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She was born on Friday, April 21, Is Severina Vuckovic married or single, who is she dating now and previously? Severina Koji? She performed in local opera productions before making her pop debut in They got married in Severina had at least 3 relationship in the past. Severina Vuckovic has not been previously engaged.

He designated Aurelian the Legate of the Third Legion.

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Aurelian commanded two thousand five hundred Auxiliariesand the tribal forces of four German Chieftains. He defeated the barbarians in battle and used the resources gained from the battles to enrich the provinces. After the battle, Crinitus thanked Valerianthe emperor at the time, for providing him with such a talented deputy.

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A painting showing Ulpius Crinitus alongside Aurelian has been found in the Temple of Soladding to the veracity of his existence. Aurelian's successes as a cavalry commander ultimately made him a member of Emperor Gallienus ' entourage. InAurelian and his cavalry participated in general Claudius ' victory over the Goths at the Battle of Naissus. Driving Aureolus back into MediolanumGallienus promptly besieged his adversary in the city.

However, while the siege was ongoing the Emperor was assassinated. One source says Aurelian, who was present at the siege, participated and supported general Claudius for the purple-which is plausible.

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Aurelian was married to Ulpia Severinaabout whom little is known. Like Aurelian, she was from Dacia. Claudius was acclaimed emperor by the soldiers outside Mediolanum.

Severina Kojic (nee Vuckovic, born 21 April ), known professionally as Severina, is a Croatian singer-songwriter and doursim.com , the Croatian weekly Nacional listed her among the most influential Croats, calling her "the only bona fide Croatian celebrity". She represented Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest , held in Athens, Greece, with the song Moja Stikla Born: 21 April (age 48), Split, SR Croatia, . Aurelian was married to Ulpia Severina, about whom little is known. Like Aurelian, she was from Dacia. They are known to have had a daughter together. Service under Claudius. Claudius was acclaimed emperor by the soldiers outside Mediolanum. The new emperor immediately ordered the senate to Predecessor: Quintillus. Relationships. Severina Kojic has been in a relationship with Milan Popovic ( - ). Severina Kojic has had an encounter with Milan Lucic . About. Severina Kojic is a 48 year old Croatian Musician. Born Severina Vuckovic on 21st April, in Split, Croatia, she Birth place: Split.

The new emperor immediately ordered the senate to deify Gallienus. Next, he began to distance himself from those responsible for his predecessor's assassination, ordering the execution of those directly involved. The emperor had Aureolus killed and one source implicates Aurelian in the deed, perhaps even signing the warrant for his death himself. During the reign of Claudius, Aurelian was promoted rapidly: he was given command of the elite Dalmatian cavalry and soon promoted to overall Magister equitumwhat was effectively the head of the army after the emperor and what had been Emperor Claudius' own position before his acclamation.

Marching through Raetia and the Alps unhindered, they entered northern Italy and began pillaging the area. In earlyemperor Claudius and Aurelian marched north to meet the Alamanni, defeating them at the Battle of Lake Benacus.

While still dealing with the defeated enemy, news came from the Balkans reporting large-scale attacks from the HeruliGothsGepidsand Bastarnae. Aurelian intercepted the Goths with his Dalmatian cavalry and defeated them in a series of minor skirmishes, killing as many as three thousand of the enemy.

Aurelian continued to harass the enemy, driving them northward into Upper Moesia where emperor Claudius had assembled his main army. The ensuing battle was indecisive: the northward advance of the Goths was halted but Roman losses were heavy. Claudius could not afford another pitched battle, so he instead laid a successful ambush, killing thousands.

However, the majority of the Goths escaped and began retreating south the way they had come. For the rest of year, Aurelian harassed the enemy with his Dalmatian cavalry.

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Now stranded in Roman territory, the Goths' lack of provisions began to take its toll. Aurelian, sensing his enemies' desperation, attacked them with the full force of his cavalry, killing many and driving the remainder westward into Thrace.

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The harsh conditions now exacerbated their shortage of food. However, the Romans underestimated the Goths and let their guard down, allowing the enemy to break through their lines and escape.

Apparently emperor Claudius ignored advice, perhaps from Aurelian, and withheld the cavalry and sent in only the infantry to stop their break-out.

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The determined Goths killed many of the oncoming infantry and were only prevented from slaughtering them all when Aurelian finally charged in with his Dalmatian cavalry. The Goths still managed to escape and continued their march through Thrace. Meanwhile, a devastating plague swept through the Balkans, killing many soldiers in both armies.

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Emperor Claudius fell ill on the march to the battle and returned to his regional headquarters in Sirmium, leaving Aurelian in charge of operations against the Goths. By late summer the Goths were defeated: any survivors were stripped of their animals and booty and were levied into the army or settled as farmers in frontier regions.

When Claudius died, his brother Quintillus seized power with support of the Senate.

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With an act typical of the Crisis of the Third Centurythe army refused to recognize the new Emperor, preferring to support one of its own commanders: Aurelian was proclaimed emperor about May [30] [31] by the legions in Sirmium.

Aurelian defeated Quintillus' troops, and was recognized as Emperor by the Senate after Quintillus' death. The claim that Aurelian was chosen by Claudius on his death bed [32] can be dismissed as propaganda; later, probably inAurelian put his own dies imperii at the day of Claudius' death, thus implicitly considering Quintillus a usurper.

Their entire romance - from crushes to dating to their engagement - will be part of the new season, along with Thore's continued fitness journey, her parents' health scares and her new. ? Subscribe Severina YouTube channel doursim.com ?? ? Severina - Kao - Official HD Download: iTunes doursim.com Google play: http. Jan 15,   Severina Vuckovic has been in a relationship with Milan Popovic ( - ). She has also had an encounter with Milan Lucic . We are currently in process of looking up more information on the previous dates and doursim.comality: Croatian.

With his base of power secure, he now turned his attention to Rome's greatest problems-recovering the vast territories lost over the previous two decades, and reforming the res publica. InEmperor Philip the Arab had celebrated the millennium of the city of Rome with great and expensive ceremonies and games, and the Empire had given a tremendous proof of self-confidence.

In the following years, however, the Empire had to face a huge pressure from external enemies, while, at the same time, dangerous civil wars threatened the empire from within, with usurpers weakening the strength of the state.

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Also, the economic substrate of the state, agriculture and commerce, suffered from the disruption caused by the instability. On top of this an epidemic swept through the Empire aroun greatly diminishing manpower [34] both for the army and for agriculture.

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The end result was that the Empire could not endure the blow of the capture of Emperor Valerian in by the Sassanids.

The eastern provinces found their protectors in the rulers of the city of Palmyrain Syriawhose autonomy grew until the formation of the Palmyrene Empirewhich was successful in defending against the Sassanid threat.

Zabranjeno je svako kopiranje video/audio snimaka i postavljanje na druge kanale! Copying, re-uploading and illegally distributing this copyrighted work is s. Severina Kojic (born Vuckovic) was born on April 21st, in Split, where she had her first performance, as a ten years old girl, she discover the lights of the music stage, performing in the main role of the children's musical "Frane strapalo", in the performance of the Split's KUD "Mozaik", which was led by Lepa Smoje, the wife of well-known writer Miljenko Smoje.

The western provinces, those facing the limes of the Rhineseceded to form a third, autonomous state within the territories of the Roman Empire, which is now known as the Gallic Empire. In Rome, the Emperor was occupied with internal menaces to his power and with the defense of Italia and the Balkans.

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The first actions of the new Emperor were aimed at strengthening his own position in his territories. Late inAurelian campaigned in northern Italia against the VandalsJuthungiand Sarmatiansexpelling them from Roman territory.

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To celebrate these victories, Aurelian was granted the title of Germanicus Maximus. Aurelian, being an experienced commander, was aware of the importance of the army, and his propaganda, known through his coinage, shows he wanted the support of the legions.

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The burden of the northern barbarians was not yet over, however. Inthe Alamanni moved towards Italia, entering the Po plain and sacking the villages; they passed the Po Riveroccupied Placentia and moved towards Fano. Aurelian, who was in Pannonia to control the Vandals ' withdrawal, quickly entered Italia, but his army was defeated in an ambush near Placentia January When the news of the defeat arrived in Rome, it caused great fear for the arrival of the barbarians.

But Aurelian attacked the Alamanni camping near the Metaurus Riverdefeating them in the Battle of Fanoand forcing them to re-cross the Po river; Aurelian finally routed them at Pavia.

For this, he received the title Germanicus Maximus.

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However, the menace of the Germanic people and a Germanic invasion was still perceived by the Romans as likely, so Aurelian resolved to build a new system of walls around Rome that became known as the Aurelian Walls. Related Lists. Top Contributors for Severina Kojic. Help keep Severina Kojic profile up to date. Six Degrees Connections Connect any celebrity with Severina Kojic to see how closely they are linked Recent connections involving Severina Kojic.

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Follow WDW on Facebook. Mobile Version. Milan Popovic. By winning the demo x in the early s, she was awarded with the producing of her first record called 'Severina'.

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In the same year she became the host of the "top cup" show on the HRT, which she led for a year and at the end of the year she went on her first tour to Australia.

Inshe recorded her third studio album, "Dalmatinka", with which she became one of the then most prominent performers of the year. Two singles, "Dalmatinka" and "Paloma nera" were released from the album.

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