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When you meet someone new, are you one of those people who immediately share personal and intimate details of your life? Or are you someone who holds back such information and shares only the deeply private things about yourself with a select few? This sharing of personal details about your life-your feelings, thoughts, memories , and other such things-is referred to as self-disclosure. If you are more reserved about such things, then you have lower levels of self-disclosure. But this self-disclosure entails more than how much you are willing to tell others about yourself; it is also a crucial building block of intimacy and absolutely vital to a wide variety of social relationships.

Self-disclosure in psychotherapy ~ Robin Williams \u0026 Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting, 1997)

By claiming that higher self-disclosure will invariably lead to greater relationship satisfaction, this theory ignores many other factors that can influence relationships, such as cultural practices and personality. Furthermore, by reducing relationship satisfaction to a single factor, Social Penetration Theory ignores many other cts of romantic attraction, such as physical attractiveness, similarity of attitudes and complementarity.

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Social Penetration Theory was developed based on research in a Western, individualist culture, so it may not apply to collectivist cultures. For example, Tang et al. This shows that self-disclosure is not a requirement for successful relationships in all cultures, making Social Penetration Theory culturally biased.

Self disclosure in dating

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Although self-disclosure has been shown to be correlated with a num-ber of individual-level and relational-level variables and has been hy-pothesized to ebb and flow over the course of a relationship, no extensive literature concerns self-disclosure in ongoing relationships over time. Thus, the current research attempts to provide. Sep 11,   Self-disclosure, of course, doesn't exist in a vacuum. The willingness to self-disclose in relationships is intricately linked to vulnerability, or the willingness to be vulnerable with a partner.

Self-Disclosure Explained Self-disclosure is the idea that relationship formation is built on trust with another person, which is demonstrated by gradually revealing personal information, such as thoughts, feelings and experiences that they might share with anyone else.

Research Examining Self-Disclosure The concept of self-disclosure has been investigated in numerous studies.

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Evaluation of Self-Disclosure One strength of the concept of self-disclosure is that is it supported by research. Print page.

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Oct 29,   Self Disclosure and Romantic Relationships Self-disclosure refers to the extent to which individuals reveal personal information about themselves. Sprecher found that the amount of disclosure in couples predicted whether they would stay together for more than four years or not; the more they disclosed, the closer they felt towards each doursim.coms: 4. Here are a few dos and don'ts of self disclosure in relationships to help you navigate the dating path. Self disclosure in relationships when your ex is a lunatic. DON'T tell him. Unless the new guy is a Marine, or a professional fighter and can hold his own, you're going to frighten him off. But, in dating, it can be a little more difficult to judge what the rate of self-disclosure should be. You are getting to know the other person so hopefully they'll be more than a friend-maybe even a life partner-so the urgency of getting to know the other person can feel much greater as is your need to know whether you will be accepted.

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disclosure and self-efficacy in online dating and identifies the relationship they share. As discussed in the literature review, self-disclosure is considered a foundation of all romantic relationships. In essence, self-disclosure is the process in which an individual communicates personal information to another individual. Self Disclosure is a Mutual Give-and-Take. Building a successful relationship involves a mutual give-and-take between partners. ? ? Self-disclosure may be more limited in the early stages of a new relationship, but part of the reason people grow closer and more deeply involved is that they become progressively more open to sharing with their partner. In order to build a deep and trusting. Jul 11,   What is the role of self disclosure in dating? July 11, Featured in this Video: Winston Smith; Topics: Communication, Dating, Premarital, Relationships. Winston Smith sits down and discusses the role of self disclosure in dating. Related. A Practical Guide to Dating Wisely $ Alasdair Groves.

Telling him that you stayed with your abusive ex for five years will send out all the wrong signals, and could well become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Right at the start. Children are a blessing, and if you are a mother you want someone who, while they will never love your children the way you do, will consider them a bonus and not excess baggage.

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Maybe you are a serial bride, maybe you just really like the taste of wedding cake, or maybe you have been really unlucky and married really bad men, but to a newcomer nothing could be scarier. Do you get the picture?

But if you want a relationship to progress then there are some things which are best left until later, and some things which need to be brought into the open at the start. Be careful, never tell an untruth because when you do come clean, if it is in direct contradiction to what you have already told him, he will think you are a liar and nothing kills a relationship quicker that mistrust.

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If you have health issues DO tell him.

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