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Although she considered him to be her "kinda-sorta-boyfriend", Sheldon only considered Amy his friend "She's a girl and she's my friend, but she's not my girlfriend". Despite their platonic love platonic closeness, there had been hints that there might be something deeper between them. Three years later they professed their love for each other. Howard first dubbed them as "Shamy". Amy more than once by season 7 suggested that they could move in together. After one such request, Sheldon even admitted to Stuart that Amy loves him. In season 8 they have admitted that they love each other and were planning a future together until Sheldon burned Amy out and she broke up with him.

He rejects Alex's first and second options and she does such a great job with the third option, the signed brain cell print that Sheldon keeps it for himself. Amy shows up for their dinner plans and decides to cancel Valentine's Day altogether. This action shows her importance to Sheldon, that he trusts her and she hugs him tightly. Although initially unwilling, he listened to her complain about how the others thought their relationship was a joke.

Sheldon responded by saying he didn't think that. Amy asked him if they would ever have an intimate relationship.

Amy prompted him to see if he felt any differently now, and he admitted it was a possibility between them. This admission didn't really cheer her up, so he explained to her, that although it didn't feel like it to her, to him it did feel really intimate, Amy knew this fact, but said she just wished she could have more. Sheldon managed to cheer her up, by pointing out that they had only known each other for three years and they were already in bed with each other technically sitting on Sheldon's bed, but either way it shows that he is willing to let her in his bedroom in which no one was allowed to before.

Amy said they should go back to the others, but Sheldon stopped her, and very calmly pointed out that as they had love spell potion put on their characters in the game, it would only be right to carry it on. And so alone in his room, away from all others, he allowed her to experience a form of virtual intimacy, using a dice to decide what to do next.

Upon throwing the dice to see where he should stroke erotically she didn't like where the dice had landed, which was the nose. So her reaction was to roll again.

The two were still playing a while later when Leonard and Penny went to check on them. Amy, after getting excited shouted, "Go away, Sheldon's going to nibble on my In " The Deception Verification ", Amy and Sheldon conclude that Penny is cheating on Leonard, so Sheldon decides to rush into Penny's apartment and catch her with the other guy.

Amy does not recommend this action, but follows Sheldon anyway. She is seen with her head touching Sheldon's shoulder.

While they are eavesdropping Sheldon says "Now, I think I hear kissing. Amy you're going to be Olive Oyl, lay off the donuts. When he also vents his anger on Penny, Amy defends her.

Sheldon warns her that the girlfriend of my enemy's girlfriend is also my enemy, Amy pulls her offer of a ride and Sheldon claims that there must be a third option or exception for Amy. He needs the ride since he's mad at Leonard. In " The Raiders Minimization ", Sheldon offers Amy to lose her virginity, but it was only her first viewing of one of his favorite movies, "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

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She enjoys it, but points out that the plot would still work without the main character. Since she spoiled the movie for him, he tries to find something to spoil that she likes. They start watching her childhood favorite show, "Little House on the Prairie" and he keeps pointing out inaccuracies. She quickly picks up on what he is doing and tells him that. Since they are in a relationship, he should tell her when he is angry with her.

She apologizes, and he accepts it, though he still tells her an error in the comic strip Garfield, showing that he still takes one step backwards. After Howard's comments how he would not want to work all day near Bernadette, he withdraws his approval, but Amy says she still plans to work there.

After embarrassing Amy in front of her co-workers at lunch with inappropriate ethnic comments and talking about the status of their relationship, Amy is extremely unhappy with him.

Late at night, he comes to her apartment to apologize and they say to each other that they like each other, quirks and all. Sheldon then ruins the moment by adding that she should like him because he doesn't see anyone else knocking at her door. Later, Amy tells Penny and Bernadette that she is not apologizing to Sheldon. In " The Romance Resonance ", Sheldon makes a great scientific discovery of a new super heavy element which thrills Sheldon until he realizes he made a bone-headed error in his calculations.

Everyone still praises him, much to his annoyance. Amy first tries to soothe him like everyone else until she finally agrees with him that he shouldn't be proud taking his side in their relationship. Sheldon tells her that that is the most romantic thing he has ever heard which pleases Amy.

Later when it looks like Sheldon is about to actually kiss Amy, Amy comes out of "the zone" and her wishful daydream. Wolowitz's for Thanksgiving; he starts to compare his life to that of a slave.

Amy tells him that that is inappropriate and he responds by saying "Yes, Miss Amy. Afterwards, Sheldon looks at Amy and then says to everyone, "Ain't she great? Amy, shocked, starts to walk slowly toward the kitchen as a dazed smile appears on her face. Amy looks back at Sheldon, who smiles back wholeheartedly.

Also, Sheldon says that he missed her and that he wanted her to be with him in Texas. They travel on a vintage train and have a romantic dinner together.

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To make Sheldon more comfortable, Howard and Bernadette will be with them and they will have separate rooms. After Sheldon tells her that she is manipulating him, Amy admits that she was only looking for romance. Insulted, Sheldon tells her that he will give her romance. To fulfill his list of romantic things, he drinks his wine that he calls grape juice that which burns, stares into her eyes momentarily until she blinks and loses, and then kisses her.

Though it was meant to be quick and sarcastic, Sheldon seems to enjoy it and lingers. He first leans over and then puts his arms around Amy. Amy is too shocked to hug him back.

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Amy then tells him that it was nice. Sheldon wants to leave to again talk to the conductor. Amy, still breathless from the kiss, tells him to have a good time. Then Sheldon invites her to go with him.

In " The Table Polarization ", the gang wants to add a dining room table to Apartment 4A, which Sheldon objects to, as usual, since he doesn't like changes.

Sheldon objects to Penny changing Leonard to stand up against him. Penny points out that Amy has changed Sheldon who agrees and then decides to break up with her. Amy is alerted and deals with it by agreeing with Sheldon to break up and that Leonard is manipulating him to break up with her though she clearly knows him and is manipulating him. She goes with him supporting his fight against that awful table and is feeding him his lines. He stops when she includes that he is moving in with his girlfriend.

Amy says that she got too cocky. She fakes an interest in his problem after Sheldon thinks she isn't paying him enough attention. Finally she screams at him, "Please pass the butter! At the end of date night, Amy reminds Sheldon, "It's date night. Aren't you forgetting something?

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Still mulling over his decision at Best Buy later, Amy almost falls asleep on his shoulder and later consoles him after he is unable to buy either system due to the registers closing, and is unable to decide what food to eat for dinner.

In " The Relationship Diremption ", Sheldon gives up on String Theory given his disappointment over any breakthroughs in the field. Later as part of Sheldon's following of Cosmo's advice on how to deal with a break up involving a new look, Penny styles Sheldon's hair on his request. Amy, upon seeing Sheldon is taken aback, and comments that she doesn't want him, "walking around like sex on a stick", before he agrees, "She's right.

I'm too hot. The following morning, Sheldon wakes up shirtless, before glancing at his side gasping, "Oh no.

What have I done? In " The Anything Can Happen Thursday Recurrence ", Amy lies to Sheldon about going to dinner with Bernadette and then makes it up to him by showing up at his apartment in a Catholic school uniform, the same way Bernadette makes up with Howard.

Penny takes Sheldon to a psychic to work on his career issues and the psychic tells Sheldon that all his issues personally and professionally will be solved if he commits completely to Amy which makes Sheldon angry, though he starts to wonder if the psychic's advice is correct while he subtly acts unimpressed when Amy shows up at his door in a Catholic Schoolgirl outfit.

In " The Status Quo Combustion ", Sheldon is horrified by the university telling him he can't change his field of study, Leonard's comment that he doesn't want Sheldon to live with him and Penny and the comic book store fire. Amy tells him that living alone might be good for him and if that doesn't work, he could move in with her. Pushing him even further, Sheldon yells at her sarcastically that they should get married, have.

Talking over his troubles with Stuart, Sheldon even admits that Amy loves him. The next day, he calls Amy and she thinks he sounds like he's doing fine. In " The Locomotion Interruption ", Sheldon has traveled around the US for 45 days winding up in Kingman, Arizona after all his possessions and his pants had been stolen.

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He calls Leonard to come and get him. Amy comes along very upset about having not been called by Sheldon and about him never having told her goodbye before he left. Sheldon did not want Amy to know that he had failed in his journey and that she would think less of him, which touched Amy. She told him that it is OK with her that he is not perfect. Still unhappy about his unsuccessful trip, Amy tells him to consider that it was an adventure, which Sheldon accepts.

He now feels confident to take on any changes in his life until he finds out that Penny cut her hair. Amy can be seen smiling that Sheldon does worry about how she feels about him. In " The First Pitch Insufficiency ", Shamy and Lenny go on a double-date where Sheldon is bragging about their relationship is so much better than theirs.

Shamy has an 8. Amy is really enjoying Sheldon comments about how great their relationship is to the point that if she was wearing flag underwear that it would be on fire.

The guys decide to give him the money and were enthusiastic about owning a comic book store. Sheldon talks to Amy saying that he is very excited about this project and if she isn't also excited, it could throw their relationship into jeopardy. Sheldon says "no" so Amy agrees that it is a great idea. After seeing Amy in her prom dress, Sheldon runs off distressed. Later, Amy comes into Sheldon's room and Sheldon tells Amy about his concerns.

Amy gets up to leave saying she doesn't want to miss yet another prom and Sheldon stops her telling her that he really did think she looked pretty. Amy tells Sheldon that it is okay and he didn't have to spend the night with her unless he wanted to she'll always want to and that she just wanted to have a nice time at the prom. She goes on to say that she wants to tell him something and that it was okay if Sheldon didn't feel the same way.

Sheldon responds by saying, "I love you too," shocking Amy. Sheldon further confesses his love saying that there is no other way to describe his feelings for her though he briefly considered it was a brain parasite.

The episode ends with the happy couple taking a picture at the prom photo booth together both looking happy. She also kissed him under the mistletoe when they were Christmas tree shopping.

Sheldon plots revenge against her to make her feel as miserable as he does and hopefully she will never make him celebrate Christmas again. Since they agreed to not exchange gifts, he felt that if he got her the perfect gift, it would make her miserable. He gets his picture taken with Santa Claus and has it enclosed in a picture frame which includes a tender recorded Christmas greeting to Amy. Amy loves it and gives him a gift of some Christmas cookies that his Meemaw used to make.

Sheldon is touched and wonders if Christmas isn't about giving until Raj reaches for one of his cookies. Sheldon admits to Bernadette that he loves Amy and Amy admits her love for Sheldon in front of everyone.

In " The Comic Book Store Regeneration ", Amy develops her own ideas on string theory and discusses them with Barry Kripkewho publishes a paper using her idea with great success. Sheldon is angry because she helped a rival and never helped him when he was working on string theory. Amy felt she was helping a fellow scientist. Sheldon deflects his anger by telling Penny and Leonard that Amy was doing experiments on them and comparing their results to her chimps and making them mad at Amy.

Later, when Penny confronts Amy who was about to see Sheldon for her actions, Sheldon opens the door just in time to see this, and immediately closes it. Sheldon claims to be naked and can't open the door. When he does, Amy gets a good glimpse at him while Penny angrily says "Pull up your pants!

In " The Colonization Application ", Sheldon and Amy decide to take their relationship to the next level, to buy a pet together - a turtle.

While picking one out Sheldon reveals that he has put in an application to be one of the first colonists on Mars. Amy is hurt that he didn't consult first with her since she thought they were planning their future together on the same planet.

Sheldon then asks Amy to join him on his journey to Mars. They start thinking about raising a family and that their kids will be Martians.

Sheldon likes that idea about having kids with neat Martian names. He runs in being chased by the Daleks, tells Amy to set the time circuits and then runs out to retrieve his forgotten sonic screw driver. Amy felt she should have had a better plan. In " The Fortification Implementation ", Amy and Sheldon finally spend the night together, though only as a sleepover in a fort that they built together.

When their date night ended at ten o'clock, Sheldon was having such a good time that he wanted Amy to extend the parameters of date night. After negotiating a G-rated sleepover within the fort, Amy produced a sleepover kit complete with pajamas and toothbrush that she hid under a couch cushion two years previously this kit was just one of the few in the apartment.

Amy stops him thinking that he should be concentrating more on her. Sheldon thinks he is since he truly wants to know her opinion about the show. For a couple of days, he doesn't hear from Amy.

Calling her, Amy is totally exhausted physically and emotionally from being his girlfriend, so she wants to take a break and think about their relationship.

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Surprised and shocked, Sheldon reluctantly agrees and doesn't know what to do with the engagement ring he has for her. In " The Matrimonial Momentum ", after watching Leonard and Penny finally tie the knot, Sheldon asks Amy outright if they are broken up.

She tells him that he hasn't given her enough space to think. He points out to hurry since her eggs have a sell-by date. Insulted and angry, Amy breaks up with him, calling him selfish and immature. She leaves the room and causes the gang to miss the rest of the wedding and leaving only Howard and Stuart. Sheldon is devastated and later calls his mother asking her what he should do with the engagement ring. Mary advised him to hold on to it in case he and Amy work things out.

In " The Separation Oscillation ", Sheldon appears in front of Amy's apartment to return her belongings.

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After that, he records a new episode of " Fun with Flags " which described countries that have broken up making allusions to their breakup. This will make you mad". Amy goes straight to his apartment and demands him to take it down. Sheldon thinks she still has feelings with him because she watched the video, then happily skips down the hall.

In " The Bachelor Party Corrosion ", Penny and Bernadette discovered that she has not changed her Facebook relationship status to single and they told her to call her mom to report her and Sheldon's breakup. In " The Approximation ", Sheldon asks Amy to become his roommate to replace Leonard who moved in with his wife.

She declines; however, she does defend Sheldon when Bernadette calls him a weirdo. Amy still finds him brilliant and insightful. Sheldon is told by the guys that he should trying dating to help move on so he asks the first two women he sees in the sports bar. The blonde doesn't understand his geeky cultural references and the other is her grandmother. The third women reminds him of Emily and looks too much like a clown. Sheldon and Amy awkwardly meet on the stairs and exchange their dating stories.

Amy is shocked when she learns that Sheldon is asking women out to help him move on. Sheldon says good bye leaving Amy shocked and hurt. In the middle of the interview, he brought out the engagement ring he was about to give to Amy surprising everyone. Sheldon afterwards was angry because Penny told that he had emotions about being broken up with Amy and he denied that.

Then, he decided to go to Amy's to ask her to marry him. The episode closed with Amy kissing a date guest-starring Stephen Merchant which Sheldon witnessed, leaving him devastated. Amy's dating history: "I have had six dates with three different people. It was either for dinner or coffee. One I met at a bookstore and two I met online. At end of it, Amy asks Sheldon if she can be his girlfriend again, but he gently declines, telling her he excels at many things, but getting over her isn't one of them, leaving Amy devastated.

In " The Earworm Reverberation ", Sheldon has a song stuck in his head which is driving him crazy. Amy decides to try another date with Dave.

After Sheldon realizes the significance of the song "Darlin" by the Beach Boys and its connection to his feelings for Amy and how she has softened him, he heads over to her apartment. Just as Amy and Dave are about to kiss, Sheldon interrupts. Amy excuses herself and Dave gets excited about meeting him. Amy answers the door and tells Sheldon that it's not a good time. Amy tells him she loves him too. Dave excitedly tells them to kiss, which they do passionately.

Dave excuses himself as he leaves and Shamy continues to kiss. Amy learns from the girls that he is planning on being physical with her.

She rushes off for a bikini wax. That night Sheldon meets her in her apartment with flowers, but without the balloon that got away. Amy isn't very hungry and wants to get to her presents first.

She tells Sheldon that she knows what it is and Sheldon is fine that. In her bedroom, Sheldon notices that Amy is visibly shaking - she admits that although she's wanted this for a long time, she's nervous. Sheldon is also not sure what to expect and gently assures her that they'll figure it out together.

They lean in and share a tender kiss. A few hours later, both are lying in bed naked with satisfied smiles on their faces. Both enjoyed the experience much more than they thought they would. Sheldon plans on doing it again on her birthday next year which is fine with Amy. She thinks that it is a romantic gesture and loves it. Sheldon is reluctant to stand up for Amy in front of his beloved grandmother. He finally does, though, obviously, at the urging of Penny. Amy learns about the engagement ring he got from his Meemaw.

After getting over the shock, she hints to Sheldon about when is she going to get it. Sheldon blows up and tells her to slow down since he has just given her his virginity. In " The Valentino Submergence ", Sheldon adds Amy's name to the "Fun with Flags" show as a Valentine's Day present and because she has become so much a part of his life.

The live show falls apart since Raj and Kripke call in to advice on their love lives. Sheldon finally joins in and talks about the pain he had during his breakup with Amy. He feels because of it, their relationship is even stronger. In " The Celebration Experimentation ", Amy wants to throw him a birthday party because of the wonderful birthday he gave her.

Sheldon agrees, but says that she owes him big. Helping him prepare for the party, she tells him that he looks nice in his suit, but maybe later she can see him in his "birthday suit".

Sheldon thinks that he is wearing his birthday suit. No sex tonight. At the party Amy toasts Sheldon that it is traditional that the birthday boy get the presents, but her greatest present ever was the day he was born. Also she and Leonard argue who should go talk to him after Sheldon runs into the bathroom. Penny goes in to do it. Sheldon never drank milk past the expiration date. Amy never cancelled a dentist appointment.

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Sheldon never put his foot in the ocean. Amy never honked just because she liked something. Sheldon never played or even touched a Frisbee. Amy never put salt on her food before at least tasting it. They both agreed on all these topics showing how much they are alike. Then Sheldon never pushed all the buttons in an elevator. Amy takes a drink with a devilish look on her face. Sheldon's jaw drops, scandalized. Instead of bringing the old laptop to the computer store to get credit for it, Sheldon decides to keep it.

When asked why, he has Amy take him to his storage unit, where she discovers the truth about his hoarding addiction. He then explains that he is unable to throw any of his old belongings away, and that he's too ashamed of it to do something about it. However, Amy explains that she doesn't think less of Sheldon after seeing this, and properly thanks him for admitting such a big secret to her. With Amy's help, Sheldon then throws out one of the things he's been keeping: a golf ball his brother threw at his head though he secretly slips the ball back in the storage unit.

Afterwards, Sheldon skypes Amy using his new laptop, amazed at the resolution and graphics that come with it. In " The Line Substitution Solution ", Stuart learns about people doing favors and errands for others in exchange for money, and is interested in doing so to make up for the low revenue for his comic book store. Sheldon hires Stuart to go shopping with Amy since he doesn't want to, but Amy pays Stuart to yell at Sheldon in response.

Stuart has failed attempt to apologize to Amy for Sheldon with flowers. Amy tells Bernadette that she'll give her five dollars to slam the door in Stuart's face.

Sheldon decides to apologize himself quickly while having a cab waiting downstairs. HE apologizes, but still feels that it's nonsense. In " The Cohabitation Experimentation ", they finally move in together as a part of a five-week experiment suggested by Amy after a plumbing accident renders her apartment uninhabitable.

Sheldon wonders if any comfort he feels from living with Amy could be due to his normal surroundings so they move into a neutral territory - Penny's old apartment. Coitus will be off the table until they see how comfortable their living arrangements work out. After discussing which side of the bed they prefer, they settle in for the night and Amy finds that Sheldon has rough dreams and he pushes her out of the bed onto the floor.

The next morning they argue about whether they should live together. Sheldon is upset that as a scientist that she should not want to continue with their experiment. The science argument obviously turns them on and they adjourn to their apartment to make out. Amy doesn't want to have her life controlled by a bathroom schedule.

Sheldon is experiencing a more relaxed theory while talking in his sleep. Amy assumes that is the stress of planning for their dating to which Amy tells Sheldon to try and relax real which doesn't go well. Finally he does Amy to make all the wedding arrangements. In " The Cast Erosion ", they start out enthusiastically planning their wedding. Jul 11,   Perks of dating a cowboy. Shelton told ET, "I got her a horse and I got myself a horse at the same time. Gwen, she loves riding and she loves horses. It's actually so funny that people are so. Sheldon and Amy or "Shamy" ["ShAmy"] first met when an online dating site paired them up as the perfect match for each other (courtesy of Howard and Raj, who secretly registered Sheldon on a dating site).Although she considered him to be her "kinda-sorta-boyfriend", Sheldon only considered Amy his friend ("She's a girl and she's my friend, but she's not my girlfriend").Gender: Sheldon: Male Amy: Female.

She also wants to share a toothbrush holder with him. Sheldon claims to want them to see others, but admits to Penny that because they have been bickering like his parents, he doesn't want to hurt her like his father did his mother. Sheldon learns to compromise, eliminates the bathroom schedule and asks Amy to share a toothbrush holder making Amy very happy and sending Penny to tears. In " The Fetal Kick Catalyst ", Sheldon first dismisses Amy's request to have company over to their apartment and then he surprises her by preparing a trial brunch and inviting StuartBert from the geology department and Mrs.

Petrescua Romanian who lives downstairs. In " The Veracity Elasticity ", Amy has been lying to Sheldon that her apartment has been ready for two weeks. Sheldon notices that Amy seems to be keeping something from him. Amy admits her lie after Sheldon learns about it through the rest of the gang. Sheldon forgives her and agrees to consider keep living with her. After returning and reaching the hallway between the two apartments, Sheldon is puzzled whether to go into 4B to be with Amy or return to 4A comparing it to the classical problem Buridan's Donkey.

Amy comes by wondering what he was doing, discusses Buridan with him and then goes into 4B. Sheldon gets involved in the discussion and then follows Amy to live wither, perhaps permanently.

When he can't decide whether to go into 4A or 4B, Amy discusses his dilemma on an intellectual level and he follows her into 4B. Problem solved. Amazed by the results, Sheldon decides on having their annual intercourse now to make an actual baby, but Amy isn't too thrilled by the idea at that time and rebuffs him. Sheldon then immediately starts trying to seduce her in every way he can. Although Amy manages to avoid Sheldon, there is a silver lining for him; he succeeded in turning her on.

In " The Birthday Synchronicity ", Bernadette has a false alarm trip to the hospital before she has her baby interrupting both Lenny and Shamy who are trying to have sex. It is Amy's birthday so it time for their annual coital activities. Later they both go to Harry Potter World returning with Amy thinking that Sheldon is too tired for sex. He considers their trip to be foreplay and they both run into their apartment. In " The Holiday Summation ", Shamy visits Mary Cooper in Texas where Sheldon is reluctant to tell her that they are living together due to her religious beliefs.

Sheldon is surprised that she couldn't be happier for them and also learns that his mother thought he would never find anyone. Sheldon goes off and rebels dressing like an idiot and getting an earring. Amy also learns that even though Mary likes her, she does think that Amy is weird. Sheldon and Amy's farewell which starts in a make-out session and ends with them trying to top each other on how much each loves the other really bothers Penny, who is questioning the romance in her marriage.

In " The Locomotion Reverberation ", Amy has a fantasy that Sheldon is a train conductor and he pours water all over his forehead because he's drenched in sweat. Amy is awoken from her fantasy when Sheldon tells her the light is green.

In " The Allowance Evaporation ", Amy learns from Bert that Sheldon has told several people Leonard, Howard, Raj, Kripkeand a cafeteria lunch lady at the university that they only have coitus once a year. She is quite shocked to learn this news and almost chokes on her drink hearing it. Sheldon needs to know what should stay intimate between them. Sheldon makes up a chart of Zones of Privacy and promises not to discuss initiate issues or bathroom practices with other people though by the end of the episode he does disclose publicly where Amy is in her menstrual cycle.

Beverly Hofstadter for help since he is having trouble of accepting the fact that someone else is taking his room. Beverly says that Sheldon has insecurities about his relationship with Amy and needs his room as an escape hatch for their relationship. Amy retorts that their relationship is sound, but realizes his need for a backup plan.

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In " The Collaboration Fluctuation ", Sheldon and Amy begin working together on using the Copenhagen Interpretation for a neurobiology concept. Although it starts off with frequent rotations between respect and arguing, they still manage to make their partnership work even though they do their best work when they argue. In " The Gyroscopic Collapse ", Amy gets offered a summer fellowship at Princeton University that Sheldon insists that she take thus supporting her contribution to science.

Ramona Norwitzi returns to Caltech and tries to get Sheldon into a romantic relationship. Sheldon realizes he wants to be together with Amy forever, leading him to run off to see Amy after Ramona kisses him, and then he pulls out the ring he's had since at least the season 8 finale. The episode ends with him asking her to marry him and her expecting to say yes which she possibly does. Amy is. Ramona Nowitzki kissed Sheldon, but is excited when she learns that that caused Sheldon to realized that Amy was the only woman he wanted to kiss for the rest of his life.

After ending his call, Amy accepts the proposal and they happily embrace. Sheldon proceeds to finish packing for his flight home, but Amy convinces him to stay so he could meet her colleagues.

That night during dinner with Amy's colleagues, he, as always, wants to be the center of attention. Amy explains how rude he was and then using an Avenger analogy, he tells her that they are a couple and he will have be a cameo in their life sometimes.

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He flies back to Pasadena so that Amy can experience the pleasure of her work and the adulation of her colleagues. In " The Relaxation Integration ", Sheldon sends out 80 save the date announcements to cover all possible dates until he finds the perfect one not hear a birthday or important date. Sheldon is experiencing a more relaxed personality while talking in his sleep. Amy assumes that is the stress of planning for their wedding to which Amy tells Sheldon to try and relax more which doesn't go well.

Finally he tells Amy to make all the wedding arrangements. In " The Confidence Erosion ", they start out enthusiastically planning their wedding together. First they split up the various decisions randomly and then start to fight about each other's choices.

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Amy suggests that maybe they should just elope and Sheldon remarks that he is free the next day. They get their license at city hall. Amy is fine with no formal wedding, but when their names are called, Sheldon doesn't want to do it.

He wants a first dance with his new wife and they go off hand-in-hand to plan the Shamy wedding; after Sheldon gets a permit for hazardous wastes as long as they are at city hall.

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Though excited about it, Amy doesn't find it very tasty and both of them end up with food poisoning. She is even less interested in having their annual birthday coitus the next day.

Amy wonders how they can do it without hurting their friends' feelings. Sheldon suggests that they break the jobs down into individual tasks, test their friends and let the test results decide the outcome.

Amy likes that it eliminates their responsibility for choosing. When Howard realizes what is going on, all their friends decide that they don't want to be in the wedding. Bernadette likes the objective way they were choosing and still wants to be her maid of honor since Amy was Bernadette's. At the same time Penny realizes that Amy has become her best friend and challenges her that she should be the maid of honor.

Since Penny admits to them being best friends, she gets very excited and Penny is now her maid of honor. Earlier Leonard told Sheldon that he should just choose his best man, and Sheldon does choose him.

In the first, Sheldon moved into his old room to work at night and not bother Amy which drove Leonard crazy because Sheldon was being considerate. Secondly, Amy had an invitation to appear on the new Professor Proton show which she didn't want to accept since it would bother Sheldon.

He still let her do it, though Sheldon let out his frustration by yelling up on the roof. In " The Comet Polarization " Sheldon is enthusiastic about Stuart 's new assistant Denise and her knowledge of comic books. Jealous Amy goes down to the comic book store and demands that Denise educate her so that it looks like Amy is interested in comic books.

When Sheldon returns to their apartment, Amy wants to discuss her new DC book, but Sheldon is too exhausted from talking about comic books thus ending Amy's project. They get the venue, but Kripke has selected the date they wanted. At the end of the episode, they were looking at possibly having their wedding at the planetarium. She originally doesn't like their idea of their party - tea and making quilts so they then decide to go to a bar and get drunk.

Sheldon goes off to meet a scientist, Doctor Wolcottin a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and he says that this was not his bachelor party. He enjoys spending time in the cabin at first, but then realizes that he misses Amy In " The Monetary Insufficiency ", Amy and the girls go shopping for wedding dresses. Amy picks one that doesn't look too appealing, but Sheldon says she looks beautiful and she decides to keep the dress.

In " The Bow Tie Asymmetry ", Sheldon is excited about marrying Amy, but worried about how perfect his bow tie will look.

Amy says that there is beauty in asymmetry. While getting ready for the ceremony, his mother says that even imperfections can make something perfect. These comments make Sheldon rethink his string theory calculations delaying the wedding while Sheldon and Amy work on inventing super asymmetry. Leonard joins them causing Penny to go ballistic and get them moving.

Both sets of vows bring Mark Hamill to tears. Amy told Sheldon that she knew there was something between them as soon as they met in the coffee shop. Sheldon tells her that he is just overwhelmed by her. The production company released the alternate ending to " The Bow Tie Asymmetry " episode which contained the Stephen Hawking tribute showing the Coopers married.

Amy changed her style no plaids, hair up and they were happy together. In the "Young Sheldon" finale, the adult Sheldon said that he and Amy had children. When season 12 started, Amy was back to wearing her normal wardrobe.

In " The Conjugal Configuration ", the newlyweds wake up very happy together at their honeymoon hotel overlooking Legoland. Amy gets frustrated when Sheldon wants to schedule everything including their sex. Sheldon admits that he has problems with intimacy and that he schedules it so he will not forget.

Amy finally says that he can, just don't tell her the schedule so that it seems like it's spontaneous. After she makes a comment about computers and random numbers, Sheldon gets turned on and drags her back to the hotel.

They over analyze what it is and go on a scavenger hunt ending up at the coffee shop that they first met.

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In the shop's lost and found they find a locket and a pair of sunglasses again over analyzing their meaning thinking that Leonard and Penny have given them the most wonderful gift. Sheldon then scrambles their WiFi password so the Hofstadters can also have a great experience. Sheldon is also thinking about giving the crystal dagger to Raj for his wedding thus completing the cycle. Sheldon gets President Siebert to assign someone else to her project which infuriates Amy.

Not only is she mad at Sheldon, but, one of her worse fears is to have herself lost in their marriage. Losing her projects is that nightmare come true. It's not about him. She talked him up, but that is how the article came out and she says that she didn't write the article title. Meeting with the two scientists that no nothing about their theory, only that others had told them they had accidentally proved the projected results of the theory. They were more interested in seeing " Ellen " taped.

Later they stated that only three team members can be submitted to the Nobel committee and they want Amy dropped since she isn't a physicist. The university supports their people and will put in their own submission with just Sheldon and Amy as the discoverers. Amy is willing to drop out if it means her husband can fulfill his dream. In " The Conference Valuation ", Leonard and the guys spend the weekend at Wolowitz's playing board games and conducting development tests on Howard's kids.

Leonard has some deja vu because he sees that Sheldon treats the kids the same way Beverly treated him, testing him all the time. Amy also plots to get Sheldon interested into having children.

In " The Laureate Accumulation ", the Coopers are trying to get some Nobel winners on their side to counter their rivals' publicity tour. No one is interested because Sheldon has insulted everyone in the scientific community. First they send cookies to various prospects and then with Leonard and Penny's help they get invited to a university receptions.

Their rivals show up and instead of the volatile Sheldon, Amy lashes out in front of their guests calling them imposters. In " The Inspiration Deprivation ", after Amy's outburst at the university reception Sheldon and Amy are hauled into Human Resources and told to keep their traps shut.

Also Amy is told how much she will be an inspiration to women everywhere interested in science. Amy is very rattled about being an important role model. To calm down she and Sheldon spend an hour in a sensory deprivation tank.

Sheldon is relaxed, but Amy has a nightmare about disappointing women. Finally she returns to Human Resources saying that she accepts the role, but also should not be silenced since he is capable to deliver the message. Pemberton finds evidence that he plagiarized his doctorate thesis.

Sheldon and Amy do not want to win by discrediting a colleague; however, Leonard does get the evidence from Kripke. The Coopers hand the evidence over to Dr. Pemberton, which shocks Dr. The get into a fight and Dr. Campbell realizes it on the Internet getting Dr. Pemberton fired.

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Later Dr. Campbell wants to join Sheldon and Amy on their team, but is turned down. Kripke gives then a fake phone call calling them suckers. Amy then gets the call and quietly says that they won. Sheldon can't believe her so Leonard slaps him and then they all shout excitedly and have a big hug together.

Sheldon has a hard time dealing with the fame and attention from his colleagues and reporters. Penny reminds him how much he's changed in the last twelve years and that the fact of change is really the constant. Sheldon accepts that.

When Penny returned from drinking with Sheldon at The Cheesecake Factory, they hopped into bed without "wrapping" something.

Penny seems happy, but is unsure about the whole baby thing. Sheldon and Amy pay for their clothes, ticket and hotels so they can all attend the Nobel Prize ceremony. While at the tailor's, Amy was delighted when Penny's dress had to be let out, though she didn't even realize that Penny's pregnant. Sheldon notices that Penny was quite sick on the plane, so the secret comes out and he is glad he won't get sick.

Leonard is mad that Sheldon doesn't congratulate them and the Hofstadters say they are heading home. Penny is very sick and claims that she has to be there for Amy. At the ceremony Sheldon puts aside his self-centered speech and realizes that his achievement isn't just his, but also his family and friends who encouraged him and tolerated him.

Sheldon introduces his friends to the world and tells them how much he loves them. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Sheldon and Amy's first kiss. Sheldon becoming Amy's snuggle bunny. Sheldon and Amy at his apartment. Sheldon buying Amy tepid water during their first meeting. Sheldon and Amy's "reconciliation" as provoked by Sheldon's mother. Amy reading out the terms in the Relationship Agreement as Sheldon prepares his notary stamps.

Sheldon and Amy make fun of Brian Greene during one of their outings. Amy puckers up so that Sheldon can experiment kissing with her. Sheldon and Amy's first hand-holding, a result of Amy grabbing Sheldon's hand for experimentation. Amy points out that despite Sheldon's intelligence, his emotional intelligence is no different than that of normal people. Amy wants Sheldon to kiss her where she has never been kissed before in return for a favor from her. Sheldon and Amy's first meeting.

Sheldon and Amy's first big fight revolving around whose field of study is more superior leading to their "break-up". Amy manages to convince Sheldon to engage in a social science experiment regarding the spreading of rumors. Sheldon and Amy's first dance together. Sheldon gives away his cats with the help of Amy after the two reconciled with the help from Sheldon's mother. Amy has a cage available for Sheldon's usage as a result of one of the monkeys slipping on a banana peel and breaking its neck.

Sheldon and Amy playing Counterfactuals with Leonard. Sheldon shows Amy his list of mortal enemies. Despite the awkwardness and the hesitance, Sheldon readily becomes Amy's "Cuddles". Sheldon pulls off one of his famous Bazinga moments at Amy. Mary Cooper uses reverse psychology to reconcile Sheldon and Amy. Amy assures Sheldon that he is not screwed and that she has not fallen head over heels in love with him. Amy tries to get Sheldon to go "second base" as they are cuddling, much to his dismay.

Sheldon and Amy on their date after becoming an official couple at The Cheesecake Factory. Sheldon and Amy's second kiss. Amy loves the tiara. Amy thinks Sheldon is shallow and self-centered. Sheldon and Amy dress up as they record Sheldon's Internet show. Sheldon and Amy on "Fun with Flags". Amy lets Sheldon count for spores. Sheldon begins his vacation by working with Amy. Sheldon says biologists are mean, much to Amy's chagrin. Amy continues her work as Sheldon had to wash the beakers.

Sheldon, Amy and Lovey-Dovey. Sheldon and Amy with Howard. You promised to go to my great-aunt's birthday party.

Sheldon tries to back out on his words to attend Amy's Aunt Flora's birthday party. Sheldon and Amy get ready to go to her aunt's party. Sheldon begs Amy to let him join the online gaming marathon.

Amy is not happy with Sheldon's plan to continue gaming at her aunt's party. Sheldon and Amy's date night at her apartment. Sheldon is pleasantly surprised at what Amy has prepared for him for dinner.

Sheldon gets Amy to wear a Star Trek medical uniform. Sheldon creates a huge progress in his relationship with Amy, by initiating their hand-holding. Second anniversary date. A happy Amy's hand is held by Sheldon. Howard stares in wonder about this couple. Amy meets Sheldon and likes what she sees.

Playing Counter Factuals - a game only they can play since they need to know how the other thinks. Amy giving Sheldon advice. Sheldon and Amy in his kitchen. Picking out their Halloween costumes. The characters from "Blossom" are one option. Sheldon and Amy cannot seem to agree with each other.

Sheldon playing with Stephen Hawking. Discussing meeting Amy's mother. Trying to sneak by Amy. Playing their game "Counter Factuals".

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Amy getting ready for some treatment from Sheldon. Amy comforting an upset Sheldon. Amy thanks him for the tiara. Sheldon holding Amy's hand for the first time. Amy's reaction to Sheldon's Spider-Man "statement from the heart". Amy discussing moving in with Sheldon. Penny is why we can't be happy.

Amy happy about moving in with her boyfriend. Amy wants to help Sheldon. Working on Sheldon's obsessions. Discussing their relationship.

Sheldon asks Amy to be his girlfriend. Sheldon and a drunken Amy dancing together. Sheldon and Amy enjoying time together. Sheldon and Amy spying on Penny. Amy demonstrating the new language she invented. Amy insisting that Penny wouldn't cheat on Leonard. Shamy watching "Raiders of the Lost Ark" together. Amy's comment drops Sheldon's jaw, so Amy closes his mouth. Sheldon pointing out the Indiana Jones character. Discussing the movie they just watched.

The horrors of human childbirth. Sheldon telling Amy that she can take him home now. Both reacting to a kitten in a teacup. You can't work at Caltech. Late at night, Sheldon apologizing to Amy. Sheldon realizes that his great discovery is wrong. Amy dreaming about Sheldon kissing her.

Feb 04,   Sheldon Riley's Girlfriend. Sheldon Riley is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Sheldon had at least 1 relationship in the past. Sheldon Riley has not been previously engaged. He is from Sydney, Australia. According to our records, he has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Sheldon keeps his personal and love life Nationality: Australian.

In "The Proton Displacement" episode. Why don't you go get us a couple of beers? Ain't she a great gal? Showing up for Thanksgiving dinner. Playing trains with Wil Wheaton. Sheldon doesn't want to go to Wolowitz's. Saving souvenirs for the Smithsonian after his great discovery. Amy not happy with Sheldon. Both reacting to random pictures. You can't come to work with me. Watching "Little House on the Prairie. Amy closing Sheldon's mouth after his jaw drops after being surprised.

Shamy spying on Penny. A new language Amy made up. Sheldon's humor research is driving Amy crazy. Sheldon asking Amy if every word in the dictionary is funny. Valentine's Day will be on a vintage train car. Discussing Valentine's Day. They like their first kiss together.

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Sheldon kisses a surprised Amy. Sheldon leans into his first kiss of Amy. Staring into Amy's eyes. You blinked! Sheldon drinking wine to be romantic. Amy thinking about watching Howard and Bernadette having sex. Amy smiling at Sheldon. Amy backing up Sheldon. Reviewing their relationship termination. From overcoming hard times together and collaborating on romantic duets to dealing with constant wedding rumors, here's a look at how one of the cutest couples in music came together.

Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter. After 13 years together, the rocker couple ended their marriage soon after Shelton and Lambert. Their joint statement read, "While the two of us have come to the mutual decision that we will no longer be partners in marriage, we remain partners in parenthood and are committed to jointly raising our three sons in a happy and healthy environment. The pair lean on each other during mutual hard times, relating through the struggle of divorce.

A source told E! Oklahoma native Shelton gives Stefani a horse for her birthday. Perks of dating a cowboy.

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Gwen, she loves riding and she loves horses. It's actually so funny that people are so shocked by that, but if you can name me one girl on the planet that doesn't love horses or just thinks that they are beautiful. Look at my fancy fringe!!

Gwen performed at the event and wowed in red. Who else on earth could understand going through a high-profile divorce from another musician? Ellen asks Gwen point blank about wedding plans, and the smitten singer simply giggles along saying, "I'll let you know.

She gushes through the entire interview, and it's cute. They found each other at really interesting times in their lives. It's really beautiful. Because it's in the public eye, a lot of people want to have their own bullshit opinions about it, but I'm, like, there.

I see it every day. I have a pretty unique perspective on it, and it's real, man. You can never convince him to do it.

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