nerve-wracking as hell. She's going to read them later, can't she wait? Just observe the students from afar.

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I had sex with one of my students once after the semester was over. She was pretty much the hottest girl I've ever met and it was incredibly easy. However, now that I graduated, I'm forever alone. Not only did all material belongings belong to the community, the children were accepted and raised as one large family consisting of only mothers and not knowing the father. I saved this quote knowing that it will be the most ludicrous piece of retarded bullshit that I will ever read in my entire life.

I had a fairly famous Southern writer as an English professor and he said the same thing. Would go on and on about how people write and speak so much more fluidly when drunk, and that he recommended us to write our papers that way. Also said to, while drunk, turn off the computer monitor so you can't see what you've typed and you won't get distracted from your train of thought by typos. I was a TA for a level Operating systems course that is a requirement for graduation.

A lot of people take it at the last moment, and very few enjoy it. Final day, I help with proctoring the final exam. One student asks to go to the bathroom, and the prof asks me to follow him in.

Kid is in the stall shuffling lots of papers around obviously checking notes. Prof confronts him and asks him if he's cheating, student lies without flinching and says that he's not. Prof lets it slide, and his final is graded normally with a mediocre grade. Flash-forward one year, I'm walking through the halls of my new company with a strong role in national security, and who walks by me but this little cheating shit who does god-knows-what to ensure the safety of our country.

Of course, there's no way I could know what he does since its all classified. This has been 6 years now and he's still there.

He's never recognized me. There was this sorority-looking girl I only assumed she was in a sorority I was working it slow step-by-step and taking the time to break it down for her when suddenly a light bulb clicked. She was so excited that she finally understood it that she blurted out, "Thien, if you weren't so smart, I would totally date you! You should have said, 'Yeah, if I weren't this smart, I would have probably dated you'.

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I've lectured a few times this semester and I really do try to make the kids pick up on the stuff, and some care We failed a kid in the fall semester who just knew nothing of what was going on I email his grade with a comment along the lines of "Be careful of your sources. He got a 34 on the midterm.

It's really scary, these kids legitimately understand next to nothing about how computing works. I also had 2 girls in class who text and almost never looked up while I was lecturing Then the midterm strikes. And like a lightning bolt from Zeus, they are struck down with a 30 and a Then their next homework. I do a diff on the two files, here's the output:. Undergrads, all I will say is that if you can show your grad TA that you're in the. My only experience in the TA-student relationship came my freshman year.

I had some awesome TAs and professors that helped me cope with my father's nervous breakdown. My parents had divorced, he lost his job, etc.

I had a TA that thought I was bullshitting, but I was spending 6 hours a night just talking my father through the day into the next. I wasn't sleeping much. My American Politics TA let me make up missed "mandatory" discussion groups with a 10 page paper. I think that was the first paper I seriously put myself into a college-work-hard-mode paper because of how bad I felt getting special treatment.

She picked the topic and expected a 10 page, fully researched and cited academic paper that I would consider expanding upon for journalistic publishing.

Better advice: Do not treat graduate school as a dating pool in which you are a shark and everyone else is a tasty tuna. On the other hand, it's perfectly normal for people to meet in grad school and start dating-you may have similar interests, and dating a fellow doctoral student is an infinitely better option than dating a professor. But.

I had zero clue what it meant as far as the publishing side, but I knew how to research and cite. It ended up being a really great experience for me for a number of reasons. The professor called me in after I submitted the paper and asked me what the fuck I was doing in an intro level course as a senior and I said I was a freshman and I got a special deal because of what happened in my personal life.

It ended up being one of the best academic experiences of my college career. I made me interested in social-statistical analysis and game theory, introduced me to a ton of faculty in an on-going outside of the classroom way, and really pushed me into working harder than I would have without it. I saw you wrote on my assignment 'where is question 2?

I didn't include question 2. It fell out of my bag. But I found it. Here it is. Can you add it to the mark? I got an evaluation back after one semester with a lion drawn on it under the additional comments section. My very first semester as a TA I had a student come up to me during class and ask if he could go for a walk around the building because he "took too much acid last night and was still tripping pretty hard.

I was TAing a class a few years ago. One of the students kept falling asleep in class, so I had the rest of the students all slam their books down on the desks at the same time to wake her up.

She was mildly startled by the noise, looked around the room, then promptly put her head down on the desk and went back to sleep.

I had a guy I caught plagiarizing. I printed off a website with the exact same language and showed it to him. I wanted him to tell me he did it, and why. Instead he denied it over and over until he finally said, that isn't even the site I copied it from! I IA a biology lab for non-majors. Some girl in my intro psych class came up with the craziest excuses to miss classes and submit assignments late.

Among my favorite: - there was a blackout in her dorm 3 hours before the assignment was due, and she didn't save her work classic On the day of the final exam, she shows up 10 minutes late with a gash on her arm, and says skyped her dad is a doctor who tells her that its infected, so she should go to the hospital. At this point, me and the other TAs don't know if this wound is self-inflicted or what.

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And if you have a nasty wound, why would you bother to show up at your exam venue? I was a TA for 2nd year genetics this semester, and 3rd year pharmacology last semester let's see what I can remember.

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Student points black ice bucket filled over the brim with ice : "Is that the 65 degree water bath? Me: Alright guys if you forget to put the lid on the micro centrifuge it will explode.

One student gets up and sprints out of the room. It is much funnier thinking of 2nd year students with full lab apparel on diving. Got very upset when i order everyone to take the batteries out of devices. Next week, same girls, wander in again, next week I arrive and see that they are there early. I just did the whole class with them there thinking they'd picked the module -pulled them aside and offered them catch up classes - "oh sorry were we in the wrong class?

So tell him to pay attention. So he keeps talkng. I saw "You do realise that iff I was doing my day job as a management consultant - I'd be charging you for this" Response: "Oh yeah? Give me fucking invoice then". Challenge accepted. Next week he comes in apologising and asking for forgiveness.

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EDIT: ahah. Fellow female TA was asked why she "chose not to become a stripper" and went to get her Ph. D instead. Legitimate question!

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Had a student this semester tried to convert me to his religion in his weekly writing assignment. He quoted his holy book repeatedly and, in all caps, told me to come to God. I wasn't convinced. Talked a boy down from a panic attack during the midterm.

Later learned from him he hadn't slept since the previous day, had just gone off his ADHD medication, had downed several coffees the last few hours, and had studied all night without rest.

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We couldn't read the midterm Just crazy scribbles. Had to tell a student on an exam not to call black people "coloreds. One semester my professor basically assigned me to wake people up who fell asleep during lecture.

So, I started Internet dating, and had a ton of fun at first. Now, I'm sick of it, but also simultaneously realize that nobody actually wants to date a grad student. Women want with money or at least someone they can envision a future with. Grad school doesn't pay me a ton and doesn't (by any means) guarantee me a job in the area. Aug 13,   I am a grad student working in a lab that has a bunch of undergrads. The other day I was casually hanging out with some of the undergrads (we do that occasionally). At the time, one of the students (I will refer to him as "John") opened to us that he believes he was raped by another student in the lab (will call her "Jane"). Dec 27,   In grad school: The college bar is risky in the same way dating apps are risky in grad school - you'll probably run into your students doing body .

The repeat offenders were the worst, of course, but when one of the students told my prof, "My frat brothers kept me up all night I really wanted to get some sleep," was probably the best, only due to my prof's reaction - a simple and resounding, "I don't care. Don't fall asleep in my class.

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I'm not a TA I'm a professor at a small private university. And I give them an automatic 20 points simply for putting their name there. Isn't that generous?

When I'm grading, I hate searching around for my students' names. You will not believe how many students put their name on the upper right hand corner, or on the second page. I TA an assembly programming lab course and I kept consistently seeing blatant plagiarism on our lab assignments. Cue my engineer side - one week later, I had a suite of software to empirically detect the dishonest.

I caught about 15 of the or-so students in the class that semester code copying 2 of which who dropped immediately after being caught, 4 ended up failing the course due to the zeros. Fast forward to this semester. I caught two of the same jokers that I found the previous semester copying off each other both of which failed the course the previous semester due to cheating. Not to mention that they cheated on the same lab experiment as before Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Post a comment! Create an account. Mock it all you want, you'll probably end up with cancer all over your body. What grade did he get? A lot of schools you are GONE. Mostly Facebook and solitaire He just has a creative memory.

Do you know how much? Did it react the shit out of that student's mouth? Fuck man. I just I mean, the C and V are right next to each other.

Guys, don't wear pajama pants to class without your underoos on. Yep, there was a penis hanging out in class, and people were finding it hard to concentrate. Now I feel dumb. I may have had that exact professor. Tonight my brothers! I think she was trying to flirt, but she was pretty damn shy so who knows.

My mom sometimes posts on my FB wall, it always kills the convo. On the other hand, everyone waits until after the final exam to ask for help :[ At least this student's mom has some pretty sparky initiative I guess. I gotta hand it to the guy, that was pretty epic dedication.

How did I know?

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The still-active underlined blue links. I mean, listen and take notes, that's what I do. Those are always fun to read. Well, there is one assignment in particular that all of the TAs loathe: Genetics. Slayer concert on Wednesday. Slayer will have that kind of effect on you. Here's a few recent ones: Last semester, I had a student fall asleep next to me as I was running my discussion section who would've thought all the with no drive ended up in an AM section.

Go figure, grad students are at their computers on a Saturday night Btw, we called an ambulance and he was fine afterward. Kid's response? Or I could just bark at them. It's been a rough semester. I need a beer now TA'ing completely convinced me I never ever want to teach as a career. Thank god. Sounds like the Good Fellas version of the education system. Shoved them in her what?!

Academics I got an A on my first ever graduate assignment! I'm already ready to drop out self. How long did it take you to write your thesis? Imposter Syndrome self. What do I write in my SOP? Yet Another Post About Quitting self. If not, how do you meet people outside your program? Academics Masters courses are hard? Finding the "perfect program" self. Is this Workload Normal? Am I rushing into a Masters because of a lack of choice? How many of you have made it into an HCI masters program after an undergraduation in mechanical engineering?

What exactly was the process of justifying this branch change? Graduate school accommodation self. Academics Video player that does this you use for your studies? We have no video player to watch any lectures or anything self. Should I reach out to undergrad advisers for rec letters for fellowship apps as a 1st year phd student? Deadline is today and I have a mental block self. Slowly deteriorating self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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