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A lot of attention has been paid to all the fighting going on in Marvel's newest film, Captain America: Civil War. But where is all the romance? OK, stay with me here. I know that Marvel movies aren't known for their love stories, but fans of the comics can definitely see the potential for one in Civil War when it comes to the classic couple, Vision and Scarlet Witch. People want to know if Vision and Scarlet Witch are together in Civil War , and not every fan is gonna like the answer. Spoilers ahead!

Every bit of development only centered around defeating a villain, which is good catalyst for romance, but not much else. Everyone is just left to assume, which is rarely a good strategy for developing meaningful romance. Even if the relationship between Vision and the Scarlet Witch were entirely platonic, it would still be quite a stretch to believe that they have a genuinely intimate connection. The same could be said for other relationships throughout the MCU.

Some are so underdeveloped that when intimate moments do occur, they rarely have much impact. Haley Atwell herself has said as such. Romance, even among fictional characters, requires some level of chemistry to go along with the narrative.

Such scenes have been absent or underdeveloped in the MCU. We knew from the events of two previous movies that Starlord genuinely loved Gamora.

We understood how strong it was by the time Thanos entered the picture. It probably helps that Guardians of the Galaxy was a relatively obscure series before the first movie and has little history of iconic romances compared to the Avengers.

However, it does show that the MCU is capable of meaningful romance. It just seems incapable of applying it to the more notable couples from the comics. Perhaps Vision and the Scarlet Witch can be part of that with the upcoming show, but it has lot to overcome before it can be the iconic romance that the MCU needs.

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When the trio arrived in Seoul, Ultron used the Scepter to indoctrinate Helen Choforcing her to use the vibranium in synchrony with the Regeneration Cradle to build a new, more powerful body for Ultron. As Ultron's consciousness was being uploaded into the body, Wanda curiously took the opportunity to explore Ultron's mind and was horrified to learn of Ultron's true plans, which involved the genocide of humanity in its entirety.

Wanda freed Cho from the mind control to halt the creation of Ultron's body. With Pietro, she then abandoned Ultron and fled the facility, much to the automaton's rage. The Maximoffs decide to assist the Avengers. The twins attempted to escape Seoulbut as they made their way through the city, they spotted a news report showing that the Avengers were battling Ultron and his army in the middle of the city, endangering thousands of lives.

Refusing to allow the people of Seoul to be put in danger, the Maximoffs decided to join the Avengers. Maximoff saves Captain America from Ultron.

They eventually caught up and assisted Captain America in fighting off Ultron on a moving passenger train. Maximoff used her powers to put a defensive barrier between Ultron and Rogers by twisting the metal bars inside the train while Pietro knocked him down.

Upon seeing that he was betrayed and outnumbered by his former teammates, Ultron responded by destroying the controls of the train before flying out the side door and escaping, leaving the Maximoffs and Rogers on the train going full speed as it headed to the end of the tracks.

With the train now completely out of control and heading to the middle of the city, Rogers ordered Maximoff to stop it, while Pietro moved any civilians out of its path. Mustering up all of her power and strength, Maximoff lifted the train's wheels off the ground and applied the breaks as hard as she could. Although the train was slowing down, it still crashed through buildings.

Origin. The Scarlet Witch (real name Wanda Maximoff) is a human with the ability to alter probability. For a time, she was believed to be the daughter of the mutant Magneto and his late Roma wife. Not long after, Maximoff began to fall for the synthezoid as well, much to the chagrin of her overprotective brother, Quicksilver. After finally being honest with one another, the pair began dating and went on to get hitched in Giant-Size Avengers #4 in Wedded Bliss Vision and Scarlet Witch in action. Aug 07,   Scarlet Witch and Vision get married In the MCU, things between Vision and Scarlet Witch haven't progressed beyond the point of living together, Author: Johnny Brayson.

Pietro was able to save the lives of the people in the way until the train was finally stopped in its tracks. Maximoff warns Steve Rogers of Tony Stark.

With the train now stopped, Wanda ran to her brother's aid, as he could barely stand after running so fast for so long. When Rogers revealed that the Regeneration Cradle and Ultron's would-be body had been sent to Tony Stark for analysis, Maximoff was disturbed, aware that Stark would attempt to utilize the body rather than destroy it in order to correct his own folly.

Although Rogers was reluctant to accept this as a possibility, noting that Stark was not crazy, Maximoff compared Stark and Ultron and made key comparisons with their mindsets.

Maximoff prepares to attack Tony Stark.

Scarlet witch dating

After a brief scuffle, Wanda was held back by Banner but she managed to escape his hold, only to witness Thor bringing the body to life. She watched in fear as the being initially attacked Thor before looking over New York City and calming down. The being introduced himself to them, calling itself Vision. The Maximoffs and the Avengers continued to be wary of Vision, with Scarlet Witch noting that she had seen the destruction of the world in its head.

She and Pietro then agreed to join the Avengers stopping Ultron and saving Sokoviawhere he would be enacting his final plan.

The Maximoffs took new uniforms and joined the Avengers on the Quinjet as Rogers gave a speech where he informed the team that their priority was getting the innocent people of Sokovia out of harm's way before Ultron could destroy their homes and lives. Wishing to save the lives of her friends from her home city, Maximoff sided with her former enemies, although she was unsure of trusting the Avengers in the long term. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in Sokovia. Upon arriving in SokoviaScarlet Witch played a significant part in evacuating civilians from Novi Gra using her powers of mind control on dozens of innocents and leading them safely from the war zone.

When the army of Ultron Sentries began their attack, Maximoff took up a defensive position on a bridge, shielding innocent civilians from enemy fire with her powers as they ran to safety, however, the firepower of the Sentries proved too strong and knocked her back. Scarlet Witch watches Novi Grad rising. Eventually, Ultronusing a device forged from the remaining Vibranium samples, forced a large part of the city of Novi Grad to levitate so that once it reached a certain height, it would cause an extinction level event once it made an impact with the Earth.

As Ultron gave a speech to the people of Sokovia while flying outside the city, Scarlet Witch and the rest of the Avengers could only look on in fear as Ultron unleashed his seemingly unstoppable plan. Scarlet Witch listens to Hawkeye 's speech.

This, along with the carnage that was falling upon her home, overwhelmed Maximoff. Hawkeye managed to lead her into a vacant building for safety. Scarlet Witch is inspired by Hawkeye 's words. Barton assured Maximoff that if she continued to fight to the end with them, then her past wouldn't matter because she would become an Avenger.

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Scarlet Witch fights back against Ultron. Her confidence restored by Clint Barton 's words, Maximoff stepped outside and saved the overwhelmed Hawkeye from a small squad of Ultron Sentriesusing her powers to pull them apart and throw them across Novi Grad.

Scarlet Witch Vs Thanos - Fight Scene - AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME (2019) Movie CLIP 4K

Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye clear the Sentries. Once the Sentries were destroyed, the pair reported to Captain America and prepared for their next mission. As they began to walk through the city, Quicksilver ran in and picked up his sister, running across the city with her while leaving Barton to jog behind.

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The Maximoffs fight against Ultron 's army. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver ran into the middle of the city and teamed up to assist in the battle by protecting civilians still trapped in the city, running ahead of Sokovian Police Department officers who were pinned down by the Ultron Sentries.

While Scarlet Witch fired energy blasts at the robots, Quicksilver ran into the battle but was accidentally grazed in the arm by a police officer despite the chief calling for the police to stop firing. Rogers informed the Avengers that they are leading the civilians to the town hall. Rogers meets up with Maximoff and Black Widow who asked why Maximoff was wearing her jacket. Rogers told Romanoff that she was with them. Barton met up with them and told them that if they got any higher, people would start dropping.

Rogers told Scarlet Witch to get the people out from hiding, and for Barton to watch her back. Scarlet Witch evacuates the people of Sokovia. Soon after, a Helicarrier commanded by Nick Fury and Maria Hill came to the Avengers' aide, sending out transports to evacuate the civilians still trapped at the city.

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Once the Lifeboats landed, Maximoff assisted in escorting civilians to the Lifeboats that ferried them aboard the flying aircraft carrier, keeping the women and children back until it was safe and ushering them on board alongside Barton while Fury sent War Machine to protect the Lifeboats from any Sentries that attacked them mid-air. Maximoff, Quicksilver and the rest of the Avengers regrouped at the church in the center of Novi Grad where Ultron had set up the key to the device that would cause the city to drop.

Captain America explained that Ultron must not be allowed to activate the key as it would destroy the city and the planet. As they stood around the key, Ultron hovered outside the church. When Thor challenged him, Ultron showed off his army of hundreds of Ultron Sentries.

Scarlet Witch fights the Ultron Sentries. When Ultron unleashed his army upon them, Scarlet Witch and the Avengers put all their might into battling the seemingly endless horde of Ultron Sentrieswith Maximoff using her gifts to pull them out of the air and rip them apart from the inside. Eventually the team managed to wipe out the majority of Ultron's drones and Ultron himself was almost destroyed by the combined might of VisionThorIron Manand the Hulkwho destroyed his armor and sent him across the city.

With the battle almost won, Captain America ordered the team to evacuate the city before Iron Man and Thor destroyed the key and Novi Grad itself. As the key needed to be guarded against Ultron in the meantime, Scarlet Witch volunteered to stay behind, telling Hawkeye that it was her job to protect it.

The team agreed but Quicksilver insisted that he would not leave her behind, but she ordered him to continue getting the people to the boats and only come back for her at the last minute, insisting she could handle the responsibility. Scarlet Witch senses Quicksilver 's death. While keeping the Ultron Sentries away from the key, Scarlet Witch sensed a terrible thing, as her brother attempted to save Hawkeye and a young boy from Ultronwho had obtained a Quinjethe was shot and killed by the robot.

Sensing this, Maximoff dropped to her knees and cried out in pure anguish, obliterating the sentries she had been fighting with a single massive blast of energy.

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Scarlet Witch gets her revenge on Ultron. Overcome with rage and emotion, Maximoff left her post to avenge her brother, tracking down Ultronwho had been ripped out of the Quinjet by the Hulk and had crash-landed inside a bus. Maximoff knelt beside her former ally, who pleaded with her to escape before she was killed in the approaching explosion, Maximoff told the robot that she had already died due to heartbreak and to demonstrate this, she telekinetically ripped his core processor from his body.

Her action inadvertently allowed a single Ultron drone to activate the device, sending Novi Grad plummeting towards Earth with her still trapped inside. Maximoff accepted her fate as she plummeted towards the ground, being the only person left in the city; however, she was rescued at the last minute by Vision.

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Seconds after their escape, Iron Man and Thor averted the cataclysm by combining their abilities to vaporize the city, saving billions of lives. Scarlet Witch arriving at the Avengers Facility. The ordeal with Ultron having finally passed, Maximoff was recruited into the Avengers ' roster along with James RhodesVision and Sam Wilson as a permanent member of the team.

Maximoff was also provided with a new uniform to wear as an Avenger. Scarlet Witch officially joins the Avengers. Maximoff joined the Avengers in an attack on the giant robot and together they managed to destroy Ultimo. Approximately a year after the Ultron OffensiveScarlet Witch joined her fellow Avengers in tracking down Crossbones and his mercenaries to LagosNigeria.

Scarlet Witch battles all Crossbones ' soldiers. They soon learned that Crossbones was planning to instead attack the Institute for Infectious Diseases and steal a biochemical weapon. Scarlet Witch lifted Captain America onto the third floor to subdue Crossbones and used her powers to vent the anesthetic gas out into the open air. Falcon and Black Widow managed to neutralize the mercenaries and secure the biochemical weapon that Crossbones had obtained while they tried to escape through a busy marketplace.

Captain America and Crossbones fought intensely before Captain America managed to disarm and subdue Crossbones. Scarlet Witch arrived at the scene when suddenly, Crossbones pulled the cord on his suicide vest in an effort to kill both him and Captain America. She managed to temporarily contain the explosion around Crossbones and tried to move its impact away by propelling him into the air. However, Scarlet Witch inadvertently destroyed a nearby building with the blast, killing many of its occupants, much to her horror.

The Avengers returned to the New Avengers Facilitywhere a month later, Maximoff still struggled with guilt over the deaths caused by the explosion.

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She watched a news report on the aftermath of the attack in Lagos questioning her ability to even operate in Nigeria. Maximoff is comforted by Steve Rogers. Steve Rogers tried to assure the young woman that it was not her fault, saying he should have taken apart Crossbones ' suicide vest before it went off. Not totally convinced, Maximoff stated they were both at fault then, to which Rogers reminded her that despite the casualties, they were able to stop Crossbones from killing more.

The two were interrupted by Visionwho Maximoff scolded for once again phasing through the wall to get into her room instead of using the door. Maximoff learns of the Sokovia Accords. Maximoff is shown footage of the recent fight. Ross showed footage from battles that the Avengers fought in, showing the destruction and death that followed. When Ross showed them footage from the aftermath of their fight with Crossbones in LagosNigeriaMaximoff felt the guilt seeing the damage that she blamed herself for.

The Avengers discuss the Sokovia Accords. As the Avengers privately discussed the Accords, Maximoff was unsure at the time whether she should sign or not but stayed mostly silent during the discussion. When Stark told them about Charlie Spencera victim from the Battle of SokoviaMaximoff once again felt uneasy due to her tragic past with Sokovia. When she brought up the fact that she would be hunted if they didn't sign, Vision assured her that they would protect her. Maximoff displays her abilities towards Vision.

While the other Avengers left to deal with Winter Soldier and attend the meeting in ViennaMaximoff stayed at the facility under the watch of Vision. Vision tried to cook her something to lift her spirits, though his inexperience with food left it wanting. The two Avengers had a heart-to-heart about their powers and how they are feared by others, but when Maximoff tried to leave the facility, Vision stopped her, telling her that Stark had asked him to ensure she did not leave the compound until the debate with the Accords were over.

Maximoff and Hawkeye are stopped by Vision.

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Barton created an explosion outside to distract Vision. As Maximoff watched Vision, she sensed a presence behind her and launched a knife at the intruder, stopping her attack when she realized it was Barton. Barton told her that they need to go as Captain America needed their help to fight against the Sokovia Accords ; as they were leaving, Vision returned and stopped them.

Scarlet Witch is forced to subdue Vision. Approaching the two, the trap that Barton had set up went off, paralyzing Vision with electricity. Barton began to leave again, but Maximoff hesitated because she believed that she had caused enough damage. Barton tries to convince her to leave when Vision breaks free and he and Barton begin to fight. Vision easily overpowers Barton, but Barton looks to Maximoff for help. Maximoff tells Vision to release Barton and that she is leaving; Vision tells her he can not allow her to.

Using her powers to control the Mind Stone to force him to phase and release Barton. Vision warns Maximoff that if she leaves that she will be feared by everyone but Maximoff tells Vision that she can only control her own fear and then blasts Vision many meters beneath the facility. Maximoff regroups with Steve Rogers in Berlin. The three were waiting in a van in Berlin when Rogers arrived. He thanked Maximoff for having his back and Maximoff replied that she needed to get off her ass, reflecting what Barton told her earlier.

Maximoff brings Scott Lang to Steve Rogers. When they introduced Lang to Rogers, Maximoff watched as Lang awkwardly talked with Rogers, then praised her as well. Later, an announcement was made saying the airport was being evacuated due to Tony Stark. The group all suited up and made their way to the Leipzig-Halle Airport where they would depart to Siberia. Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye at the airport.

Captain America and his team headed to the Leipzig-Halle Airport where a helicopter was waiting to take them to Siberia.

They positioned themselves inside the airport, and watched as Captain America was immediately surrounded. After Hawkeye freed Captain America, breaking the webs with an arrow, the two made their way to stay away from the conflict.

Scarlet Witch successfully subduing Iron Man. However, they were spotted by Iron Man, who pursued them as they tried to escape, firing several missiles near them. Iron Man then confronted them and told Scarlet Witch that she hurt Vision 's feelings, and they argued about why she had been locked up.

While Hawkeye was distracting Iron Man, Scarlet Witch used her powers to launch several vehicles as projectiles in the parking garage behind him, finally burying him and buying them time to escape. Scarlet Witch with Captain America 's team. Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye managed to make their way to Captain America and his team, so they could get to the Quinjet that would take them to Siberia.

As they made their way to the Quinjet, they were stopped by Vision, who fired a laser beam in front of them. He then warned them to stop, as the rest of Iron Man's team regrouped. The two teams stood on opposite sides of each other as they prepared to fight. Scarlet Witch fights against Spider-Man. The battle between the Avengers then begun with the two teams charging at each other.

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Scarlet Witch launched herself into the air towards Iron Man 's team where she targeted Spider-Man by hurtling asphalt from the ground and nearby objects directly towards him, which he was able to evade. Scarlet Witch manages to save Hawkeye.

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Due to her abilities, and not being a physical fighter, Scarlet Witch focused on protecting her allies whenever they would be subdued. As Black Widow and Hawkeye fought, Scarlet Witch interfered with Widow's blow by pinioning her limb and then throwing her away from Hawkeye. Before moving on, she told Hawkeye to stop pulling his punches and proceeded to her next fight. Scarlet Witch just saves Winter Soldier 's life. When Black Panther and the Winter Soldier engaged in a fight, which Black Panther had the intent on killing him, Scarlet Witch managed to narrowly stop him by blocking his claws from tearing out the Winter Soldier's throat.

Scarlet Witch fighting War Machine. As Iron Man 's team pressed on, Falcon realized they could not win the battle and get everyone to Siberia. So, Hawkeye confirmed that only Captain America and Winter Soldier could get to Siberia while the rest of the team stayed behind. Scarlet Witch being attacked by War Machine. However, War Machine managed to evade Giant-Man and pursued the two until Scarlet Witch started hurling large objects at him, keeping him from reaching the hangar.

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Vision destroyed a traffic control tower so Captain America and Winter Soldier couldn't escape but Scarlet Witch used her powers to hold back the debris for them to pass.

After the battle, Vision went to check on Scarlet Witch, and they apologized to each other. Distracted, Vision accidentally grazed War Machine's arc reactor, disabling the suit and causing him to fall from the sky-paralyzing him upon impact, therefore letting Captain America and Winter Soldier fly away to Siberia.

According to our records, Scarlet Witch is possibly single.

Tony Stark watches Scarlet Witch in her cell. After their defeatMaximoff, Clint BartonSam Wilson and Scott Lang were arrested and imprisoned in the Raftwhere she was the only one outfitted with a shock collar and put in a strait-jacket to prevent her using her powers. Tony Stark visited the prison to find out where Captain America went and was disturbed to see Maximoff's condition. Despite being wanted fugitives, Rogers told Stark that should he ever need their help, all he would have to do is ask.

Maximoff and Vision spend time together. One night, Vision began to feel an alert from the Mind Stone in his forehead, so he asked Maximoff to use her powers to feel it. She claimed that all she felt was him and the two embraced each other. They then went outside where Maximoff informed Vision of train times so that he could return to the Avengers Compound.

Vision began suggesting that they form their own life together, which she was unsure about due to the promises they had made to their respective teams. Maximoff battling Proxima Midnight.

Vision prepared to leave, intending to join the fight, but Maximoff was reluctant to let him leave because she knew his life would be put at significant risk.

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Moments before he was about to reply to her, Vision was attacked by Corvus Glaive and Maximoff was thrown away by an energy blast from Proxima Midnight before she could strike back at Glaive. They then began to forcefully remove the stone from Vision's forehead, but Maximoff was able to fight them off. Maximoff attempted to escape with Vision and temporarily hid from Midnight and Glaive before they were found.

Maximoff faced Midnight and barely managed to hold her own while Vision unsuccessfully fought Glaive on top of a church. When Vision again became subdued, Maximoff rescued him from Glaive and attempted to escape with Vision again by flight, but the two were blasted out of the air by Proxima Midnight and cornered in an empty train station.

Maximoff notices Steve Rogers ' arrival.

Nov 25,   Even if the relationship between Vision and the Scarlet Witch were entirely platonic, it would still be quite a stretch to believe that they have a genuinely intimate connection. It's possible that the upcoming show will help develop that connection, but there's no getting around how underdeveloped it has been to this point. Oct 31,   At least Scarlet Witch was there for his wedding, as Pietro did not even manage to attend the wedding of Vision and Wanda. Granted, it was a spur-of-the-moment ceremony that they shared with a fellow Avenger, Mantis, marrying a plant- like alien who looked like another Avenger (Swordsman) who had recently passed away. May 06,   In the comics, Scarlet Witch and Vision fall in love with each other in the early '70s, while both are members of the Avengers. The two become married in Giant-Size Avengers #4 in

Maximoff prepared to be the final line of defense for Vision, until Steve Rogers arrived along with Black Widow and Falconwho, with relative ease, managed to defeat the Black Orderbut they escaped before they could be captured or killed by the reunited Avengers. The group decided that they had to return to the Avengers Compound in hopes of developing a plan to help Vision and gaining more information about their extraterrestrial attackers.

Maximoff returns to the New Avengers Facility. They then discussed Thanos ' mission and how he is trying to steal the Mind Stone from Vision. Vision came to the conclusion that the only way to make sure that wouldn't happen is if the stone was destroyed by Maximoff. Maximoff disagrees with Vision 's proposal.

However, she rejected this idea, knowing it would kill him in the process. Despite Vision's persistence, Bruce Banner produced an alternative idea that entailed removing the stone, keeping Vision alive through the other components of his creation. However, this could not be done by Banner, so Rogers suggested that they go to Wakanda.

The group traveled to Wakanda seeking the aid of Shurithe sister of T'Challa. As Vision was scanned by Shuri, Maximoff asked if she would be able to remove the stone. She told her that she could, but it would be difficult due to the two trillions neurones that needed to be dealt with carefully. Maximoff contemplates joining in the battle. Suddenly, a swarm of Outrider Dropships landed outside the dome, causing everyone to go outside to defend Vision.

Rogers ordered Maximoff to destroy the stone as soon as it was removed from Vision. Maximoff stood by Vision as he underwent the removal of the stone; however, she noticed the battle occurring outside, witnessing the arrival of Thresherscausing her to realize she had to be out there.

Scarlet Witch joining the battle in Wakanda. Scarlet Witch then left the room and made her way to the battlefield, where she saved Black Widow and Okoye by stopping the incoming Threshers and threw them on top of the Outriders.

However, her presence of the battlefield allowed Proxima Midnight to notify Corvus Glaive that Vision was left unguarded by her. When Falcon pointed out Vision being in danger, Scarlet Witch went to help him, but was struck in the head by Midnight, causing her to fall into a ditch.

Scarlet Witch lifts and kills Proxima Midnight. Midnight then taunted Scarlet Witch as she prepared to kill her, but was stopped when Black Widow and Okoye intervened. The two fought off the alien, as Scarlet Witch recovered from the powerful blow she received.

As the fight continued, the two found themselves overwhelmed by Midnight, who came close to killing Black Widow. However, Scarlet Witch was able to step in and use her powers to stop Midnight by launching her into an incoming Thresher, ultimately killing her.

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Following this, she quickly returned to Vision's side to protect him. Scarlet Witch being told to destroy the stone.

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