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As colorful as our culture is, dating a Vietnamese woman is equally exciting. Still, Viet women are not hard to impress. Somehow, we enjoy being chased and wooed but we know when to give it a chance or shut the guy off. If you like a girl, be courageous enough to tell her about your feelings. Bring flowers and some girl would really appreciate a romantic poem or just a straightforward confession. No sex and kiss on first dates! Many Asian, as well as Viets, value honor and pride of their families including chastity.

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Eventually if your still not meeting her needs, such as giving her attention, she will find someone else who will. This article is the property of Vietkieudating. They want to feel loved right now and you better provide it. The harder you are to obtain while still remaining obtainable for her, the more she will appreciate having you.

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Most guys think that by chasing after the girl and needlessly texting and calling them all the time that eventually the girl will realize how much of a great guy he is. Unbeknownst to him, this actually turns girls off.

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Let her call and text you more than you call and text her. It establishes who has control of the relationship. If she starts to complain that your not doing it enough, then your on the right track.


Just increase it a little bit more and then maintain it. A good rule of thumb is to text her 2 times out of 3 for every 3 texts or calls she initiates.

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This will allow you to maintain control of the relationship. In about 11 years time, nearly most of the country will be middle class.

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I repeat, do not be an idiot and start sending her money on a monthly basis like thousands of idiots in the past that did this thinking they were helping her out of poverty. Some girls may make up lies about needing money to pay for some emergency medical surgery for a family member as well.

Just send her ass over to gofundme and let others pitch in instead.

Vietnamese culture dating

If you would like to learn how to identify Vietnamese gold diggers and how to prevent getting fleeced, click here to read this article I wrote.

If you find yourself already in this type of relationship then I would recommend that you RUN! I have dated lots of Vietnamese girls and it is not normal for them to ask you to buy them things. With that being said however, I have encountered a very small percentage of girls that demanded that I buy them things on the first date.

Vietnamese culture has a well-developed system of morals and social rules dating back thousands of years. Tradition places men and women in highly compartmentalized roles and emphasizes the importance of preserving your own moral integrity and the integrity of the other person. Vietnam is a country rich in history and traditions, dating back thousands of years and instilled with a deep respect for the land, the sea and their ancestors. Here are 11 things you should know to understand some of the nuances of this beautiful culture. Sep 29,   With the decline of traditional arranged marriages in Vietnamese culture, men and women are being entrusted to find a suitable mate for themselves. However, because maintaining a positive reputation and showing respect for family is still highly regarded in Vietnam, etiquette rules for dating are in place to ensure that men and women find.

One of them currently holds the record for the shortest date ever in Vietnam after I sent her packing home in less than 5 minutes after meeting me. For some foreigners that have been to places like the Philippines or Thailand, they are used to getting easy sex, especially sex on the first date, however their expectations fall short once they arrive here in Vietnam.

Jealously and suspicion of you seeing other girls behind her back runs rampant throughout a lot of Vietnamese girls blood. Within landing here in Vietnam for one month, I had already heard of at least 3 cases of people that I knew that had experienced cheating of some sort.

Even if your not dating anyone else and having a serious relationship with your girlfriend or spouse, its not wise to allow her to go through your things.

A healthy relationship is one where you set boundaries. By allowing her to dictate the terms of your relationship, your essential surrendering control and letting her lead.

In the west, being an asshole gets you quite far with the ladies, in fact some of them prefer dating guys like this. Now you would think this would make you less desirable to the ladies, but lo and behold, it turns them on. I guess it has to due to the fact that your not a pushover and supplicating doormat that unfortunately a lot of men from the west have turned into.

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I remember having a few girls in my university and college classes calling me an asshole for teasing them, yet I ended up dating one of them despite busting her chops every opportunity I got. There was another girl that was also attracted to me, despite me teasing the hell outta her.

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In Vietnam however, being an asshole will quickly land you into a life of isolation and loneliness. In fact, I tried this same tactic when I first got here just to experiment and ended up having girls call me arrogant and blocking my number.

Once I readjusted my game and toned things down, I started to bed girls.

Oct 15,   Vietnamese dating culture is unique and seems to be strange. It has a lot of differences and it looks weird sometimes for people from Western countries. If you want to date a girl from Vietnam, you need to know all the pros and con of this. The culture has a lot of things which is important for your culture . Jun 16,   Having a deeper understanding of Vietnamese women's culture and the unwritten rules goes a long way towards having a fruitful relationship when dating Vietnamese girls. In this article, we covered the do's and don'ts when dating a Vietnamese woman. Here is a refresher on them: Do's: Try to learn Vietnamese; Try to learn about her culture. May 05,   As a man dating in Vietnamese culture, your expected to man up and ask a girl out in Vietnam, just like in most countries around the world, even in North America. Despite how western women claim to be independent and want equality, when it comes to dating, they still expect the man to make the first move and ask them out.

Your just going to scare and weird girls out. A lot of men become mesmerized by how beautiful a Vietnamese girl looks and also how she treats him.

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Compared to how women treat men in the west, out here men are treated like kings. Ever have your western girlfriend come over to your place, help you tidy up, cook you dinner, and finally giving you mind blowing sex afterwards?

The girls really know what to say and do to hook a guy. Their ability to seduce a guy is second to none.

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Most of these guys are so thirsty that the first female to show them any attention they quickly wive her up due to a fear of losing her.

Every year, lots of men come to Vietnam to look for wives and a lot of them even buy them too! If your going to marry someone, marry her because you love her and have been through thick and thin with her, not because your desperate and worried about being alone. A lot of foreign men in their pursuit of trying to get a beautiful Vietnamese girlfriend remain clueless in their actions and end up messing things up with Vietnamese women.

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Here is a refresher on them:. With the decline of traditional arranged marriages in Vietnamese culture, men and women are being entrusted to find a suitable mate for themselves. However, because maintaining a positive reputation and showing respect for family is still highly regarded in Vietnam, etiquette rules for dating are in place to ensure that men and women find respectful, virtuous and family-oriented partners to marry. Protocol dictates that a man introduces himself to the family of the woman whom he is interested in dating prior to asking her out.

It is also considered proper etiquette to spend time with the family on multiple occasions, often bringing gifts such as flowers and wine, before asking her parents for permission to formally date their daughter.

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It is important for the man to get to know the family because Vietnamese women rarely date without the ultimate goal of marriage and a woman will want her husband to form an everlasting and respectful bond with her family. When going on a first date, and even subsequent ones, the man is expected to plan and pay for the entire affair.

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The man should also give the woman gifts and flowers at the beginning of each date as symbols of the woman accepting both the man and his feelings for her. Initially, it is recommended that the man takes the woman to a public place with a group of friends before later taking her on private dates.

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During the group dates, the man and the woman are expected to refrain from showing each other physical affection, as it is looked down on in the Vietnamese culture. In the Vietnamese culture, the woman is expected to be submissive and never initiate a courtship with a man, because it is seen as being too forward and improper behavior for a woman.

The woman in the relationship is also expected to remain a virgin until she is married and ward off physical advances during the dating process, despite the fact that it is perfectly acceptable for a Vietnamese man to lose his virginity beforehand.

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