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Email address:. Taurus natives are undeniably one of the most attractive individuals on the Zodiac, and rightly so. Masculinity and security, this is what almost all women are looking for, and a Taurus is that, and more. Beyond the rational and practical approach to worldly matters, they are quite sentimental and affectionate at times, impulsive and aggressive at other times. Natives of true valor and virtue, they know how to take care and protect the people they hold dear, even in the greatest storms and conflicts.

The Taurean is incredibly grounded and can see situations objectively.

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Underneath that tough, composed exterior is a hidden layer of sensitivity. Taureans are authentic and cannot disguise their disgust in phony company.

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Majestic and serene at peace; angered and unwavering if opposed. A Taurus knows exactly what they want.

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The unyielding, temperamental bull will quarrel until they get their point across. The Taurus quality is fixed and those born under this sign are not fond of change or being rushed.

Taureans take their time and are extremely cautious of romantic entanglement, because they plays for keeps.

One must be patient if they want to last with a Taurus.

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As bulls can be incredibly sluggish, a Taurus only trails after the one they find worthy and capable of everlasting love. If a Taurus picks up their hooves to chase after you in an attempt to win your heart, consider yourself blessed.

They only spend time grazing in pastures they could spend forever in.

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A good connection can quickly turn into lost reception if their lover is only after a casual affair. Those who are a Taurus are demanding and jealous at times, but that is only because of their undying loyalty.

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In intimate relationships, they are even more determined and stuck on going all out and taking things to an end. Very loyal and trustworthy individuals who will challenge the whole world for loved ones, Taurus hold their principles in very high regard.

Things to know before dating a taurus

And why would they even change after all? Thus, in general, they prefer doing things of their own accord and by means of their own, without any outside help. Having your plans ruined because of something udoursim.comedictable is not as enjoyable as it might seem, and the Taurus fully knows that.

This native may be a turtle when it comes to fully committing to a relationship, but that is because they are looking for someone specific, worthy to be more exact. If and when they do show interest and start to up their game, it can be said that the deal is as good as sealed. Because of the pretty strict standards and conditions, it can be hard to find someone truly perfect in that regard, but not impossible.

In bed, Taurus are pretty diverse and passionate, never letting things unfinished or untaken care of, if you know what I mean.

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Taurus are generally people of great taste and even greater appetite. They enjoy life at the maximum and want to find comfort and pleasure in everything.

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It is then evident that nothing intrigues them more than giving them a royal treatment, red carpet and all. So, to truly impress a Taurus, you yourself have to be a refined individual that settles for nothing less than the best. Some caviar, a bottle of Dom Perignon and a classy restaurant will make sure that not only will she start looking at you differently, but even consider marrying you.

It probably comes as no surprise that Taurus natives are not big fans of social events and flashy parties.

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Being in the center of attention or being in the spotlight was never their idea of fun, and so they prefer am more quiet and tranquil environment.

Meetings with close friends, weekends spent together with the family, or even individual trips are all preferable to them.

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If you are expecting a Taurus to worry about their outfit before a party or feel anxious about speaking in public - that simply just won't happen. They don't sweat the small stuff. There is a downside to this boisterous behaviour however as they often forget about the feelings of those around them.

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You will find they say or do things that upset other people, but you won't be hearing an apology anytime soon from a Taurus as they just find others over-sensitive. Alongside refusing to apologize if they have hurt your feelings, you will slowly begin to realize just how stubborn a Taurus can be. Dealing with their stubbornness will be tough at first, until eventually you work out your own way of making them see things differently.

Dealing with a Taurus who refuses to listen to anyone but themselves will at times become emotionally exhausting, but after you have mastered your new negotiating skills you will be much calmer and creative when approaching a disagreement. Another positive is stubborn people are often successful at being strong-willed and this is a personality trait all great business leaders possess.

Always keep your promises - especially when you are dating a Taurus. If you say you are going to be somewhere at a certain time then don't stand them up, or face never being forgiven. A true Taurus would rarely hand out a second chance.

When you break a promise, this communicates to your Taurus that you don't value them or that you have put something before their needs. Simply put - their fragile egos just can't handle the let down.

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They won't be compatible with a Leo or a Libra, as these are the two star signs that are most likely to break a promise. You will never have to wonder if a Taurus likes you because when they set their sights on something they stop at nothing to get it.

Most people who fall under this sign actually enjoy this part of dating and become more interested when there is a chase involved.


If your date messages you, don't answer straight away, instead wait around an hour and then message back - this will drive them crazy wondering what you're up to. You can keep a Taurus stimulated by always presenting them with a challenge.

Whether it's chasing you in the beginning, or later in the relationship enjoying an outdoor activity day, they love an opportunity to prove they can accomplish things.

When you're dating a Taurus, this is a better time than ever to know how to pour wine correctly, which cheese pairs with which drink and what fork to use first for an evening dinner. A true Taurus enjoys the finer things in life and they hate sloppiness. If you're planning on choosing a good restaurant for your date, always opt for a place where the waiting staff are attentive, the menu is seasonal, the music is set just loud enough so you can still hear each other talk and the lighting is low.

Anywhere too vibrant and jumping will put your Taurus date right off their meal.

Things to know before dating a taurus man - If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you. Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man. Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. Jul 11,   A Taurus is happiest when they're surrounded by a small social circle of friends and family, good food and drink, and good conversation. Small dinner parties are the ideal date for them as long as all the people, food, and discourse is high-quality. 7. Good food is absolutely the way to a .

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