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If you say yes he'll probably ask you out. A guy who you have known for a long time but have not seen in a while may be asking just because he is making conversation or he wants to brag about his new girl but doesn't want you to fell bad if you are a lone. Also this depends on the age and maturity of the guy If you don't like the guy be careful not to show any sings that may make him think you are, and a clear "I'm not interested" may seem rude at first but will save the guy a lot of time and pain in the end. She's probably asking you if you're dating her for the body, the reputation, who she is, or a combination. It maybe mean he is interested in you, or it could mean he just wants to bring up a conversation. If you're dating him, then that means that he's breaking up with you.

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FluffyMoogle Xper 4. It could be just plain curiosity.

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Or he's superficially attracted to you but it's just a tiny spark and nothing which he wants to pursue. I say go for other guys!

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The Supermarket's "Dollar Store". The problem with dating nice guys. Be more dateable!

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Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. You actually talk and have engaging conversations going.

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You actually talk about how your day or your week was. You go out and he goes all out as well.

He asks personal questions and is willing to share personal tidbits about himself too. He also has his gym sneakers and toothbrush in your place too. Basically, you have every essential toiletry covered for impromptu sleepovers.

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So you sleep together? And by this, there really are times when night comes and you just sleep.

Aug 22,   He got back in touch, saying that he missed me. He asked if we could try again. During the time we were broken up, he went on a couple of dates with another woman. He tried the friend card. After our times together started to fizzle out and he was always too busy to see me, he asked if we could still be friends. Ouch. I couldn't be friends with him and this surprised him. He then asked if I thought he'd led me on and I said that's what it felt like. He was quick to say, "But we were . Are We Dating? Read These 17 Signs Then Ask No More.

Liked what you just read? Public displays of affection PDA come natural to the two of you.

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He shares his feelings with you when something happens in his life. If he randomly starts talking about vacations you could go on, or that Christmas market you should visit two months for nowwell, he clearly sees you as a part of his life! Does he constantly compliment you?

Dec 26,   Guys don't ask this question unless they are interested in you. another variation is "how are you and your boyfriend?" Most especially if he has never met your boyfriend in real life, why would he care about how someone he has met before is doing?. When a guy asks you if you're dating anyone it usually means that they want to know if you're available or not if you say yes than the guy will probably just go "okay" and walk away. If you say. Well there is a possibility that his interested or he may just have been wondering. But I wouldn't want to ask a guy if he had a girlfriend just in case he did start to think I liked him, so he most likely does have feelings for you. But still be open minded that it was just a question to be nice like you said.

Buy you little gifts, or leave you cute notes? Does he want to cuddle you rather than leave bed? If he is becoming increasingly cute, as opposed to sexual, chances are he has feelings for you.

Apr 29,   However, if he's being a gentleman it's probably yet another sign that he'd want to date you, or already thinks he's dating you. He Isn't Seeing Anyone Else. If he's stopped using Tinder and Match, he doesn't go on other dates and he doesn't seem to be looking for other dates, then he might just think he's dating you! Exclusively. Oct 01,   When to bring up exclusivity depends on the woman and your age. Over 40, there is no reason to hesitate on discussing this ct of dating. He's not some 20 something guy you're going to scare off. If a man over 40 runs when you ask about exclusivity, good! He . Whatever you do, don't think you know what's going on in his head unless you ask directly. Assuming is how we end up spinning in relationships that go nowhere, because guys just looking for something casual avoid bringing up the topic of commitment. They know the moment you're certain they're not leaning in for the long term you're going to start thinking exit strategy, and they'll.

Does he hold the door for you? Offer to carry your bags?

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Pull out the chair for you? Of course, some men are just like that, just as some men give one hundred compliments to everyone around on a daily basis, meaning nothing with it.

He just wants a friend with benefits, or he wants to hook up whenever he feels like it, as opposed to seeing someone regularly.

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