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It's hard being a Firefighter, it's h To date a Firefighter, you have to fi Top ten tips on how to date a firefighter Over the years married and single I had many women friends that wanted me to introduce them to firefighter friends, they wanted to date a fireman. There were no shortages of eligible firefighters that I knew and they came in all shapes and sizes, old and young, nice and not so nice. I did introduce quite a few friends and arrange things like double dates when married and wingman dates when single. Some of these meetings were very successful and lead to long term dating, others not so much. So what did the failures have in common?

Know what you are getting into dating a firefighter. Their boys, the men they hang with have a huge impact on their lives and you will at first be dating him and his boys.

We do want each other to find happiness and find a woman. But that woman has to fit the group, nothing worse than a nightmare girlfriend to create havoc in the team, and if you piss off his friends he will be put in a position at some point of picking you or them, and if you do that it will end poorly.

Oct 29,   While it's fun to gush to your friends about your brave firefighter and listen to them rave about how sexy your partner looks in his uniform, dating a firefighter can negatively affect your emotional state. For me, dating a firefighter was difficult because I always worried that he would die, and I wouldn't get to say Tylia Flores.

Leave it alone. If it is going to work out they will adjust on their own, but pushing early is a deal breaker. Keep conversations light, avoid serious topics or overly intellectual subjects.

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The easiest conversation is to have him talk about himself. Why is he a firefighter?

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What is the best part about the job? Has he ever been scared at a big call?

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Get to know the man, he wants to be accepted as the man doing the job, not as a character in a movie. This can happen in two ways, the best thing you can hope for is an invitation to visit the station.

You might even suggest it in a non-stalker way.

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Tell him you would love to see where he works, or ask if you might bring some cookies by the station. It will be after normal duty hours generally after the evening meal, when we have some down time.

Tips to dating a firefighter

They are not automatic cheaters because they are firefighters. This is a huge lie that people say about dating firefighters. Most Firefighters are good people.

You can see this post about Firefighter Divorce for more information. Firefighters have a thing for big trucks and lights - Sure this applies to the job.

Talking to you while working can be hard.

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Yes, most of the unmarried generation has cell phones and that makes things hella easy to stay in touch. They are working. Wanna bug them on shift?

Apr 16,   Top ten tips on how to date a Firefighter. 1)Firefighters are used to stress at work unbelievable stress some days. So when you start dating one don't add stress. 2)Know that at some point you will be run by his crew, his buddies for a group evaluation. Good things to try when dating a firefighter would be ziplining, or riding go carts. We like excitement and being outside. Sporting events are much better than a play or opera. The hours we work. Apr 12,   First and foremost, firefighters come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities: from the guy who brags about using his Get used to nights alone- and attending birthdays, holidays, events, and family gatherings alone, as well. If the two of you have plans between 6 and 8pm, or 9 and 11am, you have.

Most Firefighters end up wearing a ridiculous amount of navy blue and black. Maybe its a subconscious thing?

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You can thank me later! Firefighters, especially really hungry ones, can eat like a freakin caveman.

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Like grunting and all. They get so afraid that a call will come through while they are eating that they scarf it like an uncivilized brute.

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It always comes down to budgeting. But besides budgeting it IS funny to see what life is like with a firefighter. Not enough, stranger, not enough.

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Especially the volleys. Firefighters are at higher risks of Cancer, Heart Disease and Suicide. If you love them or see yourself having a family with them- talk about these things so they can make some preventative choices.

They get an email or see some ad on instagram and bam! They can happen at anytime and for any reason.

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From stubbed toes to a multiple vehicle accident requiring the patient to be airlifted. Remember, at the end of the day- or rather, the start- if your firefighter is just beginning his career, neither of you really knows what to expect and adjustments will have to be made as far as expectations of the relationship.

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His whole life: routines, eating habits, sleeping rituals, everything is changing; and so is yours. The worrying might get better, and sometimes it happens quickly.

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