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Cavanagh-Dobbs, Inc. John Cavanagh, Ltd. Hat Corporation of America. Champ Hats. Sunfast Hats.

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Made the old-fashioned way using traditional techniques, these boots are handcrafted with the finest leather and built to last. Authentic and durable, Stetson clothing and accessories are designed for a life of adventure. Gather inspiration from those who embody the pioneering spirit of Stetson.

Multidisciplinary Illustrator Nathan Yoder shares more about the process of creating the newly refreshed Stetson crest.

In Season is a shared creative culinary venture that provides high quality, organic and locally sourced nourishment to gatherings under the Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Teton Valley, Idaho by Franny and Blaine.

Each Stetson celebrates over years of craftmanship and genuine American heritage. Shop Western Hats Shop Outdoor Hats Shop Trucker Caps Shop Straw Hats Legendary Boots Go the distance in these classic boots. Fit for gentlemen and cowboys alike with a strong sense of adventure. Stetson outdoor hats provide protection from the elements, durability, and a touch of style on any adventure. Shop Mesh Safari Hat, Kelso Hat, and many more outdoor styles! Now we will take a look at how Stetson company logos and crests and the liners inside their hats changed over the decades and how these points can also be used as a dating tool. Stetson outdoor hats provide protection from the elements, durability, and a touch of style on any adventure. Shop Mesh Safari Hat, Kelso Hat, and many more outdoor styles!

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Essential Gear Made Easy Sometimes simplicity is its own reward Explore the world renowned difference in our Western hats, boots, and apparel. Shop Best Sellers. Why was placed before is a matter open for debate.

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Perhaps is when the address was removed from hat liners, or perhaps and continued for a little while longer in the tips. Perhaps Dobbs had gotten burned with so many address changes in just a few years' time, but whatever the reason, they dropped the addresses entirely from the liner tips, which simplified liner production for the foreseeable future.

This decade saw some new crests featured in liner tips. Most common as the simplified crest with no address. This example from is probably representative of a common Dobbs crest in the early part of the decade.

NOTE: This same basic crest continued in production hats from the s through today, so hats utilizing this crest need to be dated through other means, most likely the interior factory label. This Derby liner example is embroidered. Embroidered labels show up occasionally on hats through the s. This variation is from It would show up again in the earlys, though with a plastic liner-tip.

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It also has a variant of the lineless label. One easy way to tell a hat from the summer of until the end of May is by addition of the National Recovery Administration NRA label, featuring the famous blue eagle.

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This New Deal program, as it relates to our hatting history, involved the government convincing the industries, corporations, and businesses of America to agree to minimum wages for workers, and for our hats, price floors on items manufactured and sold.

Long story short, the law that created the NRA was found unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court on May 27,and price floors and labels were no longer applied to goods.

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Here is an example of an NRA label in a Cavanagh soft felt hat, but all Hat Corporation of America hats subject to the price control should feature the same or similar label. If you have one of these labels in your hat, then congratulations, you've narrowed the manufacturing window to as close as you'll be able to get it without something like a verified sales receipt!

On April 12,Dobbs began using a roundel design in some liner tips. This is from the trademark filing. What is unknown is if the standard crest also continued during this time in some capacity.

The examples shown here are from the first style of roundel. The roundel would change slightly around Sometime around quite possibly latesHat Corporation of America began their push for standardization of all factory labeling.

s-s Higher Priced Liner Tips. Dobbs hats costing $20 or higher featured a different liner tip with the Dobbs crest sitting below the large Lions and Dobbs "D" emblem. These usually had oilskin tip protectors instead of plastic, even into the s. These perhaps showed up in the lates.

A transitional type of label is shown following the Roundel below. This may have lasted into at leastas an example exists of one that mentions a price ceiling on a price tag.

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The Dobbs name positioned on a upward slant and debossed into the leather of sweatbands is a common denominator throughout the entire history of Dobbs hats, and isn't as useful to help in dating, but will be briefly covered here for reference purposes. This style is common from until sometime around WWII. A far less-common treatment on sweatbands in the s and s has the Dobbs name debossed with gold.

This does not show up very often.

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Black leather sweatbands are also quite rare prior to the lates. The upward-slanted Dobbs debossment is not as common in the s and s, and only slightly more common in the s.

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It did not replace the downward-slanted debossment. Although all Dobbs hats had a model name in catalogs and advertisements, only a select few ever had the name inside the hat somewhere.

It could be printed on the liner, as with the Game Bird and the Rainbow see Part II for photosjust for a couple of examples, but it often was included in the debossment, as seen here. There are very slight differences in the exact shapes of the letters and depth of embossing over the years, but I don't know that we have enough information to necessarily pin down any changes due to differences the dies.

This is also when the first oilskin tip protectors show up. Hat Corporation of America standardized their factory labels across all of the lines right around This standardized label continued for the rest of the decade until about One difference on some s labels is the inclusion of the patent number for a new finishing process, patented October 25,by John Garvan Cavanagh, son of John J.

They also feature the descriptors for each number, unlike the previous examples. The descriptors may mark a distinction in time and be used for dating purposes, but I need to collect more data.

Oct 17,   Dating Vintage Stetsons by Liner: A Field Guide Discussion in 'Hats Photos of Johnnyphi Stetson Liners I went through and "tagged" all of the Stetson liners on my Photobucket album, so you can view all of the liners at the same time, in the same place. Here is the link. Apr 07,   Here's a hat with a dating problem: all indicators point to an early 50s tweener, with a 40s liner (stars) but 50s sweat (maple leaf). It is also a Royal Deluxe Stetson (later), rather than a Royal Stetson Deluxe (earlier). The final and simplest date indicator . Need help identifying and dating this Stetson hat.

Both examples are show below. Hat Corporation of America did their part in the war effort by manufacturing uniforms caps for the U. Evidence suggests the possibility that at some point during World War II Dobbs changed from the Roundel and went back to the standard Dobbs crest. Officer caps from this period feature both crests. There may be some overlap, though seems a reasonable point to give to the end of the Roundel. Here are two U. Army officer caps with different crests.

It was designed to create price ceilings for similar products among various manufacturers within an industry.

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So, Hat Corporation of America, Stetson, Lee, and other hat manufacturers would agree on which hats among their various lines were similar, and abide by a fixed-price ceiling for these hats.

XX Sec. Many manufacturers declined to followed the OPA recommendations, and dropped the use of the label by Here are two examples, one a label from a Dobbs Boater note the standard crest and the other the remnants of a label from a s Dobbs Derby with a Roundel tip sticker that has the Price Ceiling listed. There appears to have once been a consumer-removable portion with the pertinent OPA information, and was removed long ago.

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Kind of like mattress tags, in a way. By the late s the Dobbs name could be debossed in gold, typically on a textured sweatband, and this lasted until the early s.

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It was usually associated with a hat model with some longevity, and thus featured the model name below the Dobbs imprint. The debossed Dobbs Coach made its sweatband debut right around the lates.

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Originally it was a plain debossing, like most Dobbs hats. Also note the Guild Edge debossment.

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Guild Edge was the name Dobbs eventually settled on for a Cavanagh Edge, and was first used on hats in By the time of the Korean War in the earlys, Dobbs debossed the Coach in gold. The later logos do not feature as deep of a debossment as the earlier ones, nor the crisp gold edges.

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This example is from The decade of the s saw the standardized factory labels change again as new printing equipment was put into use. These labels were used across all of the lines of Hat Corporation of America until sometime afterwhen the label changed slightly. Exactly when these were first used is unknown, but they used on OPS marked hats see below for OPS informationand thus circa is a reasonable estimate.

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