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ANTIQUE ROBESON POCKET KNIFE 2 BLADE CARVED HANDLE ESTATE FIND COLLECT. $ +$ shipping. Make Offer - ANTIQUE ROBESON POCKET KNIFE 2 BLADE CARVED HANDLE ESTATE FIND COLLECT. Vintage Robeson USA Suredge bone equal end 2 blade Pinched Bolster "1 Of 50" Red. $ Jul 27,   Correlating the address with the information in Knives Can Talk suggests a date of about to The Robeson Cutlery Company Robeson imported his earliest cutlery items, including knives and razors, from both England and Germany, as they were less costly than buying American made goods. However, strict tariffs on foreign made cutlery were. Sep 12,   re: dating a robeson Post by cattaraugus57 Tue Sep 09, pm "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government".

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1995 Robeson Grand Daddy Barlow (White Stag) Made by Queen Cutlery

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Shop For Schrade Knives. Robeson continued to make excellent pocketknives throughout the 's and 's, but stiff competition from German cutlers after WWI had taken a toll on sales.

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The company was offered for sale and was purchased by Mr. Saul Frankel. He hired Mr. Emerson Case, of the famous Case Cutlery family inand pretty much gave him a free hand, as General Manager, in revitalizing the company. Emerson Case did not disappoint him.

Case spent long hours at the factory and in the offices, and made frequent trips extolling the virtues of the company and its products.

Apr 23,   Robeson pocket knives were stamped with a five digit pattern number, sometimes with a letter prefix or six digit number from about to Dating your Queen knife by tang stamps Buck Tang Stamps Identifying/dating your Buck knife by tang stamp. Boker Tang Stamps age,tang,stamps,date,boker. Share This Page. Tweet. BladeForums.

Today, he would be referred to as a "workaholic". This kind of work ethic was both costly to him, and paid him dividends.

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He had married his first wife, Helen, while working at Kinfolks Cutlery. After his move to Robeson, he was busily advancing The Robeson Cutlery Company, while she was very active in church and social work. They grew apart and subsequently divorced in Emerson Case continued to work long and hard hours at Robeson, often working late.

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He frequented a local diner for his meals, and grew very familiar with a certain waitress there. When an opening for a billing secretary at the Robeson offices became available, he hired her for that position.

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Familiarity progressed to love, and he and Bessie Sheppard were subsequently married, and raised their family in Perry, New York. They remained married until Emerson Case died suddenly in The time during and after WWII saw Robeson once again among the top tier of cutlery manufacturers, thanks mostly to the tireless efforts of Emerson Case.

Stevenson bail marked knives with the later standardized MIL-K required blades do exist, as well. Whether or not they were made by Robeson is anyone's guess, I suppose. Perma-Lube knives were identified by an unmarked bronze shield of various shapes. He developed, ina heat treating process for stainless steel blades that is still used world wide today and virtually unsurpassed in its effectiveness.

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He called the process, " Frozen Heat ", and it was used on both pocket and kitchen cutlery. A fifty year old Robeson Frozen Heat kitchen knife is as good today as anything manufactured by anyone anywhere in the world. Frozen Heat sets sell routinely on for not very much money, and would be the best knives in almost anyone's kitchen.

I suggest buying a set, and putting them to good use.

Rebecca robeson knife. Remington knife blade steel which is a man who share your blade bowie knife image gallery. Visit our robeson knife, or custom, and company. Dating a kissing crane knife. Shop the handle. Nos kissing crane knife germany coal sampler kc Lot of classic stiletto stag handles. Example: 3 anyway, brass liner. Amino acid. The first Robeson knives were imported by Millard Robeson from England and Germany exclusively. This continued from until when Robeson began manufacturing knives in the United States. Since inception, the company has gone through several reorganizations & eventually ended up as a Queen Cutlery brand. History of the Robeson Cutlery Company. The history of the Robeson Cutlery Company has been described by Dewey and Lavona Ferguson in The Romance of Collecting Cattaraugus, Robeson, Russell and Queen Knives, and that history was essentially repeated in Bruce Voyles' The American Blade Collector's Association Price Guide to Antique Knives.

AboutEmerson Case also developed a line of knives with tungsten carbide applied to one side of the blade edge. This was a complicated process, and the knives' virtues were not readily understood by many people.

The problem was the knife was designed to be sharpened only on the side that did not have the tungsten carbide layer. Honing the knife in that manner left a fine microscopic serrated edge of tungsten as the cutting edge of the knife. The knives were called, " Flame Edge ", and were made in jack knife, stockman, and hunting knife patterns, as well as kitchen knives. Union organizers had convinced the employees to unionize.

Jean Case told them that if they did so, he would close the factory. Apparently, the workers thought they had the upper hand, and voted to unionize the shop. When they showed up at work the next day, the factory was closed.

There was a sign which simply read, " Plant closed. Gone horse racing ".

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Emerson Case, Jean's cousin, had spent several years there, and was instrumental in having Robeson Cutlery acquire the rights to the Kinfolk's name. During the late 's and early 's, Robeson produced several pocketknives carrying the "Kinfolk's" tang mark. Most of these knives had Strawberry Bone handles. Several were of the " Flame Edge " variety.

The following table is provided to describe manufacturing dates and tang marks; M.F. ROBESON ROBESON/CUTLERY Co, ENGLAND ROBESON/CUTLERY/Co, ROBESON/CUT. Co, All About Pocket Knives. Robeson placed less emphasis on producing pocket knives; going from different patterns in to 72 in the 's and finally 30 in the 's. Robeson soon found itself and its products out of place in a world of big companies, foreign competition, and demand for more basic, non-premium cutlery. vintage robeson shuredg " pearl handle sleeveboard pin knife $ Robeson, SureEdge-Rochester, NY, Gold Plated, Blade, File & Key, May 18,

They also produced hunting knives under the Kinfolk's name, with some having the " Flame Edge ", feature, as well. Afterand until aboutRobeson utilized the prettiest bone handle material ever, the now famous, and above mentioned "Strawberry Bone". The bone had the colors of fresh strawberries, and no one has ever successfully duplicated it. In about orthey replaced the strawberry bone with a strawberry colored Delrin imitation bone.

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It wasn't nearly as pretty as the bone, it tended to fade more rapidly, but it was more durable. Once again, hard times befell The Robeson Cutlery Company. Sales were down. Knives were made, but not shipped.

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The owners decided they had no other choice, but to sell out. Case remain to assist with the transition for a period of one year. He did so, then retired in The manufacturing facilities in Perry, New York were closed. They continued to market knives with the Robeson name on them until The knives are made by Queen Cutlery. They are of great quality and have a devoted following by collectors of Queen knives.

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