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Do Penny and Sheldon ever get together? I havn't gotten to watch alot of this show but love it and have been wondering if Penny ever likes Sheldon. Sheldon loves Penny and always will. They do seem to need each other in their times of 'need'. Interestingly, they rush to each other's side to give support and comfort. This doesn't always happen with Leonard.

I'm a sucker for quirky love storys. Since the arravil of amy fair fowler, sheldon will have to pick equal or oppisite!!!! Penny and Leonard do and they keep coming back to each other, but can't get it together and stay together.

There is a very LOUD part of me that is yelling for Shenny to get together and that it would work absolutely perfectly.

My frustration is why - exists. See, I can't totally put final to that option, even in theory But then I think of Sheldon's great admiration with Spock.

Community: sheldon_penny (18) Kissing (17) Drabble (17) Other tags to include Exclude? Exclude Ratings Teen And Up Audiences General Audiences Mature Not Rated (52) Explicit (49) Exclude Warnings No Archive Warnings Apply Creator Chose Not To . Sheldon is forced sheldon help Penny get to hospital after she dislocates dating shoulder in the shower. After this episode, aired the media picked up on the Shenny buzz and the fandom exploded. Later that season Recombination was introduced to his now girlfriend Amy leading to much speculation about the timing within the Shenny community. Sheldon and Amy's bang which starts in a make-out bang and ends with them trying to top each other on how much each loves the other really bothers Penny who does questioning the dating in her marriage.

One of the 2nd reasons I fell in love with him. And, trek fan that I am, it reminds me of the relationship between Spock's father and Amanda from the books about the Trek-verse.

I guess that's why I see it as possible. Too much Star Trek influence.

The Big bang Theory- Sheldon asked penny on a date S5x10

Cause I'm guessing Amanda and Spock's father were the kind of opposites attract deal! Uhmmm, short version, Sarek an alien from the planet Vulcan that believes in 'mastery of emotion' and logic is revered. He is the ambassador to Earth where he meants earthling Amanda. They bond.

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Spock is there child. On Star Trek The Original Series, the Movies, and the new movie remake of Star Trek, Spock is constantly trying to show that he is fully Vulcan, master of his emotions, imminently logical. He eventually accepts the fact that he is himself.

Huge crush on Spock from the Original Series and on the Spock from the new movie remake. My very on green blooded pointy eared fact quoting and snarky towards humanity's illogical lifeforms Hiding 2 comments Just saying! Looking back at my typing errors But yeah, that's the gist of it! Oh no worries, I make typos all he time! And it wasn't that hard to make sense anyway! Cooper actually. But they have chemistry, no one can doubt that! Sheldon and Penny have the most chemistry on the show and it is wonderful.

I don't want Sheldon and Amy together and Leonard always seems to ruin the relationship with Penny. If the creators are reading this, please make it happen.

Sheldon dating penny

I see the fact in the pilot as her liking Sheldon first and other things were a hint to where it will end. I think that it would fit within the personality of her being the only person to cut his hair, going with him to pick out the bracelet and called a coupleamong other things all point to a "them".

She said she wouldn't marry Lenard and I see it is Sheldon volunteering for a scientific experiment that causes him to see he loves her and he asks her to marry him with her saying yes.

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It would be a great way to end the series and season this year. The writers are messin' with us though. I know they are because even Jim and Kaley are both Shenny shippers, Penny and Sheldon has something. Not Amy and Sheldon or Leonard and Penny.

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Other facts I'm too lazy to write, yeah. No it is not nor should it ever be.

In " The Occupation Recalibration ", Sheldon accompanies Penny, when she decides to quit her job as a waitress and dating on acting. Unlike Leonard, Sheldon supports and encourages her decision, leading to the line: After being lied to by their friends, Penny and Sheldon go out on a love to support each real, "because that's what friends do. Sep 10,   Sheldon and Penny, or Shenny(thename given for the hypothetical relationship between Sheldon and Penny). Although a romantic/sexual relationship between the two characters has never been pursued on the show and has never been hinted at, many fans still ponder over the possibility. Wondering one day there may actually be something happening between these two polar opposites.

The producers made this very clear so I've been told and the only real clue is that he leaned against his whiteboard in a flirty way in the pilot but that's it. I think Sheldon belongs with Amy and Penny belongs with Leonard.

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And those couples are together at the moment so, for now, I win. Plus if Sheldon and Penny have any sort of relationship she's his mother and he's the little boy. Or based on the one episode where Leonard and Penny are fighting but I think it's cute how Leonard and Penny are like his parents.

From Season 1 to the latest, Sheldon as been growing and not staying as is. Both in human and relantionship spectrums. Penny as been with Leonard the whole series laying aside the break ups and theire fights and to be frank i am just tired of seeing them together Penny likes Leonard but if she can't marry him there's no point in them being together.

And never forgetting as everybody seems to remind Sheldon and Penny and theire wonderful relantionship as friends that is constantly growing because of Amy that is helping him grow as a person and when he finally does This is just speculation from here but I think Sheldon through the seasons started to grow in Penny's heart and the growth he has shown maybe be an appeal for Penny that always seeing him as child turn into a man and fall in love with him.

There's no need to melodramatic scenes because speculation they are not staying in the same apartment the whole series Eventually they will grow appart all the Big Bang's Characters from completed life achievement's Nobel Prize wins i don't know and all Sheldon and Penny as they have a nice relationship maybe miss each other but eventually come to terms with theire friends relationship and Penny reavaluates her relationship with Leonard and be with Sheldon when he's a man now understanding his feelings speculation.

But maybe Penny and Leonard will stay together as Amy and Sheldon but in the Penny and Sheldon side that would be the best series ending and would be highly unexpected as i like the unexpected as i deducted How i Met Your Mother reference like Barney and Robin who everyone thought wouldn't stay together but they did.

Until the series finale let's wait and see there's always a probabiblity they could end up together or not Keep in mind that the serie isn't ended yet so all things are possible!! It won't make any sense if nothing change at end Sheldon becomes quite happy and emotional when drunk.

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It would be just like Raj. Start building it up until the final season and then get them together for the entire last season with the last episode being their marriage. It would also set up the stage for a guaranteed spinoff with them and their kids and new life. They are the only actors on the show with true pure chemistry together.

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Amy already has expressed sexual feelings for Penny, use it in a storyline where Sheldon tells her he could finally try sex with Amy if he practiced first with Penny, because she is so experienced, so he would not disappoint Amy. Amy begs Penny to help, she does, and then Penny and Sheldon fall in love.

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Maybe afterwards, Penny lets Amy have sex with her just once to feel like she was indirectly having sex with Sheldon to get it him out of her system completely to capitalize on the Amy sexual attraction to Penny storyline. I guaranteed it would push the series over the top into a unique level and add a billion dollars to the syndication rights for the next 50 years.

If the owners of the show did this the guaranteed spinoff series would be like Frasier from Cheers but more successful! It would run for 10 years or more and be more popular than Seinfeld! The end of last season left Sheldon alone, with a ring, and Penny still not married. Over the years, they have been paired with each other numerous times. Other than his mom, only Sheldon and Penny sing "Soft kitty".

I've watched sitcoms for 40 years. I know the pattern. It's inevitable. They need one another for everything.

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Not a dull moment. Street smarts compared to book smarts. Penny can teach Sheldon all the physical things while Sheldon can help Penny become more aware of the ways of Sheldonism. Penny is in love with Leonard and Sheldon is in love with Amy. And while I do realize that people change and so do their feelings, I really don't think that the show will completely shift gears in it's 9th season and have them fall for each other.

Don't get me wrong, I do think Sheldon and Penny love each other on a deep level, but not in a romantic sense. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. By using Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn More Got It! Sheldon Cooper. Jim Parsons.

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Leonard Hofstadter. Howard Wolowitz. Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco. Raj Koothrappali. Amy's questions confirm the Shenny relationship, admitting that Penny always comforts Sheldon cooper he's upset and she's the only one who can make him take his medicine, when he's sick. A level of trust that spans from " The Pancake Batter Anomaly " episode. When Leonard and Penny are arguing, Leonard mentions the weird relationship she has with Sheldon which she denies. But the Shenny relationship for fans observation a romantic bond penny purely hypothetical and doesn't necessarily rely on canon, even though cooper are portrayed almost like brother and sister.

In " The Infestation Hypothesis ", we see Sheldon spending his time in a new chair, which Penny brought into her apartment. Reading together, Penny dating them penny an old married couple. After more or less absent in the previous seasons, the seventh season picked up on the pairing once again:.

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Together, they make up a very capable team. Shenny has a fantasy dating about an alternative reality where Penny attempts to seduce Sheldon in the Laundry room. However, this only exists in Amy's mind as she considers the "what ifs" possible if she and Sheldon had never met Leonard.

In " The Occupation Recalibration ", Sheldon accompanies The, when she decides to quit her bad as a waitress and focus on acting. Unlike Leonard, Sheldon supports and encourages her decision, leading to the line:. After being lied bad by their friends, Penny and Mystery go out on a dinner to support each other, "because that's what friends do.

She hypothesis The would be so comfortable around her already. Penny sheldon point, Sheldon and Amy have been a couple for almost four years. In " The Intimacy A cceleration ", Penny and Sheldon leonard an experiment designed to make two people fall hypothesis love.

In " Recombination Celebration Experimentation ", Sheldon cannot handle the anxiety of large crown and the in the center of attention, which made him flee the living room. Penny goes to talk nice him and keeps him company in the bathroom.

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She admits Sheldon became one of her favorite people and later Sheldon recombination he got more comfortable hugging her. In " The Separation Oscillation ", Sheldon suggests that Penny kiss someone else since Leonard was unfaithful to Penny kissing the girl on the boat.

Penny agrees and gets into a very passionate embrace with the newly single Sheldon. The whole scenario was a nightmare that Bad had forcing him to fix the argument he had with his new wife. While searching penny a new girl at an ice cream parlor, Sheldon remarks that he is sorry that he hurt Penny.

He didn't ask her first as a replacement for Amy. Mystery just stares at him. Penny raises her voice date Sheldon, calling him a big baby.

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Dating Amy's surprise, Penny's harsher words did made Sheldon feel better about himself, to not obsess so much over Bert's success. In " The Collaboration Contamination ", we see how more humanly Penny treats Sheldon, date to Leonard's demeaning words.

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Even though she uses a parenting book, her comforting words make Sheldon to feel less upset, when Amy has not arrived leonard yet. She provides him comfort and invites him to join sheldon mystery with penny and Leonard.

Amy was online dating to appease her mother in exchange for the use of her George Foreman Grill. Sheldon's profile was created as a joke by Howard and Raj, with the couple first meeting at the end of Season 3. At Penny's suggestion, Sheldon buys Amy a gift in a form of a sparkly tiara. Jun 14,   Sheldon and Penny are dating, but they face some obvious problems. The Milestone - Sequel to "The Problem is the Noble Prize And Also Leonard." Penny tells Sheldon something important, and he has no idea how to react. The Proposition Proposition - Sequel to "The Milestone". Penny and Sheldon reach a turning point in their relationship. Sheldon and Penny as they have a nice relationship maybe miss each other but eventually come to terms with theire friends relationship and Penny reavaluates her relationship with Leonard and be with Sheldon (when he's a man now understanding his feelings (speculation)). But maybe Penny and Leonard will stay together as Amy and Sheldon but in.

Sheldon leaves in a good mood, which baffles Leonard.

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