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This is it. I made it a bucket list challenge to spend one year reaching into the depths of my soul to answer all of these, sometimes difficult, thought provoking questions that are designed to inspire self-discovery, empowerment and happiness. Will you take the challenge? When I compare myself to people, it is usually the ones that have acquired something that I desire. I am excited every time I am planning to have a new experience.

What is your absolute favorite food? Who's your biggest role model? What's your biggest pet peeve?

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If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you'd do with the money? Is there anywhere else you would love to live, other than here? Are you a morning or a night person? What's your favorite thing about your job? What's your least favorite thing about your job? Do you have a busy week coming up? What combination of toppings makes your perfect pizza?

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Depending on the above, what is your signature drink? What is the most thoughtful gift you've ever received? Does your family still live in your hometown? If you could be any person for a day, who would it be? What do you feel most passionate about?

What's something you've been really proud of lately? What's something you've always wanted to try? What do you like about dating? What is your least favorite thing about dating? What's something you're bad at? Who in your family are you closest to? What's your favorite holiday? What's one of your favorite childhood memories?

What is your favorite thing to cook? What's your favorite piece of clothing that you own? What is something you are financially saving up for? What's a New Year's resolution you'd like to stick to? What is a job you would never do? What is your absolute dream job? What fact about you would surprise me the most?

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Do you consider yourself spontaneous, or a planner? What's the most spontaneous thing you've ever done? Who's your favorite sports team? What quality for you is an automatic "no way" when pursuing someone in a relationship? How would your best friends describe you? Do you prefer salty snacks, or dessert? What is the best single piece of advice you've ever received? What do you wish your 20 year old self would have known? If you could travel back and live in any period of time, when would it be?

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

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What is a tradition your family had when you were a kid? What do you like most about where you live? What was the worst job you've ever had? When you were a kid, what did you hope to do when you grew up?

What is one skill you wish you could be better at? Do you have a big group of friends? If your life was a movie, who would play you? I would be looking down on you sending you angels of happiness for you and your girls. Brad Pitt in Mr. The end of the path. I have trained my mind to be in present moment, so visualizing what I want my long-term future to look like is extremely difficult. My next major travel adventure, which will be to Spain and Morocco.

Right now, I am completely obsessed with the planning of this amazing experience, because it builds the anticipation. When I was younger I had a serious panic attack that sent me to the emergency room. They hooked me up to machines to monitor my heart and I had a hard time controlling my fear, thinking I was on the verge of death.

I am now grateful for this experience because it taught me a huge lesson about controlling stress and anxiety. My best girlfriend, who has a full-time job and raises two young girls on her own. She has been through some serious trauma that would have broken most people, but still believes in trusting, love and the pursuit of a happy life.

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There would be an oversized picnic table planted in the sand on the beach. In most cases, I believe there is no reward without the risk. It has definitely been a labor of love.

Apr 18,   Our thought provoking questions to ask a girl are, as the name implies, designed to elicit some deep thoughts and uncover truths about someone's life and beliefs. Whether you are using them on a date or to get to know a friend better, you will find many of these questions lead to long, interesting conversations. Make sure you pick the perfect.

I am also proud of the incline in readership to my blog. Both instances have proved that passion perseveres. Maybe you are all quicker learners than me, but I did believe in trusting all people. Though, I do still believe in trusting until you are proven untrustworthy, I am cautious with who I share my private life with. You would think that is a bad thing, but on the contrary it made me stronger to rely on my own intuition. The day my niece was born, I was ecstatic for my brother and sister-in-law to finally have all their dreams come true.

My mother would never have known what it was to have a daughter, my husband would have never eaten lambs brain and that some people would have never started a bucket list or stepped out of the box. Eminem - Lose Yourself - Every time I listen to it it makes me believe that I am in charge of my own destiny and I CAN do anything I set my mind to, if I take the opportunities that are presented to me.

Dedicate myself to taking one step everyday setting up my business to run remotely; staff the right employees, create systems that are easy enough to use for anyone and write down all the recipes. Because, due to their passion and dedication, they have become leaders in their fields and accomplished things we wish we could.

I believe that being angry is a choice, so I try not to do it too often. With that said, this concept severely challenges me when people are mean for absolutely no other reason than they are unhappy people. That there is no substitute for hard work. They taught me to not just expect good fortune, but to work for it. Love, for me, is when in your heart you want nothing more than that person to be happy, even at the expense of your own happiness.

Also, when you feel a sense of mutual trust, respect and a connection that goes way deeper than those of acquaintances. Puppy breath, cappuccinos in the morning, sand in my toes, eating tiramisu for breakfast, trying something new, happy hours and cuddling with the warm laundry.

Stop worrying about the stuff that is not important in the grand scheme of life. I spent way too much of my precious time concerned about how others felt about me and fretting over things in the future that probably would never happen. Life has been so much easier since letting go. For the most part, the only person that I now try to impress is myself. I am consistently pushing my life to the limits, continue to learn, take opportunities when they present themselves and have created a life filled with everyday adventure.

There have been times when I want to pat myself on the back for a job well done. When I was young, I got a splinter in my finger that I could not get out. My neighbor told me that if I left it in there it would turn into a peanut. I believed him for the next five years. I have definitely said some non-intentional, mindless things that have hurt the people that I care about. This usually ends up making me feel worse than them in the long run.

I have also made a couple of boys cry by ending our relationships, but not in a mean-spirited way, just by being honest. How can I run a successful blog and restaurant at the same time? What steps do I need to take in order to do so.

Anything spectacular; true love, a fine meal, an amazing adventure, a first kiss. I wish that after I graduated high school or college that I took a year off to backpack around the world. I do love where I live, but it is my dream to spend every other month in a different country to experience the culture.

The thought of creating something deliciously fabulous that my customers will enjoy eating that day. Last night, I do wish I went to bed at instead of Feeling it this morning. My greatest strength is my seemingly never-ending motivation, but my greatest weakness is tackling too many goals at once.

When my little niece came for a surprise visit at work. It was unexpected, sweet and it immediately brightened my day. Pay bills! I usually remain pretty even-tempered. When, to find out, she really just wanted a weekend off. My grandmother. She was always around cooking her fabulous Italian food, speaking in the cutest broken English and telling us stories of the past.

My last year has been a learning experience filled with triumphs, new adventures, some failures and lots of hard work! I went skydiving on a whim. It was a spur of the moment decision that I am so grateful for, or else I would have been scared for weeks until I jumped out of the plane!

Being able to walk from my restaurant to my moms new deli for a quick visit before work. It is one of those simple events in your day that means a lot. I need to simplify my life and get my business set up to run more remotely.

So many. But, one that stands out is death. I would have never been able to fully understand the emotions involved in the passing of a loved one if I did not experience it. I love where I live because it is centrally located between the beach, San Francisco and dozens of vineyards. The only thing I wish is that it was 10 degrees warmer all the time!

That I am the ultimate dreamer who believes that just about anything can become a reality with passion, hard work and persistence. A random invitation to go on the Playboy Kandy Kruise.

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A reader of my blog, and fellow bucket lister, invited me to go on this once-in-a-lifetime cruise. After working through the initial fears of insecurity, I accepted. Yoga, hiking, the beach and a glass of jammy red wine.

It is a bonus if they all occur in one day. It was so memorable because it is a rare occasion when most of your loved ones are gathered together in celebration. The day my grandmother died. Even though she had lived a full life, I still found it to be so unexpected.

It was the first major death I had experienced, so it was extremely tough working through the emotions I had. On the positive side, it has helped me to cope better with every death after hers. Since my blog is all about new experiences and adventures, I have many. But, some of my favorites are swimming with stingraysrappelling into a cave and eating lambs brain on my anniversary. At this moment, I want to feel content with where I am in life and the direction it is taking.

Also, to concentrate on being happy in the present moment, forgetting about the past and not fretting over the future. I am consistently setting baby goals in order to achieve the aforementioned. There is always a lesson to learn through suffering. Most of my suffering has made me stronger in order to deal with the situation when and if it should happen again. As far as my restaurant goes, receiving a Michelin Recommendation was the last major accomplishment.

With my blog, I am proud that my Alexa rating has dropped from 1. Alexa ranks blogs by popularity. Both of these accomplishments have taken a lot of work. We have been extremely busy and shorthanded, so I am distracted by covering shifts and training new employees.

A few more weeks and I will be back on the motivation track!

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Relaxing in Arizona. Every few months my husband and I alternate vacationing in Arizona. This week is my turn! I am looking forward to enjoying the sun, seeing old friends and exploring the state. There are several restaurant owners, bloggers, wives and friends who I learn from on a daily basis. Is there anything really certain about life?

The one thing that I am pretty sure about is that I will always be a dreamer who has a passion for new experiences. If I am luckynothing! But, most of the time, it involves the tasks I need to accomplish the next day. Due to my blog, I am pretty much an open book. Either work on my travel blogcook something or try anything new. I would rather have any new experience than lay stagnant in monotony.

If I had to choose between shopping and skydiving, the later would win every time. I believe that being content is always nice, but being happy is far superior there is a difference. I want to take advantage of all that life has to offer, even if it means eating lambs tongue or making a complete jackass out of myself. Actually nothing. Yesterday was a great day. I am on vacation in Arizona and started my day eating Chambord French toast with Peter, went shopping, met a girlfriend for happy hour, drove through the streets at night with the windows down because it was 90 degrees, watched a movie and still got to sleep early.

Can I just relive it the same way? Cleaning the house. Everyone tells me to get a house cleaner, but I am too darn cheap! In my opinion, there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishing something because of your intellect. Mostly to my husband about the money I spend on clothes. I am not sure why. He could care less because he knows I am cheap and would never overspend. We have stabilized our bills, rented our investment properties and hired enough employees at the restaurant so we are not covering as many shifts.

This is all in an effort to have more freedom to travel and experience different cultures. That I am a strong woman who can be hit with hard circumstances and still survive with my dignity in tact.

It would start with waking up to a cappuccino and crunchy, berry scone. Then, I would take a road trip to explore the culture of a new town and accomplish a bucket list adventure while I was there. I would then dine at a memorable restaurant that serves creative food and a fabulously jammy red wine. Great music would be playing on the radio the entire way back home and I would jump into a bed with freshly washed sheets, an inspirational movie and popcorn.

I admire that my mother has opened over seven successful restaurants by shear will and hard, back breaking work. She is never afraid of getting in there and getting dirty. I admire my dad for his attention to detail and patience when it comes to the tasks he does. You always know that anything he has a hand in will be completed to perfection. Because every day is a learning experience and with more days under my belt I feel that I could learn to be my best self in order to help others.

I would like to have her level of influence and connections for a day so I could spend it moving mountains to help people.

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I have made a decision to only read inspirational books, to seek wisdom from the friends I choose and to focus only on the facts of my life instead of creating scenarios based on fictional thoughts in my head. I also have been more concentrated in my yoga practice. Even though my friends, husband, and family all make me feel good about myself at times, I realize that it is ultimately me who is in charge of speaking positively to myself.

That I did not take a year off after college to experience the world. It makes it harder with more responsibility in our lives. But, it is definitely not impossible! Oh jeezjust one? I would like to get rid of the bookkeeping portion of my restaurant.

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For some reason, seeing a stack of bills and doing payroll gives me anxiety, even when we are doing very well. Designing logos. I was a graphic designer many years ago, so I am occasionally asked to design business logos. Summing up an entire business in one little logo is stressful on my brain.

Someone who thinks that they are always right, even when they are blatantly wrong. Just admit it. A sense of stability. Things are always changing rapidly in my life, which, for the most part, I love. I feel fortunate that I am naturally thin.

I vowed many years ago to not let fear stop me from following my dreams. With that said, there have been many times I have had to push, shove and kick through the fear to get to the other side.

That sounds selfish, but let me explain. And by pleasing yourself, you can be the best you possible. I try to not hold grudges because holding on to hurt only negatively affects my life. Even if someone does not deserve forgiveness, I forgive because I deserve to have the freedom from my mind.

About a year ago there was a point when I questioned whether I could trust anyone around me or, for that matter, if anyone was a truly honest person. At that time, I felt like a had a severe misunderstanding about what life was about. Though, because of that time, I now know that I just need to trust myself to make the right decisions when I am faced with any situation.

Same as - That I did not take a year off after college to experience the world. It makes it harder with the more responsibility in our lives. Uncontrollable laughter. I love it when something is so pee-your-pants funny that you can not control your laughter. To be surrounded by toxic people. I have many wonderful people in my life, but, there are a few who suck my spirit dry.

It is too difficult to say since so many people have impacted me in different ways; my mother has taught me to have a work ethic, my husband showed me the importance of completing a task to the best of your ability instead of half-fasting it, my dad gave me a love of exploring, etc. Though, I will say that finally being able to control my anxiety has had the GREATEST impact on my life and that was all about me saying enough was enough and working so hard for years to change my thought patterns.

It is still a work in progress, but life has never been happier. Yes, because I have worked my tail off to get where I am at. Our restaurant is successful, my blog is on the rise, my marriage is stable, I am fortunate enough to have amazing adventures, my spirituality is stronger and we live a comfortable life.

I am extremely grateful. So much. A sense of pride and ownership. Strong friendships. Increased strength of character. Boosted level of skill. The best days with my grandmother, my wedding day, the beautiful countries I have visited and amazing adventures I have had. The fact that we have started to etch some significant time to travel, our restaurant has surpassed my initial goals and I have just received my first press pass to an event.

I appreciate that I was able to share the amazing adventure of swimming with stingrays with my husband while we were traveling to Grand Cayman. Need some travel inspiration?

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Read these top travel quotes and the ultimate Travel Bucket List for some insipiration. We all were at the hospital when my niece was born. My brother and his wife wanted to be parents so badly that it made the birth of their first child so precious.

I hate to admit that the television is always on when I am home for background noise. Though, most of the time i am on my computer and not paying attention.

I watch about hours per week, mostly reality shows. I am always actively working towards my goals and believe that they are achievable, But, would benefit from more time. I know what steps I need to be taking, I just need to set aside the time to take them.

I love every ct of my job that promotes creativity. This relates mostly to creating new recipes. After trying several different types of exercise I realized that I love yoga.

Prior, I had always thought it would be way too slow for a fast-paced girl like me. But, I now know that it is exactly what I need to balance my speedy life!

This was stated in a book I was reading and referred to surrounding yourself with people who teach and inspire you. And that when you are in the constant presence of toxic people your personality, in some ways, emulates these people.

After taking an inventory, I believe this to be true and I took action, which is not so easy when some of the people closest to you are the ones hindering your growth. I have always preached that you should only take advice from people who have acquired what you want, but this took it one step further.

Continue to train my mind to be present, positive and filled with gratitude. I know, corny. But, it works! Trusting myself to know that I can handle any situation that presents itself.

Honesty even when it hurtshumble nature and compatibility. Though I initially love it when friends always stick up for you, I respect it when they tell you when you are wrong. When I was at the pumpkin patch with my niece and she looked up at me with puppy-dog eyes because she wanted to hold my hand. Melts my heart. Depends on why I am feeling down. Weird, but I mostly like to listen to Eminem when I feel like I need a motivational kick in the pants.

May 22,   Whether you're tired of making the same old small talk, or simply looking to spice up your next date night, consider trying out some of these great conversation starters for couples. We've got thought-provoking questions for couples to ask one another. Jun 24,   Genuinely Interesting Questions For You To Ask Your Next Date. It's really, REALLY attractive when people ask well thought out questions on a first date that at least give the illusion that they want to know you better-not just know where you . Dec 16,   I have dedicated my life to helping women create more self-love and confidence, which is extremely important in dating. Below is a list of 84 conversation and thought provoking questions to create real connection and help you in your quest for true love.

I farted. Out loud. But, it happened while we were watching TV and we both were laughing until the point of tears. He threatened to put it in his Facebook status, but I threatened his life! When people defend themselves when they know they are wrong. Even though I have vowed to never let it hinder me traveling the world, it is painful every time I fly! I was told that someone loved my blogthought I was way younger than I am and that the dish I cooked was spectacular. Not all in the same daydamn.

I think this is the first question I feel uncomfortable answering. He turned out to be the nicest of everyone we met, shame on me!

Crapway to much! Definitely more than watching TV. Maybe 30, conservatively. But, I would like to defend myself by saying that most of the time it for blogging, marketing, networking, business and researching. It is rare that I will be randomly surfing. Actually a lot of both, but my mom leads by a hair because I was raised with her. I have her crazy work ethic, love of anything Italian and definitely exhibit similar mannerisms.

Trying hard to break it. Out of all the places I have been, I would say that Venice, Italy was love at first sight.

Useful thought provoking dating questions and what

I also adore any warm, blue beach. Is this intuition talking or fear? Is what you are doing right now making you happy? Is chocolate really that bad for you? Depends on who you ask. We are all experts to someone, depending on the knowledge level of the person asking. Easily summer. I am always cold, so winter is a hard season for me. Though, I do enjoy cuddling on the couch during the cold weather. I always wanted to live on a farm with one of each animal. I just had a dream that my husband was telling me his days itinerary.

He was going to play basketball for an hour, then going to make homemade sausage with his friend, then they were going to play basketball again, then go back to the kitchen to make some cured meat. Unless, you are living in the wild, cheating is a choice.

When I am not careful, I can be an obsessive thinker which leads me on a downward spiral of negative thoughts. Never a good thing! I turn to my best girlfriend when I need relationship advice and my husband when it is just about anything else.

Though, it was terrifying, it was also such a valuable lesson. To buy a rental property right before the recession. Though, I believe that every decision we make creates a new path in our lives. I used to live for clothes shopping, but now I would rather go to a cool restaurant or sit at a coffee shop and blog.

I was more than happy to set him straight. My Book: Bucket List Adventures. Nice Work! I've bookmarked this and plan to come back when my life normalizes after Christmas I work at FedEx and this time of year is. Very intelligent list of questions. It makes me deeply think about my mistakes in the past and what I want going forward. You seemed to have the world by the tail and have it all figured out.

I think you can finish your bucket list and then some but you are still going to be searching. I want to ask you a thought provoking question If you die today, where will you spend eternity? Heaven is on the top of my bucket list. What about you? Previous Next. When was the last time you tried something new? Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?

What gets you excited about life? What life lesson did you learn the hard way? What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago? Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

Who do you love and what are you doing about it? Thought provoking questions: What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago? Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength? What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? Sell everything, travel the world and live in flip-flops, jeans and a tank top. Do you celebrate the things you do have? What is the difference between living and existing?

If not now, then when? It is now. If not, it is actively as soon as possible! Have you done anything lately worth remembering? What does your joy look like today? Is it possible to lie without saying a word? If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow this person to be your friend? Thought provoking questions: Which activities make you lose track of time?

If you had to teach something, what would you teach? What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life? Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of? When you are years-old, what will matter to you the most? When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards and just do what you know is right? Would you break the law to save a loved one? What makes you smile?

Thought provoking questions: If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be? If the average human lifespan was 40 years, how would you live your life differently? What do we all have in common besides our genes that makes us human? If you could choose one book as a mandatory read for all high school students, which book would you choose? Would you rather have less work or more work you actually enjoy doing?

Thought provoking dating questions

BothI am a dreamer after all. What is important enough to go to war over? Protecting the people of our Country. Which is worse, failing or never trying? Of course never trying, because if you try you did not fail.

When was the last time you listened to the sound of your own breathing? Thought provoking questions: Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton? A joyful simpleton, because I have learned that ignorance is, most of the time, bliss. What is the most desirable trait another person can possess? What are you most grateful for? That I have the capacity to learn and experience. Is stealing to feed a starving child wrong? What do you want most? Right now, to simplify my life and concentrate more on creating amazing experiences.

Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things? What has life taught you recently?

What is the one thing you would most like to change about the world? Where do you find inspiration? Thought provoking questions: Can you describe your life in a six word sentence? Filled with learning and new experiences.

If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake? What impact do you want to leave on the world? What is the most defining moment of your life thus far? In the haste of your daily life, what are you not seeing?

What lifts your spirits when life gets you down? Have you ever regretted something you did not say or do? Has your greatest fear ever come true? Is it more important to love or be loved? To love, because then you have more of an opportunity to be loved back. If it all came back around to you, would it help you or hurt you?

If you had the chance to go back in time and change one thing would you do it? Spend more time with my grandmother learning more about her childhood and Italian traditions. If a doctor gave you five years to live, what would you try to accomplish? What is the difference between falling in love and being in love?

Who do you think stands between you and happiness? What is the difference between innocence and ignorance? What is the simplest truth you can express in words? Living in the present moment is the key to happiness. What gives your life meaning? Achievement, love, inspiration, learning and experience.

Thought provoking questions: Can there be happiness without sadness? Pleasure without pain? Peace without war? That I lived life to the fullest, inspired others to do the same and was a good-spirited person.

Is there such a thing as perfect? To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken? What does it mean to be human? If you looked into the heart of your enemy, what do you think you would find that is different from what is in your own heart? What do you love most about yourself? Where would you most like to go and why? Is it more important to do what you love or to Love what you are doing?

What do you imagine yourself doing ten years from now? Having a simple life with the freedom to live and travel where I wish. What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget? What is your happiest childhood memory? What makes it so special? Do you own your things or do your things own you?

Would you rather lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones?

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How do you deal with someone in a position of power who wants you to fail? What do you have that you cannot live without? When you close your eyes what do you see? What sustains you on a daily basis? What are your top five personal values?

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Why must you love someone enough to let them go? What personal prisons have you built out of fears? Why are you, you? What three words would you use to describe the last three months of your life? Eventful, rapid, life-changing Is it ever right to do the wrong thing? Is it ever wrong to do the right thing? What is the most important thing you could do right now in your personal life?

Let go and succumb to the fact that I can not control the actions of any other person. If you could ask one person, alive or dead, only one question, who would you ask and what would you ask? If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich? What is your number one goal for the next six months? Would you ever give up your life to save someone else? Are you happy with yourself? Living in the present moment and being happy about the things I am doing in that moment.

What are three moral rules you will never break? What does it mean to allow another person to truly love you? Working on it Who or what do you think of when you think of love? If your life was a novel, what would be the title and how would your story end? T hought provoking questions: When do you feel most like yourself?

What is your greatest challenge? How do you define success? If someone could tell you the exact day and time you are going to die, would you want them to tell you? If I could grant you one wish what would you wish for?

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