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The sixth marine archaeological expedition of the National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, led by Dr. Rao, Emeritus scientist has claimed the discovery of hitherto unknown features of the legendary Dwaraka of Sri Krishna, submerged by the Arabian Sea 3, years ago. During the current season November to February the expedition said it came across the inner and outer gateways of the proto-historic port city, flanked by circular bastions built of massive blocks of sandstone. From the inner gateway a flight of steps led to the Gomati river, the submerged channel of which has been traced over a length of 1. According to Dr. Rao, the occurrence os smaller three-holed stone anchors of triangular shape weighing to kg suggests that small boats used to sail up the Gomati while the larger ones were moored farther away from the outer entrance gate.

Two years ago, the Underwater Archaeology Wing UAW of the Archaeological Survey of India undertook the systematic study of Dwarka and after thorough analysis of previous researches, started excavation work in January with the clear objective "to know the antiquity of the site based on scientific study of the material evidence.

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New find to guage exact age of ancient Dwarka New material evidence found at the excavation site, will give us an accurate date using carbon dating, said Alok Tripathi, of the Underwater wing of ASIDNA. Source PTI. The new study is expected to resolve some of the issues.

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Archaeologists will now use the carbon dating technique to determine the exact age of the ruins. The earlier excavations, that first began about 40 years ago, had only revealed stones, beads, glass and terracotta pieces. The samples of the excavation have been brought to the capital and shall soon be given for lab testing. Though there had been previous excavations, each cited different dates and were based on the interpretations of scholars as there was no material evidence to back those claims.

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The first excavation in Dwarka, carried out by the Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Pune and the Department of Archaeology, Government of Gujarat inhad revealed artefacts that were years old.

Several other excavations followed, all revealing different artefacts and to different time periods.

Jun 02,   The modern city of Dwarka, which in Sanskrit means 'Gateway to heaven', is located north-west of the state. Carbon dating on debris recovered .

Dwarka is among several coastal Indian sites now under investigation which show evidence of advanced development before sea levels reached their current height and thus provide significant evidence of pre-diluvian civilization-the existence of which is denied by conventional archaeology.

Taken from many sources. Additional Photos - Various sources. In the early eighties an important archaeological site was found in Bharat, at Dwaraka, the site of the legendary city of Lord Krishna. Dwaraka was submerged by the sea right after the death of Lord Krishna. This inscription refers to Dwaraka as the capital of the western coast of Saurashtra and still more important, states that Sri Krishna lived here.

The discovery of the legendary city of Dwaraka which is said to have been founded by Sri Krishna, is an important landmark in the history of Bharat.

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It has set to rest the doubts expressed by historians about the historicity of Mahabharata and the very existence of Dwaraka city. It has greatly narrowed the gap in Indian history by establishing the continuity of the Indian civilization from the Vedic Age to the present day. Krishna- the protector of Mathura, the lord of Dwaraka and the reciter of the Bhagwad Gita on the battlefield of Kurukshetra is one of the most enduring legends of Bharat.

Are Krishna and Dwar-aka actual historical entities?

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For a majority of Indians, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Some archaeologists and historians too are now willing to accept that the common man's faith does have a basis in fact. Dwaraka has a special importance as one of the major Hindu pilgrim place, known as the capital of Lord Krishna's Kingdom. It was the land of the hunter Ekalavya. Dronacarya had also lived here. Krishna decided to build a new city here and laid the foundation at an auspicious moment. He named the new city Dwaravati.

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Much later the poet Magha in his Sisupalavadha, sarga2, describes in slokas 31 onwards, the city of Dwaraka, sloka 33 can be translated:. Before the legendary city of Dwaraka was discovered some scholars were of the view that the Mahabharata being only a myth it would be futile to look for the remains of Dwaraka and that too in the sea. Others held that the Mahabharata battle was a family feud exaggerated into a war.

Excavations done by Dr. Rao One of Bharat's most respected archaeologists at Dwaraka prove that the descriptions as found in these texts are not to be discarded as fanciful but are to be treated as based on actualities as seen by their authors. The architecture of the old Dwaraka of Shri Krishna is majestic and wonderful. Dwaraka on mainland which was one of the busiest ports of the Mahabharata Period met a sudden end due to the fury of the sea.

Jul 12,   Around feet under the Arabian Sea, sit these ruins of the ancient city of Dwarka, carbon dating back to years! Carbon Dating Of Dwarka City - Carbon dating of dwarka city. The mythical city of Dwarka This means that the city must have existed before the flooding, i.e. at least 9 thousand years ago. As the Mahabharat says, King Salva stopped Dwarka with a flying machine. It is the description of the battle that draws the attention of the ancient alien. Ancient City of Dwarka. Ancient City of Dwarka Oct 29, Dwarka (Dvarka, Dwaraka, or Dvaraka, is a city and a municipality located in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat state in India). Archaeologists will now use the carbon dating technique to determine the exact age of the ruins. The earlier excavations, that first began about 40 years.

After the Mahabharata War Krishna lived for 36 years at Dwaraka. At the end, the Vrshnis, Bhojas and Satvatas destroyed themselves in a fratricidal feud at Prabhasa but Krishna did not interfere to save them. The portends of destruction seen by Sri Krishna who advised immediate evacuation of Dwarakaare stated in Bhagavata Purana.

Dwaraka abandoned by Hari Krishna was swallowed by the sea.

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The submergence took place immediately after Sri Krishna departed from the world. The sea rushed into the city.

It coursed through the streets of the beautiful city. The sea covered up everything in the city.

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Even as they were all looking, Arjuna saw the beautiful buildings becoming submerged one by one. Arjuna took a last look at the mansion of Krishna.

BTW, for those genuinely underwater in this dating, the photos used here are from Alexandria, Egypt!

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People will make any claims, and then call themselves established experts. Shame GoUnesco, had better expectations from you guys.

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Sunken City Of Dwarka. The underwater city.

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Photo courtesy: The attack was so devastating that most of the city lay in ruins. The cause of the submergence Sea of the underwater city.

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A cambay recreation of underwater Dwarka. Archaeologist, born dwaraka travel, enjoys reading.

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NEW DELHI: The exact age of Dwarka, the ancient submerged city off Gujarat coast, can now finally be determined. In a major breakthrough, archaeologists have excavated from the ruins of Dwarka a wooden block that promises to solve the mystery about the exact age of the submerged city believed by many to belong to Lord Krishna. Jan 19,   Debris recovered from the site - including construction material, pottery, sections of walls, beads, sculpture and human bones and teeth has been carbon dated and found to be nearly 9, years old. Lost civilisation. The city is believed to be even older than the ancient Harappan civilisation, which dates back around 4, years. "The carbon dating of BC obtained for the wooden piece recovered from the site changes the earlier held view that the first cities appeared in the Sumer Valley [in Mesopotamia] around

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