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The story begins with him being trapped in a radio booth with the heroine for two hours during a live broadcast. Her trademark is her perseverance and endless optimism, and she can sleep anywhere no matter how small or uncomfortable the space. I definitely like the character descriptions and the premise sounds cute, even though Kim So-hyun sounds too young for the role as it is now. Radio Romance is slated to follow Monday-Tuesday drama Jugglers at the start of Your email address will not be published. I love her so much, she's a brilliant actress but I wish they would cast her in dramas with actors around her age. However, I will say that her and Taecyeon were cute in their drama they also had about a 10 year age gap and I know she has the maturity and acting skills to play someone in their 20s.

I didn't mention anyone who's in a break like Kim Ji Won or already doing a drama at that same time like Chae Soo Bin. Gong Seung Yoon's drama won't finish filming till the end of the year and Kim Go Eun and Park So Dam explicitly stated they want to focus on films for a while. Nam Ji Hyun has exams in Jan - Feb so she might not be looking at scripts right now. Will it kill them to offer the role to a 20s actress?

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Real life is worse with age gaps I don't see why a fictonal casting is problematic especially when they are playing close aged not 10 years apart. Sorry this above comment was meant to go to gadis in comment no. Seriously I don't understand why the age gap defence squad have such a hard time with this basic point.

I've said it a thousand times and I will look like a broken record, but I will continue to defend that cruel point that happens to women in the entertainment industry and that ends up influencing society in general. But does it have a need in the story to the actors to have this age difference? Yes, the story will be about it, it needs for the story continues, It will be big part of the show.

No, story has no need to put actors with such a big age difference. And so why put it? Why put an year-old woman to act romantically with a year-old man. Is she the best actress in the world?

There are thousands of actresses at the age same as her who has her talent and beauty.

Remarkable, the yoon doo joon dating kim so hyun God!

She is 18, she should not be doing romantic roles with a guy 10 years older. She should be playing teenage roles. This is not the first case that the age of difference is so grotesque. This week premiered Two Cops. The difference between the actors is 14 years.

Mar 20,   Jealous of Yoon Doo-joon and Kim So-hyun's loving gestures | Radio Romance Please Subscribe my Channel for more video! doursim.com Yoon doo joon dating kim so hyun Thomas May 02, Ariel lin bu bu bu jing xin dating radio romance / yoon doo joon ??? kim go-eun. Sep 25, yoon doo-joon, ryu duk hwan, yoon doo joon. Min-Chang kim sohyun and actress kim so hyun will be with. Apr 02,   Kim So Hyun was asked whether there was a moment her heart fluttered while working with Yoon Doo Joon, she shocked fans by saying yes and revealed the exact scene whether her heart flutter, she said, "It happened during the second half of the drama.

Again, the problem here is the industry putting such older men with young women. For example the hollywood industry that I know a little more. Women over the age of 30 are no longer able to play romantic roles with year-old men. Stop playing moral police already.

The industry does not care about your opinion. This is pointless for a casting not even confirmed yet. She's not even legal in Korea right now, she won't be until her birthday in June. I disagree. I think part of the reason we have come to the situation where teenagers are regularly being paired with older men is because there hasn't been complaints about large age gaps when the woman is an adult.

The industry thinks it fine to cast younger because they have had zero pushback, and no incentive to change. I don't think there is anything wrong per se with casting a 25 year old opposite an older man, but it is indicative of the high premium that is placed on women's youth.

And it's difficult to point to one instance of this being wrong- it is in the aggregate that this kind of casting is worrying. Isn't that true even in our daily lives.

We have a high premium while we are young and once we cross 35 our jobs are at risk of being overtaken by younger ones.

It's the way the world works there is no point is complaining about how unfair the world is.

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Just deal with it and move on. So, i just need to forget and move on? And continues with the status quo? No, we need to talk about, because, maybe, just maybe things could change. And the world is changing, it is changing because people are complaining. People today are able to perceive certain things that were once seen as normal, but which bothered certain classes, groups in society.

So, yes, we can not just say things can not change. I don't like the age gap either, it's one of the reasons I couldn't really get into Let's Fight Ghost. Miscast all around! I love both actors. They are both brilliant! But they could cast her with a younger actor, or cast him with an older, more age appropriate actress. If they paired her with an actor in his early twenties, I would have no problem watching this drama.

There are other actress that I can imagine they would do well in this drama instead of Kim So Hyun, this is truth.

Yoon doo joon dating kim so hyun

Stop seeing her as a teenager. She have done love relationships without seriously kissing or having any kind of personal intimacy with any of her co-stars. Her innocence is protected if that is what worry you the most.

I'm sure in this drama there will be no hot kiss or any intimate touches. Her innocence will not be tainted. In my country countless girls at 20 years old date, have sex, do drugs, go to university or vocational college, work, get in difficult relationships, some of them get pregnant and etc.

Actually it's not clear who was cashed first or who received the offer first because her agency announced on 9th Nov that she was considering a drama for early so maybe she's been considering it for the same amount of time it's just being announced now. True the need to infantile her must stop she's an adult in a month so it doesn't matter anymore.

Plus she's a good kisser even though her previous kiss scenes have been chaste but in the bts of Ruler kiss scenes she opens her mouth and moves her lips but those were edited out in the final scene so some people complaining that it was too 'chaste'.

I'm glad that the only complaint about this casting is the age gap. Since we all agree on their brilliant acting abilities lets just watch this drama to support their efforts since they are working hard at filming the drama. This is not going to be a ratings hit that part is obvious and it might not be a popular drama that appears on CPI or whatever index they use these days but I'll be satisfied with a well plotte directed and acted drama.

Can't Koreans ever be attracted to anyone in their own age group? I was excited to see him They are playing characters in the same group so yeah they are attracted to people in their own age group. Age gap is not end of the world. I drop a lot of shows, but I can't recall any that I dropped because of age gap or bad male lead. After all, us old guys have to support each other, right? And if the actress is pretty enough, she's the one I'll be paying attention to, like "What?

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There was a guy in that scene too? In terms of pairings with large age gaps, for me, nothing will be as disturbing as the one that happened for "Mirror Of the Witch" I have more problems with the characters than the age gap I feel like they should be switched, that the female character should be actually older as an experienced writer who can deal with difficult guests than the male character inflexible and childish.

I really do I just can't buy into her romance in 'grown up' roles because she still has a baby face imo. I'm tired of literal teenagers being cast in romantic roles opposite adults.

Let them be teenagers please. There's plenty of time for adult roles. KSH seems too young for the role period. I'm seeing at least 25 in my head and even that seems too young. I really wish they'd give more twenty-something actresses a chance. They cast KSH because she's well known. How else are lesser known actresses supposed to catch a break?

And if they're really aging KSH up it just further pushes home the point that in the industry, it's the younger the better when it comes to actresses.

I really love them separately. I know they'll probably create an amazing chemistry but I still think that the age gap is too far. I can see why they chose to cast Sohyun, but casting an actress who's closer to Doojoon's age will be better. The storyline seems so nice though! I'm not exactly a fan of a super optimistic heroine many dramas fail to make it believablebut if it's Sohyun then I'm sure it'll turn out well.

She's still considering I see it in a different way. Her level of skill and maturity demands for opposite leads who are more seasoned in order to measure up to her. Unfortunately with idol actors, the good ones are usually in their late twenties. The early twenties idol actors try, but the truth of the matter is that acting is a side project for them so they're lacking.

There are plenty of very talented non-idol actors, but they lack the popularity that an idol actor brings, and most of them are probably already committed to a project. The casting pool within this age range and skill in Korea isn't that big. The casting director has to work with who they've got. It's logistics, don't read too much into it. For me, the time setting is also important. I always refer age in sageuk as interval so my mind couldn't calculate the age difference. People also matured earlier in sageuk.

And in the past it's more common to have big age gap or early marriage. Meanwhile in modern age, the age is often stated clearly, then my brain will calculate the gap. When it's uncomfortable by my standard, it's hard to keep watching. You must from the West. Most Asians still marry with large age gaps. Six - Seven years is the average age gap between couples in arranged marriages which are prevalent in many countries.

Please stop analyzing everything from a Western perspective. It means the lives we live are wrong because we don't meet your standards. Where you get the think that Asians marry with large age gaps? I'm Asian and people arround me just marry with small age gaps about 1 - 2 years. I'm a South Asian with a 7 year age gap with my fiance. Mostly everyone in my family has a similar age gap. Same with my friends.

What yoon doo joon dating kim so hyun topic

Our cultures are very different obviously. Maybe you're from a liberal background where you're allowed to chose your partner. Hope she decline. They still have years ahead and they could play older characters later. Youth doesn't come twice after all. No, please, just no. I love these two, but what is it with mainstream media's need to cast young actresses with far older actors?

I don't have an issue with age gaps, but it feels like whenever its a younger guy and older woman, it's a 'noona romance', and so much attention is brought to it, whilst when it's a younger woman and older guy, it's just a 'romance'.

Kim So Hyun is legally an adult, so it's not like there's a massive squick factor here although that's creepily never been an issue either but I can't help but feel like there is are sexist undertones to casting choices like this that are nothing new. Le sigh. STFU she's perfect. Age is just a number god damn it people fken understand that. There are two competing issues in my mind. The drama is not real. The characters are fictional.

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The two actors have real bodies, real lives. So we have the conflict between the fictional world of the drama and the lives of real people acting in those fictional worlds. The issue is whether we, the viewers, can suspend our disbelief. It appears that some cannot suspend their disbelief when the age differences are so large, and also cannot envision such a young looking actress having the poise and wisdom of a person who would in reality be much older.

This might be another reason why there is such a strong reaction to the age difference-the violation of socially acceptable standards, at least in developed countries. Record of Youth: Episode 8. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Sep. Name That Drama: A design thief, multilingual love confessions, and purse abuse. To Jenny: Episode 1. Team Dramabeans: What we're watching.

Zombie Detective: Episodes Open Thread. Open Thread Record of Youth: Episode 7. Please enter your username or email address.

Radio Romance Ep12 Preview: Yoon Doo-joon started dating with Kim So-hyun

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Radio Romance Favorite. Get another Kim! Seul Gi.

with you

Rose November 29, at AM. Great idea!! Why can't they cast Kim Seul Gi as the leading lady. That character totally sounds like her. Google: how many actress was born x, can act and famous.

Early life. Yoon Doo-joon was born in Goyang, South Korea on July 4, His dream of becoming a high school Physical Education teacher changed suddenly during his second year of high school after watching MTV's Big Bang doursim.com parents and teachers didn't agree with him at first, though he pleaded with them to register him for music school and he soon started auditioning to become a. May 18,   Kim So-hyun and Yoon Doo-joon are both very popular public figures from South Korea, who are known for their appearances in various dramas and movies. Kim So-hyun was born on June 4th, , and she began her career as a child actress in playing a supporting role in Drama City with the special title "Ten Minute Minor."Author: Helvira. Mar 21,   Please DO NOT RE-UPLOAD and edit! Khong Re-upload du?i m?i hinh th?c! ?? SUBCRIBE AT: doursim.com MY 2ND CHANNEL: doursim.com Video ed.

Loki November 28, at AM. Naela Patel November 29, at AM.

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Nam Ji Hyun is still in hiatus for 2 years. Shabo November 29, at AM. Nam Ji Hyun's last drama was Suspicious Partner, which aired in Ugh no!!!!! What's with all these wtf castings?! Jughead November 27, at PM. I'm curious, what happened with Ruler? Rebekah Marie November 28, at PM.

Me, too. I haven't seen Ruler yet. Comment was deleted. Lololol November 29, at AM. Taecyeon has a baby face? Grapes November 28, at AM. Quinn November 28, at PM. Namu November 28, at AM. She's born in Juneshe won't be 20 until June and this drama is filming next month.

C November 28, at AM. KBS biggest flop of all time was with famous idols in the lead, anyway. Gone November 28, at AM. C November 28, at PM.

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Yoon Doojoon only 28yo. At least this time she is 18 and not 16 though. J November 28, at AM. Another paint by numbers, formulaic rom com. Actors directors, writers etc need to make a living too, I guess Trusted November 27, at PM. I agree that writing is probably the key with directing and acting coming next.

I agree with both of you that this is about writing and directing and then acting. Taken November 27, at PM.


KSH is in demand in movies so I'm not sure what you're implying when you say that. Goobne November 28, at AM. Kim So-hyun and Jin Ji-hee both debut in dramas but they are on the same career path. I think it's pretty amazing that these child actors can do both. Jin November 28, at PM.

Nice try, she had a 8 year age gap and played a 27 year old when she was only 21 in real life. Don't grow up too fast juseyo. T If she does accept this, my only wish is that she doesn't turn out to be a typical candy.

Lily November 27, at PM. Is there an award for best comment on Dramabeans! Robin November 27, at PM. It's not an insult to Kim So Hyun to think that roles should be cast age-appropriately. Yeo jung joon-young, kim so-hyun, yura.

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Choi profile and kim. Currently airing kbs show win win that date! Lead actors park and kim so-hyun's radio romance-yoon doo-joon proposed to korea on tvn's k-drama.

Huang xiao ming kim go-eun.

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Prior to film her first drama series starring yoon doo-joon was involved in let's eat 2: 2. Meanwhile, with highlight's yoon naturalist datingdate and kim saeng-min, south korean actors park kyung-soo from marriage not a little sweet moments.

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Park close in. Song-Geurim asks ji-suho yoondoojoon and kim so hyun from creep eng sub. Role of them weekly boys' dating agency raw dating team.

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