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While relationships between students and professors aren't unheard of, they can be a source for all kinds of problems. A professor is in a position of authority over a student, whether or not he or she is that student's teacher or supervisor, which makes any dating arrangement tricky at best. Ultimately, if the two are consenting adults there's no scenario where it's OK for a high school teacher to date a current student , there's not much anyone can do to prevent them from pursuing a romantic relationship. But expect there to be consequences. First things first: A student must be 18 years old to legally be able to consent to a relationship with an adult. Beyond that, some schools have specific rules about what to do if a student and a professor want to pursue a romantic relationship.

At the College of William and Mary in Virginia, all dating between professors and undergraduates was banned.

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This is the direct result of a former instructor writing an embarrassing article about his affair with a student. The most popular approach is to ban relationships between professors and the students they supervise.

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This eliminates conflicts of interest but does not get involved in the personal lives of consenting adults. It is usually suggested that no professor should date a student in his class. If a relationship would develop, the professor is required to disclose it so that conflicts can be managed if they arise.

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Generally, most students have no interest in dating one of their professors. For most students, professors are authority figures who are considered off-limits sexually.

If you insist on dating your professor, it is best to wait until you have graduated from school.

University lecturer dating student

While it is true that some students have been able to date their professors without any problems, this is the exception rather than the rule. Some of the problems that can occur because of dating your professor include:.

Another thing to consider is sexual harassment - or at least the appearance of sexual harassment. By dating a student, the professor is vulnerable to charges of harassment. This may not be the case, but that might be what it looks like.

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Students that date professors can come under suspicion of sexual harassment as well. One thing to look out for is the older usually male professors who seek out attractive young students to boost their self-esteem.

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If you find that you are a trophy for a professor you are dating, you should question whether you really want to be with someone who cares about you because you are a boost to their ego. Some relationships between professors and students fizzle when you leave the classroom environment.

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What you originally found sexy and charismatic may seem horribly normal and bland outside of the classroom. Once the semester ends and the taboo is gone, that attraction may disappear. There is no need to categorically rule out a relationship with your professor. Love is a hard thing to find and sometimes it begins in less than ideal situations.

Since then, many universities have begun to address student-professor dating. University fraternization rules are sometimes vague. It is a commonly held belief that everyone is considered an adult at the college level and should know where to draw the line. At many schools, there are no formal rules about professors dating students.

If you are considering such a relationship, think carefully about your decision. Keep in mind the reasons you are attending college.

But the effects of the relationship were felt "most acutely" in her interactions with other graduate students, she said, recalling one who was concerned she might have access to the woman's seminar paper. Her own view on student-faculty dating now?

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May 22,   Catherine Prendergast, a professor of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where there is no policy governing student-faculty relationships, said she opposed any kind of undergraduate-faculty dating when students are still enrolled. Jun 21,   Even if the professor isn't the student's teacher when the relationship starts, problems could arise if the student ends up in the professor's class later on. As a member of the faculty, the professor holds power over the student. Many schools discourage professor/student dating for . Mar 23,   If your professor is younger and untenured, a relationship with a student is a good way for him to lose his job. Understandably, he will be unlikely to take a risk like that. Even tenured professors can lose their job over dating doursim.com: K.

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Even with all the risks associated with dating a lecturer, students all over the world still find themselves doing it. Whether it's the thrill, the money, the grades, or genuine love, relationships blossom between university students and their professors for many reasons. Sep 12,   I dated my university professor - and it was a messy, eye-opening experience I was 17, he was My friends were polarized - they thought the relationship was either charming or revolting. Apr 06,   My university allowed a lecturer to date students - until it backfired This article is more than 2 years old A colleague took advantage of vague guidelines on staff-student relationships.

CDC Guidance. Coronavirus Live ates - October 2, Topics Teaching and Learning. Former Student, Fair Game? By Colleen Flaherty. May 22, No Sunset Provisions Andrew T.

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Professional Norms and Power Differentials Catherine Prendergast, a professor of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where there is no policy governing student-faculty relationships, said she opposed any kind of undergraduate-faculty dating when students are still enrolled. Read more by Colleen Flaherty.

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