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Blood is one of the vital elements of the human body that carries oxygen to the different parts of the body, produces antigens and immunity boosters in the body and facilitates the working of all the organs. In this article, we look at types of blood groups and matching and understand under what conditions blood transfusion is done. When we talk about blood groups we are discussing the different classifications of blood that is done based on the antibodies and the different antigenic bodies that are inherited from the parents and the families. These elements are present on the surface layers of red blood cells RBCs or in the human blood. These antigens mainly comprise carbohydrates, proteins, glycolipids or glycoproteins, which again varies in different blood groups. Blood types are always inherited from parents and mark a contribution from both the parents. Researches done in the domain has marked the existence of nearly 36 different blood group systems with a presence of nearly antigens.


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Matt Lanter. Of Heartbreaks and Hotels. We All Fall Down. Liam had a pretty rocky childhood, his mother being a maid, and his father a failing recovering alcoholic. He and his half-brother, Charlie Selby, both suffered from the effects of their alcoholic abusive uncle. Charlie stole credit cards and got caught by their parents and the police. Charlie ran and blamed it on Liam, causing a major rift in their friendship.


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Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. At the age of eight, he was sent to boarding school by his father, Morland Holmes , " Child Predator " where he was often physically bullied for being different due to his intelligence. Although Sherlock mostly worked on homicides, and Gregson was there to observe the counter-terrorism bureau, their paths still crossed. Holmes was forced to end his relationship with Scotland Yard after excessive drug use due to believing that his lover Irene had been murdered. In , he went into hiding and moved to New York City.

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