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Follow these steps to make sure your casual encounter is safe and satisfying:. Follow the Two-Drink Rule Though you might be tempted to down a few cocktails before a one-night stand, you'll be safer and more sexually satisfied if you limit yourself to two drinks, says Morse. Plus, throwing back too many drinks can dampen your arousal, making an orgasm very unlikely. So instead of worrying about whether he's got the goods to keep things safe, pack your own condoms. Not to mention, you'll be able to enjoy yourself more when you aren't worrying about protection. Use Your Go-To Moves Since you can't depend on a guy you don't know that well to knock your socks off on the first try, it's important to take your orgasm into your own hands, says Morse.

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Or try one of these positions that make it easier to orgasm. If you're feeling shy about taking the reins-don't be.

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Seeing that you're enjoying yourself will make him enjoy the experience that much more. Feed on that spontaneous energy and try a new position, dirty talk, a little kink, whatever you and your partner are into, she says. Still, if at any point you're not feeling it just say, "I'm not into that, let's try something else," and go back to doing something you liked before.

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The hard truth is that women are less likely to climax during a casual hookupso don't put too much pressure on yourself to reach that point. Instead, extend foreplay, focus on enjoying yourself, and don't worry about having an orgasm.

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Weight Loss. Whether it's before sex or during, if something pops into your mind that feels worth sharing, let it be known.

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So you may want to direct them to what feels good, or offer a few ideas. Speaking up becomes particularly crucial, though, if something is making you uncomfortable.

Nov 03, Bring Your Own Condoms "Condoms are not a suggestion, but a requirement," says Morse. If you're feeling ballsy, a casual hookup can be . The safest and simplest way to install a home hookup for a recreational vehicle, or RV, is to use a supply pedestal manufactured for the purpose. Supply pedestals are similar to the hookups at most campsites, typically made with one built-in amp outlet, one amp . Jan 19, While a hook up will obviously be about those involved, try not to focus solely on your partner, and forget about yourself. As Geter says, staying tuned into your own .

By not pointing it out or letting them know, you won't have the experience you're looking for. If you're invested in this person and would like to see the relationship go somewhere, relationship expert Kailen Rosenberg tells Bustle, it'll be even more important to check in with yourself beforehand, lest anyone's feelings get hurt.

Own hookup

While you don't have to map out the entire relationship's future before hooking up, you might take a quick moment to get on the same page, and ensure you're both thinking roughly the same thing. Is this just going to be a fun experience for the night, or are you looking for a long-term partner?

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If it's weighing heavy on your mind, let them know. While everyone wants to be "good in bed," a healthy and exciting hook up is so not about that.

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In fact, the moment you can let it all go and have fun, the better. After all, "nobody is supposed to know anybody's body yet," psychoanalyst Dr. Claudia Luiztells Bustle.

Sure, you might have amazing chemistry right off the bat, and feel as if everything falls into place. But if it's clunky, if you need to take a break, if you aren't sure which position to try, or just so happen to bash foreheads mid-makeout, never fear. It happens to everyone, and is nothing to be ashamed of.

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In the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to figure out what you're comfortable doing, and sometimes even more difficult to say "no" or "not yet," why is why it's so important to set up boundaries before getting too far in, certified life coach Cassandra Jamestells Bustle.

Go into the evening knowing what you'll feel comfy doing, as well as what's going to be off limits. This can be an ongoing discussion you have with yourself, and it's always fine to figure it out as you go, and think "hmm, OK, never trying that again.

While a hook up will obviously be about those involved, try not to focus solely on your partner, and forget about yourself. As Geter says, staying tuned into your own needs and desires you know, multitasking is where it's at.

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It can be a lot to think about, as you try to balance all your thoughts, along with what you're doing, and what your partner is doing. So if you happen to forget or think you could do better next time, that's fine.

Finally, avoid stinky and spicy foods before and during your date. Stay away from onions and garlic unless smelling like a compost heap is a turn on for him.

The last thing you want to do is show him right off the bat that you are a house slob. As soon as you get up in the morning and have breakfast, start cleaning up your house or apartment. Organize your stuff and tuck those tampons in the back shelf.

Relationship expert April Masini believes being able to see yourself enjoying different experiences with your hookup buddy is a huge sign that this could be something more. "If the person you. Whether you are an experienced hookup site user or a first-time adult dating site members, you always need an opportunity to ask questions about the service and request assistance. The best hook up sites are ready to address your concerns through customer support, which should be available to all users. Mar 13, 15 Best Ways To Prep For A Hot Hookup. He is so hot that just one look from him and you are weak at the knees. Tonight is the night. You gathered up the courage and asked him out for a sizzling hot date that you hope ends with some incrediAuthor: Hetty Tullis.

You should also take the time to remove any reminders of a previous boyfriend. Nothing will make your new man more uncomfortable than having to stare at a picture of you and your ex looking happy together.

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Since you are hoping that the date will end back at your place, make a quick run to the grocery store. Grab a bunch of snacks, too, while you are there for those after sex munchies.

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You can also make a quick booze stop for a favorite wine, beer, or hard liquor. Heaven forbid you and your new man get back to your bedroom and in the midst of some heavy petting discover that you both forgot the condoms. Be prepared.

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He may be hot right now, but the relationship is still too new to know if he really is the one you want for life. Good music can make all the difference between a lame night in bed and an unforgettable romp in the sack. It helps if you already have a clue as to what kind of music he likes.

If not, go with your instinct and create a playlist for back in the bedroom. Remember, music helps set the mood.

You are going on a date, not a Halloween parade.

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Keep your makeup toned down and natural. Avoid the heavy stuff and only wear waterproof mascara to prevent raccoon eyes.

Keep the blush light and your eyes smokey. Check your fingernails while you are at it and repair any chips. You want to look touchable tonight.

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While your hopes are high that this will be the most awesome date in the history of womankind, there is always the chance that the date will fizzle out. Set up a backup plan in case you want to leave the date early or on your own. If he is picking you up in his car, carry extra money for cab fare in your purse in case you need a ride home.

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For safety, tell someone where you are going and who you are going with.

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