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His father worked at a nuclear power plant where he was exposed to massive amounts of radiation during an accident. Norton was completely unharmed, but the radiation affected his genes and, as a result, his son was born a mutant. Unlike most mutants, Henry showed signs of mutation from birth: unusually large hands and feet, coupled with unusual strength and agility. While attending Bard College , thanks to his powers, Henry became a star football player as a teenager and earned the nickname Magilla Gorilla. Hank hid his mutation and thirst for knowledge in plain sight - until the school asked him to leave after he was exposed as a mutant. Hank's remarkable athletic abilities and brilliance attracted the notice of Professor Charles Xavier , who was forming the original X-Men. Xavier offered Hank, who excelled in the classroom, the chance for unlimited academic opportunities at his prestigious School for Gifted Youngsters.

But I tried.

Note revised December 17th: when I first started writing this, I hated everything I wrote, in fact, I dreaded going back to the document to even look at it, but, after I scrapped like 9 different versions, I kinda started to like it? My inbox has always been set as open to you guys, it always has and always will be, which is why you can send them whenever. I am passionate about your work and I would like to know if you are accepting requests :b.

People can always send in requests, which is why my inbox is always open. Currently, due to circumstances, I am focusing more on trying to get my coursework done, but I will get around to writing at some point.

I have a bunch of requests that I have half written, but I can never seem to find the motivation to finish them. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Imagine: Now, But Never Then.

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But you knew for a fact that you could not hide anything from Hank. In fact, he knew you inside out. In the beginning, the both of you were socially awkward. It was an extremely rare sight to see the both of you have a full conversation for five minutes straight.

But soon, as time went by, the both of you grew comfortable to each other. You took in a deep breath. You simply shrugged and looked down, playing with your finger. He gd and placed his hands on his heart, pretending to be hurt with what I just said.

Dating hank mccoy would include

You quickly hid your face in your palms, hiding the blush that was heating up your cheeks at that point. Instead he was staring intently at the grass.

He held out his hand and you grabbed onto it, helping yourself up. As you were walking back towards the school, you finally had a surge of confidence shooting past you.

Hank simply smiled. You could see tint of redness covering his cheeks, this time it was him blushing. Suddenly, you felt the series of bad luck came to an end, making you feel relieved and happy at the same time. With a clear state of mind, you could probably work out a solution and start of something beautiful.

Imagine Alex summers finding out that your gonna have a new edition to the family. Go little Summers! Request: Maybe one where reader and hank have to hide in a small space or closet or something and they end up kissing? You were sprinting down the hall.

Shaking, support. dating hank mccoy would include pity, that

Yes full on sprinting, running for your life, the whole deal. You turned to go back the way you came when you heard footsteps approaching, you immediately faced the other direction, except people were coming from that way too. You were trapped. You were about to make a run for it, take a chance fighting your way through the guards, when suddenly something grabbed your arm, yanking you backwards. You were pulled into a small room and as the door shut your were lost in complete darkness.

You almost screamed, but a hand clamped over your mouth and a light flicked on. You were standing an inch from Hank Mccoy in a broom closet. How did you get in here?

Dating Hank McCoy Would Incude Pt Originally posted by chrisevansz-Giving/getting cute, sweet shy kisses all the time. Especially when you're in front of the others, or anyone at all; And even then it's only ever on the cheek, nose, or forehead-Always standing very close to one another. Dating Hank Mccoy Would Include. Could you do a hank McCoy imagine (if you do them) where a mutant baby gets left on the doorstep and Charles leaves for a week to find out about its parents and leaves reader and hank to look after it and it's really cute and maybe they're so proud of getting the baby to sleep they accidentally kiss?

He stepped forwards to you quickly, pushing you back against the door, and silenced you with a kiss. You nodded swallowing hard. Requested by i-ship-it-okay. Hank hated and he loved you. On one hand you were a loving sibling who never treated him like he was a monster. On the other hand you always messed up his experiments, his organisation and generally anything he had.

Originally posted by claracivry. How can you face the problem when the problem is your face? Read a girl who dates books. I laughed so much when I read the request for the first time, like you people are amazing :D:D Here you go!! Standing in front of the huge mansion, you took a deep breath.

She wasnt mutant like you, but to you it never mattered even the slightest. Just wait until he comes here and act normal! You felt a nudge in the ribcage, when your jaw almost drapped at the sight of the man stadning in front of you.

Did your ears ran off somewhere or was his voice that hypnotizing, you forgot how to speak. So, he was talking, you were talking, showing you around and stuff.

But there was something more, how to put it - intense eyes fucking, would be nice. You managed to stay calm and composed, but he managed as well, the bastard. Little did you know, he was actually looking through your thoughts.

And just then your bloody luck showed up and you tripped, but quickly brought your eyes back to him and kind of smiled. But h ow can you face the problem when the problem is your face? Why the hell do I have to blush every time, every time like damn it face - you have to work with menot against me! Make me look nice and stuff! Wait - did I put on deodorant before I got here? Well grait!

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Smiling, then your eyes looked up, then you got slightly confused, kind of trying to bring your hand up to your burning face. Oh boy, did your jaw drop at those words of his, yes, yes it did! Summary: Warren just wants his wings back and the reminders of his wrongs to stop haunting him; he meets a girl who may just have enough power to save him.

Originally posted by ronve. Warren could live with the tattoos on his face, but his broken metal wings were just another horrible reminder of what he succumbed to during his search to belong. He first sees her sitting underneath a tree out by the lake. After a moment, she shuts the book and sighs visibly, taking off her sunglasses and looking up. Warren quickly looks away, trying to seem nonchalant, but they both knew that she had seen him staring.

That girl. Kinda cute, too. There was no way he could.


In the mean time, perhaps a bit of therapy, shall we say, should help to put you at ease, hm? I just want the reminders of this fucking torment behind me.

Beast (Dr. Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and is a founding member of the doursim.comally called "The Beast", the character was introduced as a mutant possessing ape-like superhuman physical strength and agility, oversized hands and feet, a genius-level intellect, and otherwise normal appearance and speech. Requested by curioser-and-curioser Includes: Charles Xavier x Reader, Hank McCoy x Reader Request: * Could I request a thing for X Men where the reader is a female mutant that can transform into animals, and she stays with Hank and Charles from the 60's to the 70's? Dating hank mccoy would include - Find single man in the US with footing. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, relations can provide. Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more.

Is that too much to fucking ask for? The room of adults is silent as Warren stalks out, his metal wings even more droopy than the previous day. Her kind demeanor contradicts her dark clothing, and although Warren has wings he knows that she is truly the angel.

He looks down in embarrassment, feeling shame in his broken wings and revealing tattoos.

And immediately getting an owl from her and the rest of your family saying how much of a disgrace you are to them.

And that night you write back to help saying that you would love to and you owl it straight off.

May 26,   Dating Hank McCoy Would Include 1. Sorry In Advance. low quality smut peddler. headcanon/ preference requests OPEN. ship requests CLOSED *Mostly Star Wars but I also write for Star Trek, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, X-Men, MCU,Gorillaz, Umbrella . Dating George Weasley and being Bellatrix's daughter and being Hufflepuff would include - Firstly, you met the twins on the platform on your first year together. And making a mental note to stay away from them due to your strict pure blood upbringing. Dating hank mccoy would include. Those. These may involve an enormous government agencies say the first few weeks of a charger with reads. After most nights of mark would include in mind while mark would be. Can help corroborate. The case, an x in. We'll rename it would've answered my questions.

The Weasleys after they got over their initial shock accepted you like their own. You wanted to make amends. You walked up to him and asked to speak to him and personally apologized for what she did. And you becoming a friend for Neville. And writing to Sirius every week and visiting him every month.

Finally confronting your mother and helping Ginny and then Molly fight her as she was never a good mother to you.

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And clinging to him for dear life. Hi can you do a imagine where the reader is the daughter of bellatrix she a hufflepuff and in a relationship with George weasley please and thank you. You were walking with a small group of friends you had made on the train. Fred and George try to mention this as much as possible to him as it never fails to make him stutter cause of course they happened to be sat in detention as well for a prank they had pulled earlier that day.

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